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When I met David he had just arrived from China. We were in the same classes in HS. I was part of a group of Latin guys who used to hang out together since Junior High. David didn't speak English that well and kept mostly to himself. Somehow he became part of our group. He was very friendly with us and later we found out he knew martial arts. As we went through HS David and I remained friends. By the time we were seniors, I was 6' and 180lbs, hairy and had a 7.5" cock (I'm Latin/Arab.) I had dated and forced my cock into a lot of girls (and one gay boy who lived near me and asked me to come and "play" with him when his parents were not home.) David pretty much remained the same. He was about 5'1, 120lbs, and smooth all over. He wasn't too popular with the girls. I introduced him to Ana, a girl I had dated and fucked. She was from Italy. She was very sexy and friendly, and also petite: 5', 105lbs. They became lovers and got married a year after our HS graduation. The three of us remained friends through our college years. David and Ana lived with his parents until after David graduated and got a job as a stockbroker in Wall Street. I went to work with an Internet company. I used to visit David and Ana often, and although they were happy overall, I always sensed some tension.
One day I dropped by and Ana was by herself. We started talking and she confided their problem: David had a small cock. According to Ana (and I later confirmed) it was barely 4" when fully hard. She loved him dearly and didn't want to leave him, but she was not sexually satisfied. She was very candid and told me how she had bought a dildo and had David use it on her during sex. All this talk got me hot. I am not married yet and I'm always horny. My cock got hard and showed through my dress pants. Ana kept glancing at my crotch. She knew I had a big cock since I had dated and fucked her in HS. We were both hot. I took her hand and guided it to my cock. She resisted a little until she felt it twitch. She massaged my cock.
"Take it out and play with it," I said. She unzipped my pants and took my cock out. It was dripping pre-cum. She held it in her hands and played with it. In turn I felt her pussy. It felt warm and a little wet.
"Let's stop, please," she said. Probably afraid of where we were headed. I was not about to stop. I wanted my cock up her tight cunt. I started to undress her, but she resisted.
"G--, please don't...." she kept saying. I guided her to the bedroom.
I was going to fuck her no matter what ....
I threw her on the bed and took off my clothes. She was trembling a little. My cock was hard and pointing straight up.
"G--, no... David's gonna be here any minute. Please ..." she said as I came over to her and started to rip off her clothes.
"no, no... stop..." she said as she struggled to keep me from taking her panties off.
"Ana you got my cock hard ... you know you want my big cock... David is a dickless wimp. You need a real cock in that pussy..." As I said that I guided my cock into her. She tried to push me away, but I held her hands and in one push got my whole cock up her tight cunt.
"Your pussy feels real good baby," I whispered in her ear. She was moaning as I banged my cock in and out her tight cunt.
"Remember how I used to fuck you in HS?..." I said as I turned her over and told her to get on all fours. I got behind her and guided my hard cock up her pussy. She was now enjoying the fuck. In HS I had brought her to my parents house to meet them. I knew they would not be home. I took her to my room and basically raped her. After that, and for the next few months, I would bring her over and fuck her whether she wanted to or not. It was shortly after this that I introduced her to David. He was gentle and loving with her. Now she was again getting a dose of my big cock, remembering those HS days. She knew she had no choice but to take my cock and enjoy the fuck. It felt good to be fucking her knowing she was David's wife, that he had a small cock .
As I fucked her doggie style, David walked in the room. He stood by the door.. Ana screamed. David just stood by the door. I could see anger and fear in his eyes. I took my hard cock out of Ana's wet pussy so he could see it; it was glistening with her pussy juice. He stared at it. I made my cock throb. Ana was motionless. I grabbed my cock and guided it up her pussy, sliding it in and then all the way out and back in.. Ana was moaning, saying no, no, no.. David just stared helpless as my big cock went in and out of his wife's pussy. I was so hot at this point that I started to shoot up her cunt. I pulled out and turned towards David, my cock still shooting its spunk. He turned around and walked away. I laid on top of Ana and told her not to worry, that I was going to straighten things out with David. I told her to get dressed and go to her mother's house for a while. I got up, my cock still semi hard. I felt very satisfied. I had just fucked my best friends wife as he watched helplessly. My cock started to get hard again.
I walked around the house looking for David. I found him in the kitchen drinking whisky. Still naked, I pulled a chair next to him, facing him, and put my arm around his shoulders.
"I'm sorry you had to see that. Ana told me you have a small cock and she needed to feel a big cock like mine up her pussy." I said to him, my cock hard as steel. I noticed David looking at my cock. I liked that idea of him looking at my hard cock and comparing it to his little cock. My cock was throbbing.
"We're best friends. Like brothers. Better it be me who fucks Ana than some other guy." I said, rubbing his back and pulling him toward my shoulder. He was totally passive. I kissed him in the cheek.
