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Another day off, and too much of it was spent at work. With what I'd witnessed earlier, seeing the cops in the store in their tight fitting uniforms and crew cuts didn't help. It also didn't help knowing that I'd had one of these cops and knew what his "weapon" looked and felt like! Most of my employees are gay, and I think the police department likes to play a cruel joke when they send these hunks in uniform to answer shoplifting calls. The cops were almost through taking statements from some of my employees, and they had handcuffed the perp. My cop "friend" pulled up a chair, straddled it and asked if I'd thought about getting criminal records checks done on prospective employees. This had been an ongoing thing and corporate wouldn't do it because it cost them money. He was now offering to do it for free. I gladly accepted and gave him a list of names to start checking. He got up, swinging his left leg over the back of the chair and shut the office door, creating some privacy for the two of us. Removing his hat, he bent forward and gave me a deep, long kiss. I felt his hard cock through the fabric, throbbing against my stomach. When he was through kissing me, he asked if he could come over to my place later, after his shift ended. There was no way I was going to turn this down! I told him that I had some cold beer in the fridge and that I'd be waiting. With that, he lightly pinched my already hard nipples and left. Only after I'd finished the termination paperwork for my newly former employee, could I leave. Great. Another hour of paperwork and then I could go home and do housework for a couple hours. One of these days, I'll have a REAL day off! Back at home, the birds were letting me know that they were feeling neglected. I let them out of their cages and started cleaning. After about an hour, I decided to take a break and have a beer. I was so looking forward to my rendezvous tonight. Grabbing the Corona, I walked to the balcony and looked at the pool. That hunk was still there, but now he had a bunch of girls around him. They were all the "Barbie" types. Perfect in every way, but nothing inside their tiny, empty heads. To my surprise, he looked up, waved and shouted a cheery, "Hello!" I waved back and returned to my chores. About two hours later, Bryce (my cop friend) rang the doorbell. He must have come directly from work, because he still had his uniform on, without the gun. He'd brought clothes to change into and also brought some more Corona and lime. He wasn't much of a talker, but we always seemed to know what each other was thinking. I told him to make himself at home. He walked directly to the bathroom and got a fresh towel and wash cloth. He left the bathroom door open as he stripped down to nothing. I could see that he was semi-hard, but I knew that he wanted to get a shower before we did anything. He'd also take a shower later, making sure he took no evidence home to his wife. While he soaped up and lathered down, I finished cleaning the house. I'd been wet all day, and knowing what was in store for me just increased the stickiness. I found a pair of clean shorts (not too provocative) and decided to leave the BVD's off. Slipping a clean T-shirt over my head, I heard the shower door slide open and the water turn off. Not knowing I was in close proximity, he shouted, "Hey, is the beer really, really cold?" I am very aware of how he likes his beer and had put some already cold ones in the freezer to get almost slushy. I walked toward his voice and saw him standing in the bathroom (still semi-hard) pulling some ripped up jeans shorts out of his bag. I handed him a frosty bottle of beer and retreated to the living room. Five minutes later, he strolled to the couch. His crew cut was still a little wet and I could see his taut chest and abs perfectly through the plain white T-shirt he was wearing. I could also tell that like me, he had left his underwear off. Those shorts were a perfect wrapping for a nice package! "I kind of feel sorry for that guy we arrested, today", he said. "He already had a record and he was only 18. Will the store see this case through?" I thought for a while and said, "Well, more than likely, corporate will go for the charge of petty theft. I've talked to the guy's probation officer before, and from what I understand, he's going to get some jail time for this one. He'll survive though. He's young, cute and quite the con artist. He'll be able to get what he wants, while he's incarcerated." It was true. Danny was cute and well spoken. He'd hit on a few of the guys at work and even dated a couple of them. They'd fallen for everything he had to say and bought him a lot of things. Really, he was nothing but a hustler. Yeah, he'd be fine in jail. He was sexually insatiable (or so I'd heard) and was good at what he did. He'd make out like a bandit in there. Bryce stood up and headed for the balcony to play with the African Grey parrot. They seemed to have a good rapport and I never worried about how he'd treat my animals. After giving the bird some attention, he sat down at the table and look down to the pool area. I joined him, after grabbing another beer. I could see he was looking at the cute guy down there and the bevy of blonde beauties surrounding him. Bryce recognized several of the women as strippers from the bar just down the street. "Looks like you've got your own strip club here!", he said. "I wonder how many of those girls I've arrested..." Bryce never arrested pretty girls. He usually let them off with a warning as long as he got their phone numbers. I bet a lot of them would have loved to had those handcuffs locked around their wrists, though! He asked if I knew the guy down there. His tone was that of an investigator. "Not really", I said. "Today was the first day I've seen him." "He's good looking. I bet it won't be long before you get to know him." I was secretly thinking the same thing. I started reliving (in my mind) what had happened earlier that day. Bryce