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George walked down the line of prisoners like a general inspecting his troops. He'd touch everyone. He tickled some nipples, played with a few dicks, and spanked a couple of people. No one was enjoying it, but there was nothing we could do about it. Finally, George got around to me. He looked up and down at my body, then reached down and started to stroke my cock. To my embarrassment, it became erect almost immediately. I couldn't help it; the humiliation combined with that scene in the cabin made it more excited than ever. George pulled me forward out of the line and turned my body so that everyone could see my erection. "Check it out!," George shouted. "He's really enjoying this!" The other guys stared at me and laughed. "This was the guy who made me strip," George told the Green commander. "Could I keep him to myself for a while?" "Sure," the commander said. "After what you've been through, consider all nine of them yours." George flashed a big smile. "Anybody got a camera?," he asked. Just my luck, someone had a Polaroid. George took one or two shots of the nine of us standing there naked, but then turned all of his attention to me. He got a full frontal and a full rear shot. Then he reached up to me to remove my gag. "Say one fucking word and I'll shoot you up the ass with a paint gun," George whispered into my ear. "It's payback time." George grabbed my shoulders, moved me in front of one of the prisoners, and pushed me down so that I was on my knees. "Suck him off," George ordered. "Just make him hard. Don't let him come." Obediently, I went to work. I reached out with my tongue and caught the guy's penis, then brought it into my mouth and quickly moved my tongue back and forth over the head. As I started to pull him deeper into my mouth, George crouched down and snapped another photo of me-a clear shot of me with some guy's dick in my mouth. Finally I could feel that the guy was hard, so I withdrew. His dick was seven inches long hard, and stuck straight out from his body. "Lie down," George ordered me. I laid on the ground, face up, my bound hands behind my back. Then he called over two of the prisoners. He ordered each one to grab one of my legs and pull it back over my head, so that my legs formed a big V with my asshole up there waiting for service. This was a really painful position, with my hands locked behind my back and my shoulder blades pressed into the ground. George pointed to the guy I had just sucked off and ordered him to come over to me. "Fuck him until I tell you to stop," he ordered. The guy gave me an "I'm sorry" look, then bent down and started to jam his erect cock into my helpless asshole. I didn't resist; I relaxed my muscles and took him in as much as I could. George stepped back and took another photo, again clearly showing my face. Then he set down the camera and stood towering over me, his feet almost touching my head. George unbuttoned his inside-out pants, let them fall, and then took his dick out of his briefs. It was still discolored from the dye that Jonas had put on it. He bent down and pushed it into my mouth. "You know what to do!," he shouted. I started to go to work on George's cock. Honestly, I'd wanted to do this ever since I'd seen his nice naked body that first day I met him. It was almost impossible to do right, though, seeing as how his dick was upside down and I was worried that his pelvis was going to crush my face. Still, I pressed on, trying to give him as much pleasure as possible as quickly as possible. He came fairly quickly. I was sure that he got off on humiliating me like this. George pulled out, and now I only had to worry about the guy that was doing my ass. It may have been his first time, I wasn't sure. George walked behind him and started fingering his ass. That made the guy stop for a second, but George ordered him to keep at it. George started criticizing the guy's technique, barking orders at the poor guy. For my part, all I could do was try to enjoy it. Finally, George ordered the guy to pull out. He hadn't come yet. "I don't have time for incompetent people," George said. "You!," he shouted, pointing to another prisoner in the line. "Get over here." This guy was bigger and stockier than the other one. He had a pretty narrow waist, which spread up to very broad shoulders and pecs, with pretty big biceps. He also had a really cute face: well defined cheekbones, nice thick eyebrows. In other circumstances, I'd be happy to have this guy interested in me. But here I felt nervous as he walked up to me, his dick already erect just from watching the scene. This guy didn't need any orders to go at me. He knelt down on the ground and pushed himself into my asshole. From my position I could see his face, and the big smile he had while he pounded away on my helpless body. To my surprise, he managed to bend forward and lick my right nipple while he was fucking me. This was too much to take. My pelvis jerked forward, and I shot my load. A lot of it hit my stomach and his chin, but some of it must have hit the legs of the guys who were holding me down. "Not bad, guys, not bad at all," George said. "Think I have a career ahead of me as a photographer?" George bent down to show me another Polaroid he'd taken, clearly showing my naked body getting fucked up the ass. "Fun's fun, but let's get a move on," the Commander said. George replaced the gag in my mouth, stood me up, and gave my naked butt a quick spank. They tied blindfolds over all our eyes, and then tied leashes to our necks to lead us around the forest. It must have been a pretty sight, the nine of us naked, bound, gagged, blindfolded, and led around like animals. But the walk definitely wasn't fun. Those bastards didn't give us anything for our feet, so every fucking stone, bristle plant, and stick hurt like hell. We were blindfolded, so we just walked forward until someone tugged on our leashes off to the side to tell us to turn. If we got too far off course, we'd get spanked our pushed. I know I got felt up quite a lot, too. People would grab my dick or balls, or tease me by stroking my