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It was just too damn hot and humid for most of the guys to participate in a round or two of paintball wars. Most just wanted to chill out at the swimming pool or stay in their air conditioned homes. But Marty and Jody loved the excitement of the game, and decided it would be great fun to go one on one. Leaving their usual team mates to hang at the pool or local mall, the two teens head off to their wooded playing field. Even in the shade of the thick forest, the July humidity suffocated young Jody, saturating him in sweat. His protective clothing and body shields, along with the weight of his equipment added to his discomfort. With cautious eyes, the guy continues to make his way toward the cooling stream. There he can rest and rejuvenate himself. Onward he struggles, always aware that a stinging paintball could splatter against his body at any second. Jody was new to this game, and was well aware that Marty had the upper hand with his two years of experience. He just didn't want to be taken out without getting off at least one shot at his opponent. Finally reaching the stream, the guy sets down his weapon and removes his face shield. Drudging another ten feet to the cooling water, the youngster squats and scoops a hand full of the clear liquid, splashing it over his face. "Don't move or I'll blast ya!" Hearing this unexpected order, Jody is alarmed. He realizes he made a grave mistake, leaving his paintball gun out of reach. In a futile attempt to redeem his error, the guy spins on his heels, attempting to locate Marty's hiding place. Straining to peer into the thick underbrush, Jody is unable to spot his ambusher. "I said don't move!" Looking toward the direction of the demanding voice, Jody chances that he can make a quick dash to his weapon and take down his enemy. However, a sudden sting to his right shoulder causes the advancing guy to stop dead in his tracks and yelp as a green ball splatters into him. He's only wounded. Not out of the game yet! Rising from his prone position, Marty reveals his hiding place, aiming his weapon at his wide eyed captive. "Get yer hands above your head, and don't fuckin move again, or I'll really let cha have it!" Reluctantly Jody complies, placing his hands atop his head, interlacing his fingers. He knows for now, he can only submit to Marty's commands, and maybe attempt an escape if the older and wiser youth lets his guard down. Unexplainable, Jody's small cock twitches as Marty takes menacing steps towards him! He considers the possibilities of becoming a prisoner, and wonders what kind of methods Marty might use on him to make him talk. Jody kind of suspected the older guy had a deeper interest in him than just his friendship. Several times he knew Marty was scoping him out, giving him appraising glances, focusing his lustful eyes on his crotch and surveying his facial features! He often wondered what Marty might do if the two of them had the opportunity to be alone. Jody concealed these forbidden thoughts, however, his mind not comfortable with the idea of male on male sex. But he knew his innermost desires were about surface, and that he was about to be initiated by his close friend. Again, his tender dick quivered as Marty placed a hand on his wounded shoulder, guiding him toward a large oak. "Put yer hands on da tree, and spread yer feet!" Marty snapped, making his prisoner assume the proper frisking position. Satisfied that Jody couldn't get between him and the massive oak, Marty removed the heavy backpack from his shoulders and placed his gun by his feet, leaving it close at hand. "Now let's see if yer hidin any other weapons." Marty snickered, letting his hands wander over his young captive's taut teenage body. In a slow motion mannerism, Marty moves his beseeching hands to Jody's crotch, cupping and fondling the guy's precious jewels through the fabric of his pants. Elated by Jody's squirming, and feeling the guy's cock begin to stiffen, the bigger guy leans into his young playmate while manipulating the whimpering guy's private parts. "Now we're gonna play a new kinda game." The frisky youth whispers in Jody's ear, "You gonna like this." Releasing his playful hold on the smaller guy's jewels, Marty spins the guy around, allowing him to lean against the tree with his hands at his sides. Somewhat embarrassed by his semi erect penis, the cute guy moves his hands to cover the small but noticeable bulge between his legs. "What cha mean Marty? Don't cha like playin paintball no more?" Jody asks, feigning his innocence, knowing what direction Marty was leaning toward. "This is still paintball." Marty explains, "But yer my prisoner now, and I gotta interrogate cha. Gotta make ya tell me where ya hid yer extra supplies. I promise not ta hurt cha. And ya can quit anytime I ask ya ta do somethin ya don't wanna do. Sup to you how far ya wanna go. I really like ya, Jody. And I think ya kinda know that I'm gay. I just wanna be honest and upfront with ya. I think yer a cute lil dude, and I kinda wanna get ya all naked, and mess with yer good parts till ya breakdown and tell me what I wanna know! I got some rope in my backpack, so's to tie ya up, if ya don't mind that sorta thing. That'll make it more real like, and more exciting for da both of us. So, whadda ya say, Jody? Ya game, or not!?" "W, well, yeah. Sure, I'm game. Juz can't tell nobody bout it though. Kay?" The aspect of being tied up and titillated to the