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I had either lust or friendship on my mind, but very little romance.
I kept on playing my naked masturbation games through 1970 into my junior year of high school.
In the winter / spring of 1971, I was 18 years old and becoming more comfortable with myself.
I mustered up enough courage to start going out with Dawn, a really beautiful girl who was playing a minor lead opposite me in the school musical. She dated me and seemed to like me, even though she was a senior and year older than I.
She was about 5¹ 6² tall, (I was about 6 foot tall now) and had a very cute body. Long straight, dirty blond hair, a round face with big hazel eyes and nice lips. Her breasts were pert and medium sized, just right on her thin, shapely body. She had nice hips and an ass that she wiggled when she wanted it to. She wanted to be a clothing designer. So her clothing was classy and sexy. She would wear dresses slit down the leg that were more enticing that mini skirts. She had loose tops that made you look, wondering if she was naked underneath. She looked hot. I found out in time that she liked me because she thought I was smart. (Although I was more mature by this time, having gone through puberty, talled up and thinned out a little.) I still wore glasses, but my hair was a normal length and I had started wearing suits and ties to school or other odd looking, but otherwise normal clothes. I was getting into the weirdness of being ³in the sixties² in 1971. (I had seen ³Hair² the year before and I wanted desperately to be a ³hippie,² but there was no one, zilch, who dressed or acted like that in our community.)
In spite of her alluring body and clothes, Dawn and I progressed slowly - I was afraid that if I insulted such a beautiful girl, I would be history. After a few months of dating and then passionate kissing ( I learned about tongues) at parties and on dates, I started trying to get her bra off. I spent some time in that dark little room in the Dun with Dawn making out, pawing her breasts and unsuccessfully trying to free them. Then the end of spring came and we started going to drive in movies. My sex life picked up speed.
One week after a hot, horny and hard session in the front seat of my mom¹s car with Dawn, still ineffectually trying to remove her bra, I went on a church retreat . We were at another church and all of us were staying in the classrooms in sleeping bags, boys and girls together. I woke up late at night when everyone else was sleeping and, true to form, I got up and started sneaking around in only my underwear. I was in the church, behind the altar, thinking about taking off my underwear and beating off when Dale walked in.
Dale was a big girl who had a crush on me. I had known her most of my life and we had gone out a couple of times over the years. She really, really liked me. But she was pretty fat (healthy, very attractive freckled face, wavy black hair, smooth skin and 18 years old, but fat - youth indeed is wasted on the young) and I did not want to pursue her. Every so often, she attempted to pursue me.
She was wearing an oversize buttoned up shirt as pajamas. She saw me standing behind the altar and managed to looked bewildered, shocked and intrigued.
³What are you doing, Greg?² she asked.
³Just walking around,² I said, stepping out so that she could see that I had my underwear on. (It was important in my odd thought pattern just then that she had not caught me ³naked.²)
³In your underwear? What if somebody sees you?² she queried, walking up into the altar area.
³What are you doing up?² I countered, defensively
³I saw you get up,² she said coyly. ³I thought I¹d see what you were up to...²
³Well, OK,² I said, anxiously now. She had walked up and was standing in front of me. I felt a stirring in my loins at this illicit situation. Then she tilted her head back and closed her eyes, just like this was some kind of movie or novel! This was not untypical of her as she had a peculiar romantic streak in her, but it was weird....
What could I do? I kissed her, her mouth instantly opening. I slipped my tongue inside and she responded with her tongue. My cock stiffened and I hugged her to me pressing my hardening manhood against her leg. This was incredible! I had never been in a hot kiss with Dale before, and certainly not when I was half naked!
I was getting hotter and bigger as we continued exchanging tongues. My hands were feeling her big ass through the fabric of her shirt and I was practically humping her leg when she broke away and breathed, ³What if someone comes in?²
I saw no chance of that, but I took her hand anyway and led her behind the altar, where I had been standing before.
³No one can see us here,² I said, sliding down the wall, facing the altar, my hand in hers. My dick was sticking out, making a tent in my shorts, obviously inflamed and needy, but I didn¹t care. My ordinary fear that she would see my hard on and get scared was replaced by a brazen lust. I invited her with a smile.
She gave me a warm look and sat down beside me. I instantly started kissing her again, laying her down on the stone floor. My mouth moved from her lips to her neck, licking her, nibbling at her throat. My hands were at her shirt front, at her breasts. She didn¹t try to stop me.
Oh man! After a couple of months of being denied by Dawn, this was really hot! I alternately fumbled with her buttons and massaged her large breasts, feeling her nipples come to life beneath the fabric, continuing to move my mouth from her throat to her lips to her tongue to her face. She was moving her chest in response to my roving hands and seemed to be enjoying the attention.