nipple. Breathing through the gag was tough, so it had to all be through the nose. I'm was in excellent shape, but the difficulty of breathing combined with the ache of my feet made the trip hell. Worst of all was that it was a hot summer day, and I had no water to drink. I couldn't even open my mouth to ask for any. Before long, I was worried that I was going to faint from the exhaustion. Finally, we stopped walking. I could hear guys sitting down and making light conversation. I thought I could also hear water splashing. I just stood there, feeling the wind on my dick. Someone took off my blindfold. I immediately recognized where we were. We were near Boulder Pond, a puddle of dirty algae-infested water barely worth its name. If I remembered the map right, we were about five minutes from the Green camp. Our Green captors were drinking water from their flasks, and some of them were splashing water from the pond onto their faces and necks. George finished drinking his water, and walked over to me. Everyone else got quiet, and people stared at us. George held up his flask of water. "Want some of this?," he asked me. I nodded fervently. I really, really, wanted some of that water. I was ready to collapse if I didn't get some water, soon. "Well, how about that," George said. "Water's precious, you know. What will you give me for a drink?" I couldn't answer, of course, because I still had the gag in my mouth. I desperately looked at George, my former slave, in the eye, pleading with him to let me have some water. "A slacker like you has to do work in order to earn your water," George said. "Look at your buddies, here," George said. He grabbed my shoulders and turned me around to face the other eight naked prisoners. They all looked sweaty and exhausted, like me. Their blindfolds, at least, had been taken off. "See how tired they look?," George said. "Do what you can to make them feel better. It's up to you. If I think you do a good job, I'll let you have a drink. Here, I'll let you have your mouth and hands," he said. He removed my gag and then untied my hands from behind my back. I paused for a second, glad to be able to finally relax my shoulders and take a deep breath through my mouth. I was tired and disoriented, and not at all sure what I was supposed to be doing. "Get to work, dumbfuck! Make your fellow prisoners happy! The clock's ticking," George shouted. I decided that what I would want most was some cool water on my skin. So, I walked over to the prisoner who was closest to the water, led him to the pond, and splashed some water on his face and shoulders. Then I cupped some water in my hands and let it fall down on his back, massaging it a bit. I moved on to the next guy. I splashed some water on his face too, and put some water on his back. But just as I was about to stand up and move on, he gets up first and puts his dick in front of my mouth. "Uh oh, looks like he wants something more." I looked up at the guy's face. The sadistic fuck couldn't grin with a gag in his mouth, but I could see in his eyes that he was happy with the situation. There was nothing I could do about it. George had turned me into less than a prisoner; I was a prisoner's slave. I opened wide and took his dick in, using my best technique to make him cum as quickly as I could. Luckily, he was pretty randy, and came quickly. I went over to the next guy. He didn't even want to waste time with pond water. He just nodded towards his dick. I kneeled down in front of it, but just as I was about to service him he turned around and presented his ass to me. "Guess he needs a different part of his body cleaned," George said. "Do what he wants, cutie." I couldn't believe this. I had never rimmed a guy in my life. I enjoyed it when it was done to me, but the idea of doing it to someone else, especially like this with people watching, was disgusting and humiliating. I closed my eyes and stuck my tongue forward, working it in and out and up and down, trying to do my best not to gag. I didn't know what I was doing, or what I was supposed to do to make him feel good. After a few minutes of this, he just pulled forward to end it. The next guy wanted more of the same. Only instead of standing up, he got down on the ground and laid face down. At first I thought he wanted a standard fuck up the ass, but when I got into position to do that he grunted through his gag and angrily nodded towards the guy I had just serviced. I got the message. Taking a deep breath, I got on all fours between his legs and bent down to repeat the disgusting act I had just performed. Before I even got started, another prisoner got behind me and clumsily started trying to fuck me. He couldn't use his hands to guide his dick, so I had to help him with a free hand. I think that if I had been less tired and less humiliated, I would have enjoyed this three- way, but all I really wanted was for it to end. Finally, the guy jizzed over my back, and the Greens applauded. "Well done, well done," George said. "Here, you've earned it," he said, handing me his flask. I took a long drink. "Go get washed up," George said, pointing to the pond. I waded in and washed some of the sweat off my body. "There's one more thing before we get going again," George said as I walked out of the pond. George had a small plastic bottle with him. He handed it to me. "Rub that all over your body," he ordered. I opened the bottle and recognized the smell: baby oil. Oh, Jesus Christ. Without saying a word, I rubbed the oil all over my skin, starting with the chest, then arms, then legs. I was going to stop there, but George glared at me, so I rubbed the oil over my dick, balls, and ass. I looked down at my chest and saw how the oil made my skin shiny. It was as if they were preparing to put me on display, making my body look as attractive as it could be. I was scared to death. "OK, enough fun," the Commander shouted. "Get them ready for transport, and let's go!" They put my gag back in and retied my hands behind my back. They left the blindfolds off, though. Leashes in place, they led us towards the Green camp.

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