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It is a warm day, so I went after school to the sports clinic. Just wearing a pair of my favorite jeans and an over sized T-shirt. My PE teacher told me to do so, I need a check-up for my/his swim team.
A man in his mid twenties, 25 or so, with a big smile on his face opened the door for me. He wears a pair of tight blue jeans and a sunny white shirt reading 'SISSY BOYS'. He looks pretty good and in shape. He has a strong body. I like him at the spot. Wow, what a beautiful man! I'm into man, I think, I trust my cock. But never met someone gay or did any sex thing, you know what I mean. Just my dirty mind and fantasies.
I have a feeling there is something about him, though, but don't mind. He isn't a normal family doctor. Which is great.
"Hi boy, do come in. My secretary is already gone you are my last patient."
I look at his white coat, his strong hands, and kind tanned face. This new doctor looks great! I feel my young cock stir in my tight white briefs. Cool, this man looks like an Italian g-d.
"I'm Philip Macourt, boy."
We shake hands and enter his office.
"Michael, sir."
I am always a little afraid of doctors. You never know and they can be embarrassing. They do your body, and touch you everywhere. I don't like that. But in a way I would like him, this friendly doctor, to touch me.
I feel my cock getting his life of its own.
"Sit down, boy, just have a look into your file. You are here for a full check up, right."
Still in my daydream. "UHH, yes, sir." Well, I found my tongue again!
He smiles to me. "You feel comfortable?"
"Yes, sir" I ... can't find the right words at the moment. My shorts must show my erection. Fuck. What will he think? If he sees my boner he ignores it.
"Just call me Guy, that will do, boy."
"Yes, sir, Philip."
We both laugh.
"To the facts... you are born in 1988?"
"Yes, Philip."
A lot of matter of fact questions follow. No medical history for me, I have no health problems.
Doc stands up and brings me to another room. "You can strip to your briefs now, boy."
With a smile I copy the tone of a real cadet. "Yes, sir."
Doc smiles. I stand in front of him slowly opening my jeans. Dropping them down. Standing in my white briefs. Shit, I forgot to so my socks and sneakers. I didn't take them off first. With my jeans around my ankles I put my butt up, to reach for my shoes. I didn't hear doc coming. To my big surprise I feel his harm big hand on my cotton covered butt. He wants to steady me. Taking my butt in his big hands. This beautiful man strokes my butt! Hell! I kick off my shoes. I give him an uncertain smile. Standing nearly naked in front of him. Exposing my body, just with my white sport socks and briefs.
I'm not proud of my body. My brother is much bigger and his body isn't smooth anymore. He has muscles he has a beautiful trail of little hairs from his navel into his briefs. I don't have such things. I feel my boy boner pressing against the soft white cotton. This is embarrassing!
Reading my mind and looking at my boy boner, doc says: "Relax boy, all boys have this problem. I don't mind. Look at my jeans, sometimes I have the same problem. It is warm today."
I Look at his tight jeans I see the outline of a big adult cock. Wow, he is hung! He is big!
"You mind if I change into something more comfortable?"
"Not at all, doc."
I expect him to walk away. But he doesn't do so. He just strips down his tight jeans in front of me. I see his big semi erect cock in his black boxers. He takes of his T-shirt, exposing his strong manly smooth chest for me. WOW! This is cool.
"Now, we are in a way equal. I'm going to examine you... completely. Drop your briefs boy and take off your socks. I saw a lot of naked boys before."
I feel I become red in my face.
"But Philip, I have, UHH, a boner sir"
"Yes I can see that!" He gives me a warm kind smile. "So, Michael, what is the problem? All boys and men have erections. You have them, I have them. It is perfectly normal."
Doc Philip puts his hand at his boxers, he settles his big cock and balls. "Get naked, don't feel bad."
He slowly strips my briefs down. I feel the cool air on my smooth, young balls. Doc sits down on a chair. He spreads his strong legs wide. "Come here, little one, I need to see it all. Remember all the time, you must be calm and relaxed. My fingers will be touching you all over, even your very sensitive places."
I walk naked in the fork of his strong naked and hairy legs. Walking to him my boner proudly hard hits against my potbelly. He doesn't seem to mind at all. His face is kind, and he is in charge. "You know I have to ask you a lot of questions, Michael?"
"Yes, Philip, I do"
"MMMM..." He whispers. "You are a beautiful boy. Looks like you're developing perfectly, but of course, I'll have to feel your genitals completely to make sure. Spread your legs a bit to give me a good view."
His hand reaches out. I feel his warm fingers gently cupping my balls. I feel weak in my knees and steady myself on his big naked shoulder. I feel is soft warm skin, his strong muscles.
Then, doc slowly, very slowly takes my young balls between his thumb and forefingers. Rolling each of my young balls, gently testing them. He moves them around in the warm damp flesh of my sac. I groan with my mouth wide open. Doc smiles to me.
"Good boy. No problem to give your feeling a voice. Tell me what you like, dislike, you may do everything."
After that he very gently but firm takes my balls down. "AGGG!" They hang down now between my smooth wide spread legs in the back of my boner.
"Good work, little one. You'll do just fine.
Doc takes gentle my cock in his hand. Slowly stroking my foreskin... I can't help myself. I give a deep sigh. Well, this man makes me so happy. I feel the excitement is my young balls. Nobody touched me there before!
"Calm and Relax boy, remember?"
"Yes sir, but... " I steady myself on his big strong legs.
"Ok, you can steady yourself on my body, boy. I don't care as long you feel safe."