She didn¹t seem to notice as I unbuttoned each button. But she had to know when I was half way down and I slipped my hand onto her naked flesh, exposing one huge breast. She still didn¹t stop me! I cupped the hard nipple in my hand, a sensual electricity running from her breast down to my burning groin. I frantically unbuttoned the rest of her shirt and pushed it open. Her bare breasts were exposed in their young purity. I was probably the first guy to ever fondle her perfect mounds. I was in awe. With her shirt spread on the floor, she was naked except for her beige panties. Her fat body was flattened as she lay on the floor. Her smooth, white flesh was flawless. Her tummy was a virgin territory that rolled down to her belly button, a growth of hair black hair starting below it and increasing until it disappeared under he panties.
She had magnificent breasts with large, dark nipples. They were huge and well rounded. They were wet dreams that stood straight up from her body, sagging not at all - they were incredible! I licked at her hard nipples, filling my mouth with her firm teats, wetting her aureoles with my saliva. My hands kneaded the fleshy sides of her tits, sliding over her pointy tips, back down to her shoulders, her shirt, her back. My heart was pounding and my dick was throbbing.
³Oh, yes Greg,² she murmured. ³ Oh yes Greg, that¹s so nice. Oh, Greg, I love you.²
She sounded so hot and turned on. Her body writhed with mine as I rubbed my steel hard erection against her on the church floor, the cold stone sending little chills to counteract our heat. I continued to knead one massive breast with one hand, my mouth fastened on her other burning nipple. With the other hand, I moved down to her stomach, massaging her flesh, creeping toward her panties. I felt the black curls of her hairy bush peeking out, and I slid my hand over her crotch.
She moaned and she pushed her hot, adolescent pussy against my hand.
Oh God, I could feel that she was so wet; her panties were wet!
The thought overwhelmed my senses and I felt myself being drawn farther into an inferno of lust.
Dale promptly grabbed my hand as I began to try and slide my fingers into her moist panty leg and breathed out, ³No, you can¹t.²
I covered her mouth with mine, slid my tongue in to mix my saliva with hers, and my fingers renewed their assault.
³No!² she moaned into my mouth. She held my hand and pulled it away away, ³Not until we¹re married.²
I groaned with longing and went back to working on her tits, licking and sucking the huge mounds, massaging and squeezing them with my hands. I started to move my body over her leg, rubbing my aching dick through my underwear on her naked flesh
This didn¹t seem to bother her. She started running her hands up my back and down to my ass, finally pulling me to her groin as I settled in between her legs, opening her oversize thighs to accommodate me. She moved her hips with mine, grinding our two crotches together, her juices working their way into the front of my underwear. I could smell her now, her hot sex smell permeating the altar area. I humped my hard pole on her wet pubis mound in such a way that my prick was uncovered, sticking out the top of my underwear. I rubbed myself up and down her vaginal crack through her panties, touching the naked flesh of her belly with my meat and then sliding down again onto her sopping wet panties. I could feel her young flesh underneath mine, our almost naked bodies rubbing together. My mouth was on hers, my chest crushing her great tits. I felt her rigid nipples pressing into my bare flesh. The world was a white noise of mammoth breasts, vibrating nipples, tongues and wet cunt. I felt my chafing cock swell to an agonizing orgasm. Her hips were pounding into my bursting rod.
³Ohhh. Ohhh, Greg, I love you,² she moaned in passion.
³Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh,² I pressed against her wetness as I came, my pulsing dick shooting a load of sperm onto her steamy crotch.
³Unnhhhhh,² I jerked as another spurt of cum landed on her belly. I kept on rubbing my cum spewing prick against Dale¹s wet panty clad pussy as I shuddered and twitched in pleasure.
When I was finally finished, I gave Dale a weak smile and moved off her body. I didn¹t know what to do. There was cum on her belly and her panties. It was sticking to my dick and underwear and was immediately cold and slimy feeling. I came down from my high and I was mildly embarrassed.
Dale, however seemed satisfied, and simply sat up and buttoned up her shirt, closing it over our collective wetness. She looked at me adoringly.
I got up nervously, pulling my cum stained underwear over my prick and said, ³Uh, I gotta change.²
She remained on the floor, looked at my crotch, then back to my face and smiled knowingly. ³Sure, I understand,² she said.
Becoming more unsure of myself, and feeling very soiled now, I fled the altar.
The upshot of this event was that Dale now considered us engaged.
It took some long verbiage and callous disregard for her feelings to convince her otherwise. Hopefully she recovered. She had glorious tits.

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