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I strained and pressed down. My asshole opened. I could only hold it that way for a few seconds, then it returned to normal position.
"Do it again, boy."
I pressed down again. A dry finger was pushed up my asshole.
They had taken the money I had stolen. I had no idea what they were going to do to me or make me do to them. If I told the cops what they did, I'd be be arrested and sent back to jail. I was at their mercy. I lay there in the moving, swaying car listening to the click of the tracks and the whistle of the train's engine.
"Let's bet on how far the guy can shoot his cum. What about twenty bucks each of Grandma's money."
It was agreed. One measured distance by making little piles of straw as markers. I was stood up. A hand grabbed my cock and started pumping. My dick swelled to full mast. One of the men got behind me. He reached between my legs and fondled by balls, a wiggling finger pushed up into my ass. I was squirming almost out of control. I felt a second finger being squeezed into my tight bung. "I'M COMING!" I screamed. My cock was held higher, providing the best arc which would allow the longest distance. I was pumped faster. I convulsed. My wad flew out of my dick followed by some shorter shots. I was exhausted. I was allowed to lie down as bet money was collected.
Both men stood in front of me and stripped. They stood naked fondling their hard-ons. "Think the boy's rested enough to give us a blow job?" "I think so, the other replied."
I was pulled to my feet. My face was pushed against one mans chest.
"Start licking my tits, guy."
My tongue ran across one hard nipple then moved to the other. I went back and forth like a windshield wiper.
"OK. Now move your head down slowly. I want to be washed all of the way down".
I tasted dirty sweat as my tongue moved lower. I felt a hard cock against my cheek. I grasped it, looked at its head and put it in my mouth. I did this voluntarily. I knew I'd be made to do it anyway. The big prick, lubed with my saliva, filled my mouth. I kept my tongue busy. I felt the tip swell and pulsate. Hot cum flooded my mouth. I swallowed. I was made to do the second man the same way.
Rails clicked by and the engine whistled. Train watchers would have no idea that in this particular car men were doing things to me and I was being made to do things to them.
I was ordered to sit and draw up my legs so I was fully exposed.
The men viewed my cock, my ass and my asshole as they slowly recharged.
"I'm going to suck his cock," one man said.
He crawled to me and put his hand on my peter, fondled it until it was fully hard, then slipped it into his mouth. I was suckled like a starving baby working working on mama's tit. I blew my wad into his mouth. He spit it on my chest. I laid there and said nothing. I just wanted to get some strength back. I watched the men fondle themselves. Their pricks were hard again. Both were conjuring up what they would do next.
"You know, this is a cattle car. Let's play two bulls and a cow. Come here, cow. Get down on your hands and knees."
My head was pushed down into the straw. My legs were opened wide and my butt- cheeks spread. I heard gommies being coughed up for lubrication. Some was spread on and inserted into my asshole.
"Now press down again like you need to shit. I want to see your brown flower come to full bloom. Dammit! Press harder. Ah!. That's better. That's being a good cow."
A hard prick slid up my ass and didn't stop until a pair of balls prevented it from going any farther. My ass was slapped around as the long prick rammed back and forth. I was making sounds as my breath shortened. " Say MOO, cow." " Moo." "Louder!" "M-O-O-O."
Both men laughed at my obedience. I felt my cheeks slammed extra hard. Warm cum shot into my ass. The second man watch the limp peter of the first withdraw.
"My turn now. Come on cow, I want you to moo for me too."
My asshole was burning when the second man finished. "Please, no more. Please let me go." "No way. Your busy tongue is going to clean our assholes first. We want them both nice and clean and shining." "I won't I said." I wasn't going to lick any ass. They would have to kill me first. I won't do it. One of the men held out his cupped burley hand. "Then this hand is going to take your balls and start crushing them. You're going to be screaming hard and will do anything to have me stop. You're gonna be glad to poke your nose into our cracks and your tongue is going to run a hundred miles an hour. Now get over here." The train started to slow. Both men glanced at each other. They had really done most of their thing. It was time they moved out. They hurriedly dressed and jumped out of the cattle car door. The slow click of the rails came to my ears. It had to have been a dream. My ass was still smarting. I was still naked. I knew it wasn't. I dressed, gathered a pile of straw and lay in it. I cried.
The train moved slowly through the town. At the other end, before speed was increased, two more men climbed aboard.They looked at me.
"Guy, you got any money? Hey. Look at your nice body. We're gonna fuck your cute butt."
I was really paying for my sins..

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