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His name was Reinhold Von Schlag. He was our drill sergeant at boot camp, hated by us and all who had come before..
He had been called up by the Commanding Officer more than once on various charges, but none developing into a court martial. All who had been under him wished he had been tried and hung.
Aryan, the Sarge delighted in overworking and antagonizing minorities, especially Jew guys. Everyone was afraid of him for he would see that there were forced marches or no weekend passes for the whole barracks, if one person caused any objection or disobedience.
A true German, the Sarge was uncut, and loved to call cut recruits "Cherries" or sarcastically remind them their pricks were mutilated at birth, without permission. Cutting made their red cherry show for ever, and he implied most with cut dicks were Jews..
At shower time he would step in, quietly flaunting and washing his long foreskin. Others would feel his eyes watching as they soaped and washed their own penises.
Sometimes, he would accuse a cut guy of not cleaning well enough, ordering a couple of others to wash him, keeping at it until the guy got hard, then make him walk naked and erect, down the aisle, to his bunk.
It was unconfirmed, but it was rumored one Jew guy would be occasionally held over for weekend guard duty. It would usually be a meek, passive guy . After the rest had taken leave, the Sarge would order the private into his room for personal inspection and examination.
The frightened guy was stripped, his cut, hard prick squeezed and rolled while he listened to Jewish slurs feeling the Sarge's greased finger working up his butt, then made to masturbate until he ejaculated.
To finish things, the private knelt naked on the floor, his head in the Sarge's crotch, forced to tongue tickle and suck, swallowing the Sarge's cum, then ordered to lick things clean.
"You tell anyone about this and the whole barracks will go on an overnight march in a rainstorm, and weekend passes will be restricted."
The guy meekly nodded.
One morning, the Sergeant, in pain. went to sick call. Diagnosed with appendicitis, he was immediately transferred to a pre-op hospital ward with surgery scheduled for the following day.
The two medics on duty had gone through the sergeant's boot training. Like others, they had not forgotten. They slyly looked at each other, grinned, and passed the word..
The Sarge was placed in a private hospital room making a plan easier. Private rooms were near the hallway, with the nursing station down further near the ward. It would be an easy come and go from the hall, the nurse having no direct vision of visitors from her nursing station.
It was no problem finding more ex-boot camp recruits who wanted revenge. Medic whites were secured for all. They could duck inside from the outer hallway with no questions asked. Since their boot training was long ago, it was doubtful if the Sarge would recognize them. This was crucial.
The real on duty medics were on the lookout, diverting the nurses attention if the Sarge's buzzer rang, walking down the hall, pretending to answer it, but shuttling in an impostor.
After dinner, the pre-op procedure began.
A Medic appeared with a shot tray, The syringe containing sterile water and a long dull needle with a microscopic harpoon tip that would pull out real hurtful.
"OK. Sarge! On your stomach and drop your jammies."
Everything in preparation, the medic wiped the Sarge's butt with an alcohol sponge.
To give regular shot, a needle rapidly hits the skin and penetrates. This dull needle was slowly pushed in the Sarge's butt muscle all two inches, the Sarge gripping the bed rails, teeth clenched, If an Aryan made noise bearing pain, it would show weakness.
The Sarge came close. Even closer when the micro-barbed needle tore and pulled flesh on removal and then did the other cheek, leaving his butt with hurting puncture wounds in each butt cheek.
A new medic (me) appeared minutes later.
"Hi, Sarge," I said cheerfully, "Time for your prep for tomorrow's surgery. Get naked and spread your legs."
The sergeant lay helpless as I massaged thick soapy water into his crotch hair. With my very dull razor, I half cut and pulled his hair away. I apologized saying military procurement brought in a bunch of bad blades.
"I'll be a good guy and leave a little on top," I said, designing a short cropped, black hair, diamond he would discover later.
A final liberal application of stinging rubbing alcohol was rubbed into his crotch with stinging rawness making the Sarge really thrash. Feinting help, I rubbed in various oils to subdue his smart and sting, then to announce:
"O.K., Sarge! Time for your enema!"
"Yep, Sarge! Everyone who goes to surgery gets an enema, so you don't shit all over the surgery table. Doctors don't want that. Roll on your side, draw up a leg and be happy you have a bathroom in your private room. A bed pan won't be needed."
Reluctantly, the tough Sarge rolled to his side, drawing up his leg, waiting as I filled the metal can full with sudsy water. Under his watch, I liberally greased the standard enema tip, his believing this was what was going up his ass. No Way!
In a pile of towels I had secreted a broomstick 8" dildo enema tip. The exchange was made behind him. Greasing it well, I pushed it up his tight asshole with force, the Sarge surprised at the pain.
"But Sarge! You must have a real teensey tight asshole if it is hard to take a standard enema tip, but it is all up your ass now. Stay still until this can empties Hold for several minutes before you run to the bathroom.
The dildo was slowly slid out from behind, the crampy Sarge holding his water. The the regular tip was quickly replaced, moved and dangled for the Sarge's view and verification..
Next day surgery removed the appendix. After a few hours in the recovery room, the Sarge was returned to his own bed.
In time, he asked for a urinal. Instantly his discovery screams were heard throughout the hospital. His foreskin was gone.
Immediate sedation was immediate. After recovery and stabilization, the Sarge was shown the standard surgical form:
Reading, he screamed, "That's my name! NOT my signature!"
Later, a new medic appeared.
"Gosh, Sarge! Everyone is trying to find out what happened and those stitches in your dick must really be sore. The doctor has ordered this astringent I brought in this beaker. If you soak your prick, it should soothe the soreness."
The medic left.
Gladly accepting the astringent, the Sarge dipped his sutured prick into the solution, his howling roar echoing throughout the hospital corridors.
The astringent was SALT WATER!
The Sarge never returned to active duty. He left the military and melted into the masses of American people.
We conspirators have an annual reunion, celebrating a job well done, all receiving satisfaction from our covert retaliation. A military court martial sentence would have ended lenient. We saw different and did different.
It was reported the Sarge was seen in Gary Indiana, behind a hamburger counter, wearing one of those white hats, asking, "You want fries with that?'

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