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Randall Winston drove his car down the deserted highway near his hometown. He was coming back from a meeting with a farmer about his insurance needs. He hated being a insurance salesman but it was easy work in a small town and it paid his bills. It also covered the costs of the gay videos he purchased through the mail. Given the size of the town, he would never get any action here so he had to create his own. He started to harden as his imagination took him to his favorite tape about a hypnotic seduction. He loved these the best. Even though he knew all the actors were gay, just the thought of a straight stud "turning" gay by hypnosis would make his cock hard. Just as it was now.
To further his interest in hypnosis, he had ordered books through the Internet on hypnosis and went to many web pages to see what could be done. Oh, there were a lot of fake ones, some that just wanted to pretend but amongst the vast junk on the net, he found a few morsels. He buried himself in the books and the websites, corresponded with experts and even could self hypnotize himself. He used that to lessen his migraine headaches and increase his sexual responses to the videos. Gosh, he was horny.
Randall was lost in the moment but something caught his eye on the side of the road. Something shiny glittered at him in the setting sun. He abruptly hit his brakes, put his car in reverse, looked back and hit the gas. He slowly moved his car backwards until he could see what the shiny thing was. It looked like a bicycle frame. Funny, what was that doing all the way out here.
Randall got out of the car and walked to the bicycle. He could see that it was all banged up and one of the wheels was flat and the other was bent. He moved to the bicycle and took a closer inspection. It looked like a high quality bike. He lifted it up and moved it.
Randall jumped up. What was that sound? It came from the bushes next to the bicycle. Randall moved closer to see who or what was making the sound
"Hello...anybody there"
Randall could hardly hear the voice that now appeared to be in need. He listened carefully and tried to locate the source of the cry. He slowly moved aside some of the bushes. What he saw shocked him. There was a man in a Lycra cycling suit lying on his back and holding his head. But what caught Randall's eye was the blood coming out of the man's leg. He stifled back a scream and moved towards the man.
"Can I help you?"
" head hurts....and my leg...."
"Just be still. Let me take a quick look," Randall said. He proceeded to give the man an inspection. He first looked at his head, which didn't appear to be bleeding, but could have sustained a nasty bump. He checked the guy's arms out and then moved to the leg. He grabbed his handkerchief out of his pocked and gently wiped the blood away. He noticed a piece of bone sticking out. He almost passed out from seeing that but he bit his tongue. He turned to the man's face and realized what a hunk this guy was. He was about 6' and nicely put together.
"Wait a minute, this guy's life is in danger and all I can do is think about sex. Randall get a hold of yourself," he thought.
"Sir, what is your name?"
"Sam...Sam Peterson"
"Sam, I'm Randall. It appears you have broken your leg. Other than that, I can't see anything. I don't want to move you but I will call the paramedics though it could be awhile."
Randall got out his cell phone and dialed 911. The operator quickly answered and Randall provided all the necessary details. He hung up the phone.
"I hate to tell you this but they said they would be about 1/2 hour. There was an accident downtown and they have to attend to that first, but they thought you could hang on."
" leg it hurts so much...I can't believe this."
"Sam, I am so sorry. I wish I could help you with the pain." Suddenly a light bulb went off in Randall's head and his cock got instantly hard. "I know a little about hypnosis which I could use on you to relieve your pain. I use it all the time when I have migraines and they just go away."
"I don't know.....ugh..."
"Sam, obviously you are in pain but you don't know me from Adam. But, if you want the pain to go away, I know I can help. All you have to do is trust me."
"I guess...ugh...I don't have any choice..."
"Okay, now here, let me put my jacket behind your head....that's it...just put your head on the you need to listen to my voice...I want you to imagine yourself in a restful place. You are lying beside a river and the sun in on your face and the birds are singing...just imagine this nice restful place...just imagine it...feel yourself get there...breath in deeply...breath out...imagine the river...the babbling is so soothing....listen to my voice and feel yourself getting more feel so good and relaxed."
Randall kept this induction going for about 10 minutes. He could tell it was working because the pained look on Sam's face was gone and he was breathing quite heavily now.
"Very good I want you to listen to my voice....feel yourself going deeper...listen to my voice...only I can make you feel this like listening to my voice...imagine yourself on stairs...I want you to walk slowly down those you take each step, you will get more relaxed and obey my want to obey my voice because it makes you feel so good...that's it, continue going down the stairs...feel your body floating...there is no pain, only voice brings you that....relaxing...pleasure..."
Randall was sure that Sam was ready for the next step. He only had a few more minutes until the paramedics showed up.
"Sam, can you hear me?"
"Do you know who this is?"
"Very good. Now you are very relaxed now right?"
"Yes, very relaxed"
"Good. And who brought you there?"
"You did."
"That's right and only I can bring you here. And how does that make you feel?"
"Good. Now, what will you do for me?
"Okay, Sam, I want you to listen to me. I want you to imagine the most fantastic sex you have had. I want you describe it to me."
"Well, I met this women at college and she was a gymnast and boy was she limber. She could do things with her body that I have never seen. We fucked all night in all different positions. I was so spent that I slept the next day with her in bed. At night, we did more stuff with things out of the refrigerator."
"Very good Sam, you feel that way now. My voice can bring you that pleasure."
"Ahhh...oooh...if feels so good."
Randall looked down at the hunky cyclist. Even through the padded shorts, he could see that Sam was turned on. Randall decided to feel this man's cock. It was hard and long. He continued to rub it up and down to get a sense of it. Randall's cock expanded as he touched Sam's cock. It had been so long since he touched another man. He wanted it badly, but there was no time.
"Sam, you feel good when I rub your cock, don't you? You know, only I can make you feel this way."
"Oh gawd, it feels so good...don't stop."