point of breaking down was just too exhilarating for Jody to pass up. His overactive young cock twitched uncontrollably, anticipating the delights that awaited him. In a very short time, except for his hiking boots, Jody was naked and bound, being led toward Marty's campsite. His stripped off clothing was tucked away in the backpack he was forced to carry. The additional weight of Marty's other equipment made the trek to the secluded area very cumbersome. With his wrist bound behind him, the small teen struggled to keep up with the larger youth, who had latched onto his cock, keeping it hard and drooling precum. Occasionally, Marty would slip behind his small captive to relish Jody's nakedly exposed, shapely boyish butt. The brutish teen indulged himself, allowing his hands to grope the cute guy's silky smooth buttocks, and explore the depths of his tight buttcrack. Even Jody's taut little asshole was subjected to lascivious touches. It was poked and tickled a multitude of times, causing the captive guy's aroused prick to jump everytime his sweat slickened butthole was gingerly fingered or stroked! Despite the treacherous journey, Jody couldn't wait to arrive at the campsite where his interrogation would take place. He craved to be further bound and subjected to Marty's titillations. With every touch he was offered, the guy's passion to be abused grew deeper and stronger. Jody so looked forward to sharing the intimate pleasures that Marty was so generously bestowing upon him, that tears seeped from his eyes, trickling down to the duct tape covering his mouth, that silenced his overwrought whimpers. With his stimulated cock firmly clutched in his captor's hand, Jody allowed himself to be pulled along the rutty trail, revelling at the feel of his tight balls swinging in the open, slapping against his inner thighs with each step he took toward his welcome and inviting destination!
"This'll make it a lil easier fer ya ta walk!" Marty exclaims, attaching a length of rope to the bindings that restrain Jody's wrist to the small of his back. With a devilish grin, Marty works the rope deep into his captive's tight buttcrack, assuring that it's pressed firmly against the cutie's sensitive asshole. The remainder of the coarse hemp is passed forward, between the bound guy's legs, causing his delicate nuts to straddle the rough strand.
Satisfied that the tether's placement will aggravate the paintball prisoner's butthole and balls with every step, Marty gives the rope a gentle tug, indicating that it's time to proceed. His young captive is compelled to follow him, whimpering with uncontrollable bliss as the leash torments and tenderized his virgin asshole and susceptible balls!
Vigorously marching in his bondage, Jody presents an irresistible sight. His dainty penis was pointing straight up, oozing precum from it's pinkish head, trickling down it's slender shaft. Like a clock's pendulum, Jody's aroused cock swings to and fro. With every step, his separated nuts alternately rub against the chafing rope, tantalizing them. The pleasurable effect the rough rope played on his balls, made his dick twitch with a constant urgency to explode all the pent up cum he was forced to withhold. The added delight of the coarse rope caressing his vulnerable asshole causes it to quiver with unceasing titillations.
Had it not been for the duct tape silencing his whimpers of delight, Jody would have screamed out the location of his munitions stash to his captor. The effects of his torment had already driven him to a dizzying state of rapture. If they did not arrive at the camp soon, Jody felt that he would certainly pass out from this harmless and erotic form of sexual torture. He loved the way the gentle bondage toyed with his most private parts, exciting his genitals and anus to a point that his mind screamed for release. Release from the rope that stimulated his quivering butthole and delicate balls. Release from the sexual tension he was forced to endure. Mostly, release of the pressure from the accumulation of cum he had held within his hard cock for over two hours.
Even walking backwards, allowing himself to take in his prisoner's naked beauty, Marty keeps the younger guy struggling along at a relentless pace. Jody is so cute with his brown hair plastered in sweat, sticking to his forehead. Evidently a late bloomer, Jody's prepubescent crotch is nakedly exposed, permitting Marty's eyes to view the guy's stunning jewels. He marvels at Jody's dainty hard cock, unable to resist the temptation to touch and fondle it. It is sticky with a mixture of the guy's precum and perspiration. Feeling Jody's sticky dick twitch, threatening to spew, Marty withdraws his playful hand, giving the guy's cock a light stinging slap. "Not yet my sweet prisoner." he taunts "Lez juz see how long we can keep that tiny dick of yers up. Betch yer juz itchin to blow a massive load!" Landing another stinging slap on Jody's aroused cock, the taunting captor snickers as the guy yelps in minor agony.
Tugging the rope upward, Marty is thrilled by the sight of it separating Jody's small oval nuts. Again his hand moves between his cute captive's legs, toying with the whimpering youth's sweaty balls. He offers them lavishing touches, rubbing perspiration and sweet precum over the hard but delicate jewels. Using just his finger tips, he tickles the underside of Jody's tightly drawn up nuts, causing the guy to squirm with pleasure, making it harder to maintain his pace.