"Oh, sir, I feel safe, sir." I can't help myself my eyes focus on his tight crotch area. The out line of his cock is prominent. I would do everything to see it. I know in a flash that this will be my wet dream for days. Cool!
"Well, Michael you are a healthy man. Can you take your fore-skin down?"
I decide to be honest. "No sir, never do so."
"You have wet dreams, boy?"
"Yes, sir, I have."
"You masturbate to get your cum out of your balls?"
My face is red again. "Yes, sir" I mutter.
"You think about girls or boys, doing so?"
"Well, sir... " I want to start a big story, to avoid the subject.
"Looking at your cock, boy, just say it."
"Man, sir, mostly man and some class mates."
"Good boy, it's fine with me! No problem, you will be into guys very soon I think."
Philip strokes my hair. I feel confused but very happy.
Doc takes a white tube of KY and puts some on his fingers. "You need to take your fore-skin back. You really need to do so, boy. Behind your foreskin can be what people call cheese. It will cause you infections. Let me do it for you."
Doc massages my foreskin gentle and kind. He stretches the skin taking it slowly down over my cock-head. It doesn't hurt much. Slowly he puts more jelly till my cock head is exposed. I look down at my hard cock. "Wow, sir, I can see it like it is circumcised."
"You are happy with that?"
"Yes sir!"
"Fine", he says with a big smile, "Now let's get you on the exam table."
The table has a large see-through, plexi-glass surface. A very small video camera is on the floor.
"The camera is just for me, guy, I still need to learn how to help guys and teens better. Do you mind?"
Well thinking it is something weird to be on video this way, I don't mind anymore. The exam isn't bothering me anymore. I was uneasy at the beginning and maybe a little scared. After all, doc got me naked. He saw my young boner and he touched me everywhere... He told me to relax and the whole exam was very pleasurable till now. I can make all the noise I want. Well... "No, sir, I don't mind."
"Do climb up, guy, and stay on all fours, and spread your legs."
I do as told. Of course I do, I like this man. My white smooth boy butt must be facing outward.
"Good job, little one, you see, in this position I have easy access to your whole body." Doc strokes my balls low in their sac. They are right below my tight moist butt-hole.
Doc gives me a black pillow. "You can lean against it, hug it, whatever you want. Just relax."
"Yes, Philip, thank you."
"I need to know how much cum, sperm, your young balls can produce, boy. I will stroke your penis, cock, for that. I will 'Milk' your nuts dry. I will collect it in a small plastic tube and sent it to a lab. You understand that?"
"UHH, yes, doc, it's okay!"
"Good boy. I like you very much."
In my position on the exam table I feel very relaxed. Very gentle doc stroke by back. His hand wanders down. I feel his strong fingers on my white butt. His fingers wander down till they find my smooth balls again. Philips his thumb and forefinger teases each one, rolling them around in the now sweaty flesh. WOW this is heaven for me! I begin to hug the pillow and start to groan. "Please Philip, please..." I want him to do more!
I feel my young hard cock. It begs for attention. Doc stimulates my smooth young nut sac. Then... Suddenly, I feel his finger very gentle at my tight, young moist butt-hole. I moan. My young body shakes.
"Relax, boy, you are doing well!" He brings his big strong body to the front of the table. My young eyes are just a couple of inches from his black boxers. I can smell him.
I feel doc entering my young body with his finger. "Relax, little one. I'm just testing our ass muscle".
Sweat runs from my never shaved face, from my smooth armpits. I rock myself on the black pillow, bringing my nose very close to the cotton of his briefs. I love the outline of his big cock. It must be 7" inches.
I sight the feeling is intense. Philip leaves my ass alone and empty.
"Good boy! Michael!"
"Thanks doc, you will do that again?"
"If you wish, yes, no problem, boy."
Doc massages my bare feet, teasing my toes. I start to laugh. I'm very ticklish there. He moving slowly up my inner-thighs to my balls again. OHHH! It happens. Philip's fingers finally reach my boy penis. He lightly strokes the smooth, still uncovered mushroomed head. "OHHHH", it feels SO good!
I start to vibrate, crying out loud. "AGGGHHH", every time his finger teases the smooth underbelly of my stiffy, my young cock throbs. The stimulation is edging me up. Closer and closer... A clear drop of boy cum is now at the top of my cock-head
"Let it go, little one."
I groan. "YESSSS... sir!" Doc takes a small tube, fitting it around my cock-head.
He fondles my eager shaft, 'milking' me with strong but very gentle strokes. Philip uses his full hand now.
The other hand rubs and fondles my smooth balls. Philip lightly milks my young trembling penis in a slow up and down motion.
I loose track of time. My body is on fire and I'm trembling. No way to avoid this, my body shakes. My hips start to thrust into his milking hand.
My breath is short. I feel my smooth balls in his hand close to my smooth body.
"OH HELL", I cry out. I feel my warm, virgin sperm rush out of my eager boy cock. My sperm slops into his plastic container. In a flash, it is almost full of my young, tick boy-cum! This is complete pleasure! Heaven!
After a minute or so, doc removed the container and puts it away. He helps me off the table.
"You did great, boy, my little one!" Philip hugs me. I feel his strong naked body against my skin. I feel so proud and important! "Thanks, sir!"
"Come here boy!" I sit naked on his lap feeling his big hard on in his boxers under my naked butt. Philips strokes my now limp very wet smooth boy cock.
"We have to clean you boy"
I smile. "Yes, I think so, Philip, I'm very wet down there."
"Can I do it my way?"
"Sure, why not!"

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