"I'm sorry David," I said pulling him closer to me, my cock still hard.
"I love Ana," he said. "I don't want to lose her." "You won't lose her. She loves you too." I said. "It's too bad your cock is so small" I had one arm around him while I caressed his lower back with the other.
"She wants a big cock like mine," I said, taking his hand and guiding it to my cock.
He just let it happen. I wrapped his fingers around my hard cock.
"Feel it. It was just up Ana's cunt." I said. "Smell your hand," I told him. And he did.
"Taste it." I said, and he licked his fingers. I stood up. My hard cock was right in front of him. He looked up at me and shook his head no.
"Just smell it." I said to him. Hi sniff my cock. It twitched. I pushed my hips closer to his face, touching his nose and his upper lip. I caressed the back of his head while holding my cock. He didn't resist. I rubbed my cock on his face. He tried to pull away, but I was holding his head.
"Come on G--, stop it, man," he said.
"Ana's pussy juice is still on my cock," I said. "Taste it." "G--, please, we're friends." he said. I pressed my cock against his lips.
"Just taste it, man, it's no big deal." I said. He stared at my hard cock.
I guided his head toward. He looked up at me.
"Taste it." I said softly. He sucked the tip of my cock.
"That's it, suck it all. Clean Ana's pussy juice off my cock." I said.
He looked up at me and took more of my cock in his mouth. There had been rumors in HS that he was a cock sucker. I guess those rumors were true. He licked my cock, licking up and down the shaft.
"That's it cock sucker. suck a real man's cock." I said to him. He just looked up at me, tears in his eyes. I took my cock out of his mouth and rubbed it all over his face. I then took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. He quietly followed.
Once in the bedroom, I started to take his clothes off. He was completely passive and did not try to stop me. I laid him on the bed face down and proceeded to pull of his pants and his underwear. At this point he tried to stop me. I climbed on the bed on top of him.
"Relax," I said, pressing my hard cock against his ass.
"I already fucked Ana's pussy. Now I want to fuck your boy-pussy." He struggled and started to cry.
"Shhhhh. It's ok," I said. "When we were in HS, Pedro and Francisco used to tell me you sucked their cocks. Now I know it was true." I whispered.
I pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees. I rubbed my cock on the crack of his smooth ass. His eyes were closed and tears were streaming down his cheeks. I kissed him on the cheek.
"Relax, David. Ana won't find out I fucked you. We'll talk to her and I'll ask you to forgive her. You'll forgive her, right?" I asked.
He shook his head yes.
"I love her and I don't want to lose her," he said, sobbing.
"I think she went to her mother's house. I told her to call before coming back," I said to him. "Just relax and let a real man fuck your pussy," I said, applying some KY on his ass.
"You can't make Ana happy with your little dick. From now on I'll fuck you and her also. You just pretend you don't know anything and I won't tell her what a pussy you are," I said to him, as I started to push my hard cock against his tight asshole. His cunt was very tight. I pressed and told him to relax.
"Aayyyheee, no G--, don't do this to me. aaaahhhhh," he moaned and struggled as my cock found its way up his ass. Slowly I pushed my entire 7.5" cock up his soft, smooth girlish ass.
"It's all in. my whole cock is up your ass David. My cock was in Ana's pussy and now it's in your pussy." I said sliding in and out of his tight ass.
Tears were streaming down his face. I held his small body tight against my 6' frame as I slid my cock in and out of him.
"Aayyyheee. aaaaahhhhhhhh, stop, please, stop, nooooo, noooo," he kept saying, trying to push me away.
I started to grind my cock into him, nice and slow.
"That's it, Dave, open that pussy for me, oh yeah. let me fuck that pussy," I whispered in his ear.
He had relaxed and was now pressing his ass back ever so slowly.
"That's it babe, let a real man give you his cock. Take it like a little bitch. Are you my pussy now? Yeah? Tell me you're my little pussy. Come on, babe, tell G-you're his little pussy." I whispered in his ear. He was now hugging the pillow real hard and ever so slowly pushing his ass against my cock assaults.
"Are you my little pussy-boy? Yeah, baby, are you my pussy-boy?" I whispered softly in his ears. He hugged the pillow and nodded yes.
"You like my big man-cock fucking your tight cunt?" "Yeah," he moaned softly. I had him. He was mine now.
"I'm gonna fill you with my juices now.." I said, speeding up my assault.
"You want my cum, babe?" I whispered softly.
He nodded yes. I shot my cum up his ass.
"Yeah, take my cum, take it," I said, filling him up. I felt his sphincter tighten around my cock. He was also cumming.. I pulled my cock out his ass. It was full of cum. I stood up and told him to sit.
He did as told. I then guided my cock into his mouth.
"Clean it up, babe," I said. He passively opened up his mouth and started to lick my cock.
They were both mine. My best friend and his wife.

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