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Just about everyone I knew had a Walkman, or Discman, or Watchman, or VidMan. Sales of these electronic gadgets boomed, even though prices skyrocketed the instant the 'New-Government' seized power in this once Peaceful and free City of over five million. Now the only place you can get one of these unaltered ones is on the black market.
Owning any of the devices is not a crime. You just can't buy them anymore and the New-Government believed they had confiscated all the outstanding devices and replaced them with units having their 'Criminal Activity Detection and Alert' chip. Basically, if you were listening or watching anything that did not have the New-Government signature attached the device will transmit a signal to the police and you would be arrested and stripped of your rights before you had a chance to blink. I am lucky enough to own all four, and that makes me an exceptionally hot commodity to both the Government Police and to my larger, now outlawed, Family. But then the Police have no earthly idea who the heck I am.
I caught wind of the whole thing when the rumblings of a Coup were just a whisper in an old office building. Divesting myself of my business as soon as the rumblings became public chatter saved my ass. For being the, now former, owner of a Music, Video, and Small Electronics shop was not a very good thing to be when the New-Government took over. By some remarkable bureaucratic means, the old Government never connected my real identity with my alias. So when the New-Government took over, Ray Harron ceased to exist and Fred Marksdale went on his merry closeted way.
Everyone knew who Ray Harron was. And everyone knew he was Gay. Well, maybe in the Gay community he was well known. The straights really didn't care. They just wanted his products at the great prices he offered. And besides Ray fooled everyone but the best. And his being Gay was one of those 'Best Kept Open Secrets' in the Gay community...
Two sexless years later, save a few encounters with my hands and forced sex with a female, a lesbian no less, when the police were watching, sits Fred Marksdale wondering how the hell I'm going to get laid tonight. It's been a long time since I've done and been done by a Man! I started taking Toga Mea classes just so I would have an excuse for bowing and dropping my eyes - so I wouldn't get caught checking out crotches. But that's gotten dangerous for me.
I'm so hot for a man that I almost explode in my pants every time I see a looker. Shit, it doesn't even have to be a looker. The Toga Mea classes were a mistake. All I have to do is see a guy's crotch and I'm on my knees in front of him, his pants around his ankles with the sweet-salty taste of his love juice filling my mouth. Well in my mind at least. And that's the problem.
I'm an artist when it comes to sucking a cock. The New-Government provides no outlet for my artistic talents. Damn. Though they may not have cameras all over the place they have listening devices that can get a positive voice print in ten spoken words or less. And can discern the sexual voice sounds made by lovers and identify the genders involved.
Ok, I'm not going to sit here alone again. I've helped my Family identify how we were getting caught, what to do to avoid it, and how to identify ourselves to one another. Damn if I'm not going to employ all these tactics and get laid tonight...
I cleaned my self up and out. Donned my Discman, choosing something I'd like to listen to while...Well, you know, and proceeded out the door.
At the end of the hall by the elevators was the guard. A beautiful, huge blond specimen, having a rather large bulge in his pants. I've drooled over him before, and now I was in trouble. I was the only one living on my floor for the past two months, and this guard hadn't been rotated. I'm sure I'm being watched, and he is teasing me, testing me, because he's wearing tight pants designed to show off his tremendous bulge and firm ass.
As I approached the elevator the guard silently watched me while I was having trouble keeping my sexual frustration under control. "Oh Fuck! This is it. I never should have left my apartment. I'm dead before I'm 35," raced through my mind as he silently stepped in front of the elevator door, blocking my entrance to the soon to arrive elevator.
I stopped in front of him and didn't say a word. Letting him know my disdain for anyone wearing one of 'those' uniforms. He turned and inserted his key in the elevator control turning it to 'Lock.' Then turned back around to look me over again. I just stood there, sure my life was over, wanting to reach out and run my hand over his bulge.
