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A nice cold front had moved in and dumped nearly a foot of nice dry powder on the adequate base. The four of us were in heaven all day, making run after run, in the near perfect conditions. The lift lines got bit long in the afternoon and we decided to call it a day, grab an early supper, and come back for some night skiing. Of course the highway plows had been busy all day too and left us a little present at the entrance to our driveway. By the time we shoveled the entrance out we were really bagged and had worked up a sweat.
Back in the cabin we got the fire going and stripped down to take a shower before supper. Mike and Dave went in first while Mark and me got supper going. Then Mark and me took a shower while Mike and Dave finished cooking supper. We ate up and talked a bit before getting dressed and headed back out to the hill.
The crowds had thinned out and we enjoyed a few more hours of skiing before it was time to call it a night. Snow had been falling again and promised to make tomorrow another excellent day. Glen would also be joining us tonight after work. As we pulled out of the parking lot a sign announced the highway was closed due to severe snow and avalanche conditions. What did we care?
Back in the cabin we took another shower and then lounged on the old bear skin in front of the fire.
The radio was playing old hits and when the Foreigner song, I want to know what love is, came on Mark stood up and pulled me up with him. He wrapped his arms around me and started to slow dance. Our heads were on each others shoulders as the song swept us away. Our nude bodies tightly held against each other, our cocks touching and grinding with each move as we danced.
I love you so much Mark.
Mmmmmm, was his reply as he nibbled on my ear.
Why havent we done this before?
It never occurred to me Jim.
Me either, but I think we should do this more often.
Ill take that as a yes?
We continued to dance and get hotter and hotter. Our lips met and we explored each others mouths. Our groans and moans grew louder. I squeezed his buns in my hands as he thrust his now hard cock into mine.
As we slowly moved around the floor in each others arms, we suddenly bumped into Mike and Dave. Mark and me were jolted from our private reality.
Sorry guys, Mark said.
Dont be, Dave replied. You two looked like you were really enjoying yourselves so we decided to try. We gotta do this more often.
Yeah, Mike added.
I placed my head back on Marks shoulder and continued our intimate dance. A funny thought came to me and I giggled.
What? Mark asked.
Just remembered a joke.
Well, why dont Southern Baptists EVER make love standing up?
Ill bite?
Get your mind out of the gutter Jim. Why dont they?
Cause theyre afraid someone will see them and think theyre dancing.
Mark let out a slight snicker as he ground his hips into me. From behind I could hear Mike and Dave giggling and then I felt Mikes huge cock poke into my butt as Dave broke out into a full belly laugh.
Fuck! I shouted.
If you insist, Mike said as he playfully pumped that monster of his into my crack.
But you said .
The door flew open and two guys staggered in.
One guy was nearly dragging the second as they came into the room. The second guy was nearly passed out and we noticed his clothes were black and had holes here and there. Through the holes we finally realized there was burnt flesh.
Help me with this guy will you.
Uh . Yeah Mark said as he moved over to help.
Fuck, GLEN! What the hell happened? Mark asked.
Glen turned around and stood up. This was the first time we had really seen who it was.
Theres been a terrible accident out on the highway about a quarter mile from here. The car this guy was in is pinned under an overturned propane eighteen wheeler. The fucking thing has a leak and its going off like a giant flamethrower. I got this guy out but theres still two more in the car.
We stood frozen for a moment as the words sunk in. I looked at the guy on the couch and realized it was Brad, this years captain of the high school football team. Brad was lying on the couch, his eyes were glazed but he was kinda looking around. The burns didnt look too bad but Im sure they were painful.
Glen broke the silence. We gonna do something or what?
Oh fuck shit yeah, I mumbled.
Glen, you call 911 for help, Mark said. I think wed better put some clothes on before we go and see if we can help.
Oh, yeah ... good idea I stammered as I realized the four of us were standing buck naked with the remains of our hardons sticking out. A fact Im sure Brad must have noticed, even in his condition.
