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I was in a right mess. I'd missed the last bus home. I had been to badminton in Southampton. I went on the bus and it was only the second time I had done it. Now they thought I was old enough to go no my own. The last bus went at 10pm and it took an hour to get home across the New Forest to my village. It was my own fault in a way.I'd hung around the changing room too long. See I always get a hard when I am in the changing room so I wait till the place is empty before I change.Don't go thinking I'm queer or anything just because this happens. I bet it happens to all boys of my age after exercise, and being in a room with naked men. I just look to see what their cocks are like and wonder if mine will grow that big. Yeh I play with myself at night, but all boys do that anyway. Well now I was stuck with no bus, and I knew if I didn't get back by just after 11pm then my Mum wouldn't let me go again.
I managed to get out of Southampton to the edge of the New Forest on a local bus. Only thing to do was hitch. I was cold too. I was only wearing my tracksuit top and my shorts. I had been hot and in a hurry. It had been ok on the bus but outside at this time of night I was getting cold, and feeling a bit stupid. The shorts were cut high at the side so I could move around the court easy, and were quite baggy for the same reason. My pants had got all sweaty while I was playing so I had left them off. I wish I hadn't now. My socks only just covered my ankles. Still in white trainers and white socks and shiny pale blue shorts I would show up in the cars headlights do I would be safe on the road.
I started to walk, and stuck my thumb up when cars came along, but they didn't seem to want to pick up anybody. I walked for about 15/20 minutes and was now well into the forest area. Christ few cars and it was dark and cold. A car was coming so I started to thumb. It was going pretty fast, a sports car. Looked like an E-type Jag. It went past but slowed down and stopped. I ran to the door and looked in. The driver was about 40 I suppose, a bit over weight but looked ok. He was dressed well and smelt of CK aftershave.
"Where are you going this late at night on this road?"
I told him and it turned out he was going quite close to my village and it wouldn't be far out of his way to drop me off. My luck was in. I put my bag over the back and climbed in. It was a bit strange as the seats were real low down so my legs were almost straight out in front of me. From just below the knees they vanished under the front shelf bit. It was warm in the car as the heater was going so I took my top off and put it over the back.
He changed gear and each time his hand brushed my leg. In this small car it was quite understandable. I thought nothing about it. He asked me where I had been and what had happened. I told him about missing the bus, but not why, and what would happen if I was late home.
"It's a bit dangerous hitching this late a night dressed like you are on a quiet deserted road like this you know. Don't know who might come along"
For some reason he changed gear down and then up as he said this.
"How d'ye mean?"
"Well you could get picked up by anyone and be in real trouble. For example I'm gay, but don't worry I won't hurt you"
Christ what a bombshell. Here I am in a car with a queer in the middle of the night in the middle of the New Forest.
"Do you want me to stop the car and let you out now?"
I was about to say 'Yes' when I thought about how I would get home if I did. There had been no other cars n either direction for some time and we were well into the Forest and on a quieter back road.
"Er no. I don't mind about you being well er .. no it's ok"
"Thank you, I'm glad you decided to stay. First because it shows you trust me, and because I would not like to think of a lad as good looking as you alone on this road at night, especially one dressed as provocatively revealing and sexy as you are"
Christ this man is calling me sexy, never thought I might look sexy to anyone before. I could feel my cheeks going red with embarrassment; and a faint stirring between my legs.
"My wife is always saying I shouldn't pick up hitch-hikers at night as I could be in danger"
"I thought you were gay?"
Well I suppose I am Bi really, although my wife doesn't know"
"What's bi?"
"Well I enjoy sex with men and women, not just the one. I think I'm lucky to be able to do that, but some might think I'm greedy and others would say I am weird"
"Never heard of that before. Thought you had to be one or the other"
"If you think about it, when there is a hand or anything round your cock it doesn't matter if it's a male or female hand mouth or whatever, the feeling is the same. Actually I suppose it might be better man to man as a man would know what gives another man pleasure. Do you understand?"
"Well yeh, I suppose"
This bloke wasn't a raving poofter after all, just sex mad and enjoyed men and women. The idea seemed to make sense to seemed, seemed ok., Sex is sex, not that I knew much about sex with anyone but myself. Thinking about it was making me stir between my legs again.
"have you had any sexual experience at all?"
"Nope never"
"What about wanking?"
"What, er well, no, of course not!"
"I thought all lads of your age had a wank now and then. I know I did at your age"
I could feel myself going red again. This guy seemed to know all about me and what I did in secret.