He just stood there, looking at me for the longest time. Then reached out with both hands plucking my earbuds out of my ears and inserted them in his, presumably to hear what I was listening to. Although it was not normal, I thought he had one of those devices that can detect if my Discman has the 'chip.' He listened for a moment and I could not take it anymore, I reached out with deliberate motion and took his crotch in my hand. He gave me this big assed, country boy grin, and reached out to feel my crotch.
I was already hard as a rock. His crotch quadrupled in size just about the time his hand hit mine and felt like my two-cup coffee thermos. I decided to take the initiative because he was, after all, my servant. I tugged at his belt and found that it was a faux buckle belt. The Velcro tore open allowing his torpedo exposure to the world, or at least to me. I pushed his pants to the floor and tugged at his shirt, hoping it was Velcro too. It was, and opened instantly, exposing a most gorgeous chest. I rubbed his chest and twisted his nipples while he slowly worked my pants loose. I put my hands on his shoulders and gently pushed him to his knees when he finally had me firmly in his hands.
He buried his face just below my balls while wrapping his hands around my cheeks. His fingers explored my crack while his tongue sent shivers throughout my body. Slowly he moved up over my ball sack, gently drawing each into his mouth and letting it slip out in turn. My shaft was pounding and he started to wrap his tongue around it as he made his was to the top. His fingers found the wanting hole in the rear just as he reached the top and I almost moaned. He drew my head into his mouth just enough to be able to drive me crazy by running the tip of his tongue through the slit at the top a couple of times.
His finger penetrated my hole and I drove forward pushing not quite all the way in, but reaching his tonsils. The guard took it in stride. Backed off a bit, repositioned himself, and drove his head down over my cock, swallowing me to the base. He worked his throat muscles a few times nearly sending me over the edge. He came up for air and I was starting to gasp. Riding my cock in and out of his mouth, driving two fingers in my love hole, sending me into oblivion. I started to convulse and he backed off just a bit to allow my hot jis to coat his tongue. He swallowed every drop, knuckling the fingers he had in my hole and pulling them out just as I blew my load into his wanting mouth.
I realized there was this lovely tube steak waiting for my dining pleasure when my body finally caught up with my mind. The guard had kicked off his pants and was lying back up against the wall in front of me. I slowly lowered myself into his arms and firmly planted my lips around his savory mouth. He fired his tongue into me, giving me a taste of myself seasoned with his own oral juices. We kissed for a bit and I made my way down to his chest after nibbling on his earlobe for a couple of seconds. I wrapped my tongue around one nipple taking tiny nibbles and sucked on it while twisting the other.
He was getting hotter than hot and his cock started to slap against his abdomen. I knew I didn't have time to dawdle because this man was going to shoot his load I won't even have a chance to get that tube steak in my mouth if I do. So I raced down to his throbbing cock, steadying it with one hand and proceeded to open my mouth and throat wider than ever before and swallow this mammoth chunk of Man-Meat. It wasn't even two minutes or more than twenty strokes and his entire body tensed and then quaked. He almost choked holding back the moan and his sphincter sucked my fingers right in as I nearly drowned in the white country gravy his tube steak was pouring into my mouth. I sucked him dry as he just lay there taking deep breaths and rubbing my back.
We laid there for a bit in silence, cuddling. Then I decided that I needed to go and stood up and got dressed. He lay there and watched with a soft smile on his face. Well I was safe, at least, if he was going to turn me in, he had me inside of him too, so he'd go down with me. Wait a minute, he did go down with me. Hee Hee.
I pointed to the elevator, and he rose, got dressed, unlocked and called the elevator. Just as the elevator arrived he patted my butt, and then stepped back to position before the door opened. I didn't look at him as I entered the elevator for I had to push my wonderful feelings deep down inside and put on the usual look of indifference just as he did.
I found it difficult to control my walk as I exited the elevator in the main lobby and quickly devised a story as to why I was happy just in case I was stopped...

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