"Sam, it doesn't have to stop but only I can bring you this pleasure. Remember that."
Randall heard the distant sirens and knew his time was almost up. "Sam, when you hear me say the word 'gymnast' you will goes twice as deep into this trance. Do you understand?"
"Sam, I want you to open your eyes and look at me."
Sam slowly opened his eyes. They had a vacant look in them but he stared at Randall.
"Sam, the face you see before you is your friend. You will obey his words even when not under this trance. Plus, every day, you will think of him and your cock will get hard knowing that it can bring you this pleasure. You won't know why, but it will. Whenever, you cum, this face will be in your mind. Do you understand?"
"Good. Now, I am going to count to three and you will awaken in no pain until the paramedics arrive. You will realize that I did hypnotize you but only to relieve your pain. Do you understand?"
"Wow, Randall, that is great. I can hardly feel the pain. It is"
"Glad I could help...and just in are the paramedics."
The paramedics took Sam to the hospital and Randall drove home with his hard cock in his pants and devious plans in his head.
Sam awoke from a very erotic dream. He couldn't remember what it was about but he was as hard as a rock. He had to get off but in this hospital bed he just couldn't do it. His roommate was so close to him that he would know what was going on.
"Hey there bud, nice to see you awake."
Sam turned to the unfamiliar voice. He found himself staring at his friend Randall; the man who saved his life. Sam instantly was twice as horny as he was before but he knew not why.
"Yeah, all that lying in the sun really got to me. You know, I never really got to thank you for finding me out there. That will teach me to take a long bike ride in the middle of no where. It is a good thing you saw me."
"Aw, it was nothing. Always willing to help someone in need. By the way, where were you riding from?"
"I was riding from Stockwell. I needed to practice long distance for a race that I am in and I thought riding between the two towns would be a good way to do it. Who would have thought that I would end up on the side of the road."
At that moment, the hospital door opened and a nurse came in with an orderly. They both walked over to the other bed. The nurse said, "Time for your x-ray, Mr. Johnson." The nurse and the orderly then proceeded to wheel the man out of the door leaving the two men alone.
"Well, at least now you can have some privacy, right Sam?" Randall motioned to Sam's tent in his bed.
"Er, you caught me Randall. I woke up with a morning woody."
"It can't be because of that gymnast"
At the key phrase, Sam fell into a deep trance.
"Sam, can you hear me."
"Good, now, I didn't have time before but you want to feel more pleasure now don't you?"
"Yes," sighed Sam.
"Good, Sam. Now please move your covers and let me see your cock. You feel no reservations because you know I can bring you the pleasure and release that you need."
"yes." Obeyed Sam.
"Now, I am going to jack you off and you will find it very pleasurable. You never knew that a man's hand could be so erotic. You will get extremely turned on by me touching you but you will not be able to cum without me letting you."
Randall reached over and starting playing with Sam's cock. Sam sighed and moaned and starting fucking Randall's hand. Randall took his other hand and felt Sam's firm chest and abs. Guy, he had a nice tight body.
"Sam, as you feel my hand on your cock, your memories are changing. The sex you had with that gymnast was so great but now you realize that it was a man. See the memory changing in your head as my hand pumps your cock bringing you more pleasure. See how the gymnast had nice firm pecs, a great hard ass and a thick cock. Not only did you fuck all night, but you sucked too. Then when you went to the refrigerator, you used the food to fuck each other silly. Feel the memory change and know it is true."
"Oh gawd, it feels so good, don't stop."
"That's it Sam, give into the feeling. Feel your memories change. All of your sexual experience was with men. You loved feeling their hard chests, teasing their nipples, roaming your hands over hard flesh, sucking on hard cocks, swallowing their sweet cum, letting them fuck your tight ass, rimming their puckering holes. You love having sex with men."
"No...I gawd, I want to cum."
"You can only cum when you admit to yourself that you are gay. Feel those memories changing. You know you want them too. Feel yourself yearning for a man's touch, a man's cock and a man's ass. You live to make love to men....feel it happening. With each thrust into my hand, you become more gay. You can't stop."
"What's happening to meeeeee....oh my gawd..."
Sam keeps pumping into Randall's hand. Thrusting and thrusting....
"Tell me your gay, Sam and I can let you come, you know you are. You want to be."
"No.....oh gawd no....I am....not gay.....oh my gawd...I need to cum.......I have to cum........" All of a sudden, Sam stopped pumping. His whole body relaxed and he whispered, " am gay..I love men....oh gawd, please let me cum...I need to cum....I love your big hand on my cock but I need to cum..." And the thrusting began again.
"Very good Sam, now when I say spurt, you will cum and then fall into a deep slumber. During that sleep, you memories will permanently changed to reflect that you are now will also realize that you are in love with me and want to move in with me. Do you understand?"
"Ugh, yes..."
"Argh...," screamed Sam as he squirted his cum all over his chest. He had 5 good shots and then was spent. Sam collapsed into his deep sleep with a very contented look on his face. Randall wiped his hand on the gown, covered Sam up with his gown and blanket and walked out the door.
Randall woke up and turned over and saw Sam lying next to him. It had been 2 weeks since the accident and Sam had moved in right after he was let out of the hospital. Randall couldn't believe his luck. Sam was such a sweet guy with a hot bod and he was all his.
He reached over and started fondling Sam's cock. It started lengthening in his hand. "I think I am now going to start calling you Randy since you can't keep your hands off of me," murmured Sam.
"Well, with a body like yours, it certainly make me that way...Y'know, it is kinda funny. If you hadn't have had that accident, I never would have met you."
"Yeah, I think about that everyday and wonder what my life would have been like."
"Sam, my boy, you have no idea," thought Randall as he proceeded to make love to his new found and newly created partner for life.

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