Craving even more abuse, Jody feigns his struggling. He plays his part well, acting like all the touches and manipulations offend him. Pretending his agony is greater than what is being inflicted, the hot teenager staggers and falls to his knees. With pleading brown eyes he looks up at his beefy captor, hoping for some pity. Praying that Marty will unmercifully masturbate him for refusing to continue onward.
Profusely sweating and panting from his sexual exertion and the treacherous journey, the guy is close to collapse. "Damn, you look so tasty and fuckable, Jody!" Marty remarks, admiring the beauty and vulnerability of his cute captive. "You ready ta give in and tell me where yer stash is hidden? Or should I continue to tease you a little more?" Overwhelmed with his own desires to abuse his sweet prisoner, Marty anxiously awaits Jody's decision. Kneeling down, facing his hot sweaty captive, Marty quickly yanks the duct tape from Jody's lips.
"Ouuuuuu! That hurt, you motherfucker!" Jody howled. "I ain't tellin ya shit till ya let me jackoff. Fuck, I can't take any more of this!" Tears fell once again from the guy's watershed eyes. Marty noticed Jody's little prick was constantly twitching in a convulsive manner, begging for his boiling cum to be released.
He pushes Jody unto his back, forcing him to lay face up with his body arched over the huge backpack still strapped to him. Kneeling between Jody's legs, Marty splays them widely apart, letting the tethered leash fall free from the tight buttcrack. Now revealed and open for abuse, Jody's pink butthole is visually examined for the first time in his young life. Marty's lascivious eyes drink in the astounding beauty of the little cutie's tiny asshole. His own pent up cock quakes with arousal as he bends down to lick the guy's precious anal orifice.
At first, he thought it was such a vile act. But the flickering tongue relentlessly tickled his asshole sending Jody into a state of wild delirium. He began thrashing in an uncontrollable fit, elated by this new sensation. Now more than ever, his need to climax had pushed him over the edge. He was whining and begging for release. His lower lip quivering between sobs of pure delight. "I can't go on! Gawd please untie me and lemme jackoff! Please!"
It was hard for Marty to give up the tasty indulgence he had allowed himself. He ceased tongue fucking the guy's delicious butthole, and latched onto Jody's dick, gently stroking it as he laid out his deal. "Tell ya what cutie. How's bout I suck you off for the location of yer stash?"
The young vulnerable guy never imagined their game would lead down this path. Jody never considered that his playmate would suck his cock to gain information. He thought he would be brought to the edge of sexual arousal, confess, and then be allowed to satisfy himself. But now his hot cock was being ingulfed in his captor's mouth, even before he gave his consent. No! He would not protest. He allowed his virgin dick to be swallowed and manipulated by the sex hungry lips and tongue that imprisoned it.
Marty was lost in his own blissful enjoyment. He devoured Jody's tasty prick, letting the slippery little thing glide effortlessly down his throat. He rigorously worked his lips and tongue over and around Jody's cock, licking his pisshole, relishing the taste of the guy's precum. While he suckled on the whimpering cock, he let his left hand circle the guy's hip and wander around Jody's slightly elevated butt. The guy's shapely ass was silky smooth, delighting Marty's sense of touch. With no need to hold Jody's tiny erection in place, Marty let his beseeching right hand toy with the guy's balls while he sucked away on the tasty treat that quivered in his mouth. To further stimulate the bound guy, Marty pried open the guy's buttcrack with his left hand, letting his meaty middle finger stroke and rub the asshole of his willing victim.
With his whole body under the influence of this intense sex play, Jody was brought to the most delightful orgasm he'd ever experienced. His cock convulsed rapidly, spewing forth it's sweet and tangy nectar, filling his abuser's mouth. His tasty cum squirted round after round causing it to seep from the lips that enclose his abused dick. Rivulets and puddles of cum were eagerly licked from his balls. Even that which flowed down his buttcrack was lapped up with enthusiastic pleasure!
Sexually satisfied, his dick quickly went flaccid. He basked in the hot sun while the cum that escaped the mouth that ravaged his dick, was cleaned away. Marty's hungry tongue bathed every inch of Jody's intimate treasures. Lastly, it slipped again into his asshole, licking out the sweet nectar that had seeped into the tight orifice.
"Now, ya gonna tell me where yer munitions stash is! Or do we start this all over again!" Marty inquired as he lightly rubbed his finger against his prisoner's tender butthole.
"Fa-fa-fuck off." Jody quipped, "I ain't tellin ya shit!"
A wicked smile spread across Marty's face. He knew the meaning of Jody's response. The hot fuckable guy wanted more of his special kind of treatment. That was just fine with him, Marty thought as he prepared Jody in another state of bondage!

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