"Well er no, er maybe once maybe"
"No need to be embarrassed about it. I can remember when I was your age. It was tennis then, and cricket, not badminton; but at 15 seeing those tight cricket flannels, or being in the shower room when the men wee naked and changing; well I used to get very hard and have to wait till they had gone before I would undress and change. I used to have a wank about it that night just to get rid of the feeling. Perhaps that was when the gay side of my bisexuality started, long before I went with girls. That wasn't what made you late tonight was it?"
Jesus this bloke knew what had happened!
"No I was just slow that's all"
"Oh I just wondered that's all. You couldn't have worked very hard if you played in that short"
As he said this he brushed his hand over my shirt over my chest. It actually felt nice, sort of exciting but forbidden sort of. I looked at my shirt, concentrating on my tits that were getting hard and showing through the thin shirt. Mind you the shirt was so thin you could almost see through it anyway.
"Nope, I always take another shirt to change into after I've finished playing"
I could feel my cock was getting quite hard and I wished I had worn my pants cos it was pushing down the leg of my shorts.
"Are you could? If you are I can turn the heater up more"
"Nope I'm ok why?"
"Well I saw your tits very erect and firm and that sometimes happens when people are cold"
I blushed again. I knew why my tits were hard, and I think he did too"
"No I'm ok, honest"
"Your nipples are not the only thing that's hard are they?"
"Sorry, what d'ye mean?"
"Its just that if you're going to get an erection talking about sex you really ought to wear pants under those shorts. You're about to reveal what you have, and it looks like you have quite a lot for a boy of your age."
I didn't know what to say. I paused before replying, but my cock didn't. With a jerk the end appeared from the leg of my shorts.
"I'm sorry, I didn't think I er well I'm sorry"
"I've embarrassed you now and I didn't mean to. Please don't apologise. The sight is very nice it's making me get the same way as you."
HE put his hand on the gear stick and slipped out of the gear he was in. His fingers were straight and they brushed the end of my cock. I froze terrified, but it felt good too. Hell what could I do now? His hand stayed on the gear lever and hid fingers brushed up and down my cock. It felt well good and I could feel I was getting harder and getting damp. I knew this was wrong, but it felt well cool.
"You liked the feel of that didn't you?"
"Well er .. no ... I .. er .. well "
"Come on, be honest with yourself. If you didn't like it you would have pushed my hand away or moved away yourself. It's nothing to feel ashamed about. You got hard and anybody touching your rather beautiful cock would have given you pleasures. If it had been a girl, or yourself you wouldn't have felt silly so why worry because it was a man?"
I couldn't argue with that even though I knew I should someway. I didn't know what to say. Anyway he had stopped now so it was ok.
"Have you ever seen a mans cock when it was hard?"
Nope never"
"Never, not even in pictures? So you've no idea how big yours might grow one day?"
"No I aint"
With that he grabbed my hand and pushed it into his crutch. I felt his huge cock, hard as a rod. I went to pull away but he held on and rubbed my hand up and down.
"Don't be frightened, explore, find out what you can while you can. I won't harm you or anything honestly"
I did as he suggested and was probing and feeling around when I realised he had let go of me and I hadn't stopped feeling him. Oh shit!. But then I might never be able to do this again and he did seem very big.
At this point I realised we had pulled off the road and into a carpark amongst the tress. The New Forest is full of them and out of season they are deserted at night. We stopped and he opened the door.
"Step out the car"
That's it, he was throwing me out for doing that.
"Come round to my side"
I didn't know why but it seemed the right thing to do, do everything he told me to. I got to his door, which was fully open. He reached forward and in one sudden move yanked my shorts down. My cock flew upright, touching my belly.
"My that's a beauty"
He took it in his hand and slowly started to wank me. I have not be circumcised and I suppose I am about 5.5" long and thin like a candle. He used his hand so well that my first instinct to pull away vanished almost at once. Before I knew what I was doing I was moving with him He felt my balls and between my legs. I moved my legs apart to give him better access. I couldn't help myself.
"Beautiful hairless balls and body"
Then he stood up himself.
"Undo my trousers please"
I did and let them fall down. The bulge in his red pants was huge. Without thinking I reached and rubbed it.
"Oh that's good yes. By the way what's your name?"
"Nicky, short for Nicholas"
"Taking of arse, turn round"
I did and I heard him whistle
"God that's nice, really nice. I'd love to fuck that but you'd never take mine, not as the first one"
He rubbed his finger up and down the rack. Then I felt his cock pressed against me through his pants. He pushed and rubbed, and I pushed back against him. Slowly bending over more and more till I was almost bent double.