got up and stretched his arms over his head. I looked at his crotch and saw that his balls had fallen slightly out of his shorts. He turned and said, "It's getting hot out here and this beer isn't helping any. What do you say we go inside?" I could tell he was getting ready for some action, and I was more than willing to oblige. Far be it for me not to help out a public servant! I put the birds back in their cages and shut the sliding glass door. Bryce was already in the bedroom and had turned on the ceiling fan. While he liked hot sex, he didn't like to get hot. He pulled me roughly to him and pressed his lips hard against mine, probing with his tongue. His five o'clock shadow was like sandpaper against my face, but I didn't complain. I loved the way it felt. The head of his cock was peeking out from the waistband of his shorts and it was dripping. Of course, this made mine only harder and wetter. Geez! Something HAD to happen, and SOON! "Rip my shirt off me," he whispered. I started at the neck band and tore that shirt from top to bottom. It came right off. I kissed my way down his chest, following the trail of soft hair, right down the center. I stopped long enough to flick my tongue in his navel for a moment, and started to unbutton his shorts with my teeth. I grabbed his throbbing, wet cock through the fabric and tugged lightly on the hair of his balls with my teeth. I slowly pulled his shorts down and slipped them from around his ankles. He sat on the bed, stroking himself and told me to take my clothes off. I did as I was told and then started stroking myself. "Sit on my chest," he ordered. I straddled the tight six-pack abs and rubbed my balls on his chest hair. Pre-cum was pouring out of my dick and it made a nicely lubed surface on which I could glide. His cock was also pretty wet and he began to rub it between the crack of my ass. Soft moans filled the room. "Lean back, just a little," he said. I knew what was going to happen. Bryce had been wanting to fuck me for so long, but he was so big, I knew it would split me open. "Not yet," I whispered. He knew then, that it wasn't going to happen. I bent down, still on his chest, and sucked on his nipples. I bit them ever so softly and reached behind me to rub his balls. His cock was still in the crack of my ass, and I could feel the juices slowly lubing my tight hole. With one quick thrust, he was inside me. The pain was so intense and I felt like I was going to faint. My back went rigid and my body started to shake. Neither of us moved for what seemed like an eternity. "Relax," he said, "I'll go slow." Even after all the beer I had, I was completely sober, now. I'd lost my virginity and it wasn't in the romantic way I'd wanted. There was no turning back now, as he started to slowly pump that huge piece of meat inside me. He grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them further apart, at the same time lifting me up just a little, so he could get a little more room to pump. I'd never felt anything like this before. Amazingly, my cock was still hard. He thrust further inside me, and I could feel the tip of his cock hitting my prostate. I felt like I was going to explode, faint and cum at the same time. His thrusts quickened and deepened. Involuntarily, my body moved in time with his. Deeper and deeper he went, and it seemed he'd found a magic place inside me. His breathing was shallow and his face started to turn red. I couldn't hold back anymore and shot my load all over his chest, face and the crew cut hair. It just kept coming. Load after load. I'd completely forgotten about the pain, because it felt so good. He pulled me down on top of him, forcing the root of his ten inch cock all the way inside me. Somewhere in the distance, I heard him groan. I could feel everything that had been pent up inside him come bursting out and fill me up inside. He thrust and exploded again. Oh, it felt so good! We sat like that, with him still inside me, for a few more minutes. Slowly, he pulled out. I couldn't move. I was paralyzed and shaking. He reached up to my face and caressed my cheek. "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" he asked. " I don't know... I don't think so." I climbed off him and went into the bathroom to make sure my insides weren't going to fall out. As soon as I figured everything was where it was supposed to be and going to stay there, I walked back to the bedroom. Bryce was pulling off the condom he'd put on without me noticing. "Wow! When you say you protect and serve, you really mean it, don't you!" I said. He grinned and turned toward the bathroom. Having flushed the condom down the toilet, he headed for the shower. The usual routine, here. A few minutes later, he came out fully dressed in his uniform and perfectly coiffed. He'd put his jeans shorts back in his bag, but left the T-shirt. "Souvenir?" I asked. "Yeah, I guess. You can't use it as evidence against me, though." He was grinning wickedly, and that was a good look for him. "Well, I guess I'll see you at the store again." I said. "If you need anything, give me a call. Here's my cell phone number." Handing me a piece of paper, he added, "Use it only in case of an emergency. Ah, hell... Call me next week and we'll see if we can get you to relax a little more. You really are too tense!" My legs were still weak and it felt like I'd pulled every muscle in my back. These were pleasant reminders, though. He kissed me lightly on the cheek and said, "If I hurt you, I'm sorry. If I didn't, I'll try harder, next time!" I laughed and he left, leaving me with a smile on my face and sore muscles from the best work out I'd ever had. The beer in the freezer was really slushy now. I kind of like it that way. Grabbing one, I went to the balcony. Stud guy was still at the pool, this time, alone. He looked up, smiled and gave me a "thumbs-up" sign before laying back on the chaise lounge. I sat down and just stared at him. One of these days, I'd get to know him better...

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