"You really like that don't you Nicky? But I know you would never take mine, it would rip you apart. Maybe one day though. Still stay that way a minute, don't stand up"
I felt something warm and damp probing my bum. I pushed back determines to take his cock. Then I felt his chin against my bum. It was his tongue probing me. Christ it felt as big as a cock, but it felt good, really good. His tongue probed me and he felt my balls as he did. It was wonderful. Suddenly he spun me round and in a flash my cock was in his mouth. WOW! I had never felt anything like as good as that. His tongue and lips worked all round my cock. I thought I was going to explode, but just as quickly he stopped and stood up.
"Pull my pants down Nicky"
I did just that, and almost fainted. He had a cock like I don't know what. He was right I could never have taken that. I reached out and touched it. He moaned. I liked that, hearing him enjoying it, and I tried to get my hand round his throbbing weapon. I couldn't get right round it was too big. I did as best I could and slowly wanked him He moaned and groaned and his cock jumped in my hand. I played with his balls. They seemed like two cricket balls in a bag, heavy and hanging down, not like mine at all.
"Have a good look at it, and my balls. See what a man's cock is like when it is hard"
I did just that, studying it very close. I realised the end was only about an inch from my lips. I remembered how it felt when he put his mouth round mine and I wanted to hear him moan again, like I had power over him.
I put my lips on his cock and I heard him take a sudden deep breath. I started to suck him in like a lollipop. It was then I realised that my mouth was as small as people had always said it was. I couldn't seem to get the fat end past my lips. There was a hand on the back of my head, a sudden push, and I had a cock in my throat. I gagged and he pulled back.
I did what he had done. I sucked him. I rubbed my lips round the base of the fat bit. I pushed my tongue into the hole at the end and tickled it with my tongue. He was moaning and writhing around and kept trying to push deeper into my mouth, but I pulled back a bit each time. I didn't know how I was going to get it out now it was in cos it filled my mouth so much. Very quickly he started breathing fast. His cock jerked and grew harder and fatter. The hole seemed to be opening up. Too late I realised what was happening. I couldn't get it out of my mouth in time. He yelled: he froze: I thought he was having a heart attack. Then my mouth was flooded with his sperm. IT filled my mouth thick creamy and sort of a nutty taste. Not nice, but not horrible. More and more pumped into my mouth. I choked and gagged and, so I could breath, had to swallow. He seemed to pump for minutes but I knew it could be that long.
"Oh Nicky, you wonder, you gorgeous thing that was wonderful. Where the hell did you learn to do that? Are you sure you have never done anything like that before?"
I couldn't reply, my mouth was still full. Slowly his cock shrank and I could slip it out. He sighed with pleasure as it passed my lips.
"I never done anything like that before. Well nothing cept having a wank on my own"
"Then you are a natural, a born natural. Now come here"
He dropped back onto the seat and slipped my cock into his mouth. I knew it wouldn't be long I was very hard, but I didn't realise how quick it would be. His lips brushed over the end, his tongue probed and caressed and I exploded. I had been waiting a long time to shoot and he got all I had stored up. It made him cough and splutter, but he kept sucking and swallowing. He sucked me well dry, and then licked all over my cock and balls till I was clean.
"I hope you liked that. You seemed to"
"Oh God yes it was fantastic really "
"Good, because I enjoyed doing it to you, and what you did to me was mind-blowing. Now I must get you home or you'll be late"
The last bit of the journey took no time it seemed. Mind you he drove like an idiot so I wouldn't be late at all. He stopped at the end of my road so nobody would see me get out.
"Nicky you beautiful hunk of a boy thank you. I will always remember tonight for as long as I live, thanks"
"I don't even know your name. Couldn't we meet again, please!"
"Are you sure you really want to? Really want to do this sort of thing again, with a man?"
YES I DO! I never knew it would be so great"
"Well it will also be great with a girl Nicky, believe me. I live in Poole. My name is Graham and here, this is my phone number. If you are really sure then give me a call, but be careful if my wife answers of course. I can always drive and meet you. If my wife is out or away we can go to the flat. It would be safe there and we could be warm and naked in bed in perfect safety. Give me a ring when you have slept on it and decided if it is really what you want. Your underage and its dodgy for both of us. Now get off indoors before I spank that adorable arse of yours"
I watched him drive away and went indoors.
"Hi Nicky, the bus a bit early then? You look worn out, now off to bed with you"
"Night Mum"
I couldn't sleep that night. It kept going round and round in my head. I had a wank thinking of what Graham had done. I kept thinking 'Stop it, I'm not queer. I shouldn't be doing this sort of thing. I must never see him or go with any man again, ever'"

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