A few minutes later we were heading out the door to our Blazer. God I was glad dad insisted we take it this weekend.
In seconds we could see the flame from the propane tanker as we drove down the highway in the blinding snow and treacherous ice underneath. I was getting real nervous about this. I had seen on TV the explosive power of a propane tank truck and didnt want to be within a mile of the thing if it blew.
As we got closer I could see the flames shooting from a ruptured hole in the back of the tank. Flames were blasting at least 100 yards across the highway where they were starting the tips of the Fir, trees on fire. The light from the flame clearly showed the remains of some small car with its hood wedged beneath the overturned tanker. A second rupture in the tanker was shooting a flame over the pinned cars hood and was directed past the passenger compartment. The cars paint had burned off in that area. Inside I could see the lifeless forms of two more people, still in their seats, their seat belts holding them in place.
The Blazer slid to a stop and I jumped out and started to run toward the unconscious victims but as I reached for the door handle the heat from the flame overhead became to intense and I backed off. I was glad I did because I realized later that door hand would have instantly fried my skin.
Release the brake, Mark called to Dave as he pulled on the winch cable in vein.
I realized in an instant that Mark wanted to hook the winch onto the car and pull it out.
Dave was pushing and pulling everything he could find in the cab of the Blazer but couldnt figure out how to operate the winch.
Here, I said as I released the brake on the winch and paid out the cable. Mark pulled on the cable as it slowly unwound from the drum. Finally, there was enough cable so Mark could crawled under the rear of the little car and wrap the cable around the rear axle. Mark quickly wiggled back out from under the car and crawled off to the side and rolled in the snow. I jammed the Blazer into four wheel drive, shifted into reverse and hit the gas. The Blazer moved backwards and jolted to a stop.
Again, again! Mark shouted.
I moved forward slightly and repeated the process. The little car jerked but didnt come free.
One more time! Mark yelled.
I tried again and this time it pulled free. I continued backing up until the wreck was well free of the tanker.
Mark, Dave, and Glen rushed the car and pulled the still occupants from it and brought them to the Blazer.
What about the driver of the tanker? I asked.
Fuck! Mark exclaimed. Hadnt even thought about him.
Mark and Dave raced to the overturned cab of the truck. Moments later they returned looking white and ill.
Lets get out of here, Mark said as he climbed into the Blazer.
I didnt even want to ask.
There were still no signs of emergency equipment as we pulled away from the accident sight. I wasnt about to hang around to wait for that fucking tanker to explode. We returned to the cabin and brought the two boys in.
Brad was still lying on the couch were we left him but it was clear he was now in substantial pain. The other two boys, Jeff and Sean, were also from the football team. Aside from having received a knock on the head had no other real injuries. The roof of the car had protected them from the flame shooting just inches above. Brad had been burned as he escaped from the car.
Fuck Jim!
Not now silly, I replied.
No, no. I mean youre burnt! Mark replied softly as he came over and looked.
Your back and head. Most of your hair is missing and the back of your head is burnt and your jacket has burn holes in the back.
What the fuck are you talking about, I replied as I moved over to a mirror. I couldnt believe my eyes. I was burned. I started to take of the jacket and the pain hit me and I fell to my knees. Mark rushed to my side and I could hear someone yelling into the phone.
Wheres the fucking ambulance, wheres the fucking cops, that truck is going to blow!
Somewhere in the fog that was starting to fill my head I heard someone saying that the highway had been closed between here and town. The emergency crews cant get through until the snow slide is cleared but the ski hills first aid team was being sent.
I opened my eyes into a blinding light and closed them again, or tried to. A very bright light was in my eyes and I couldnt close them someone was holding them open. I started to hear voices talking in the distance and then the pain hit me. I screamed.
I felt a sharp pain in my wrist. Someone said, the pain would go away in a few minutes, and I felt a wave flow through my body and I felt like I was floating. The pain numbed a bit but I didn t care anymore. I was feeling sleepy and allowed myself to go to sleep.
I opened my eyes and saw Mark sitting beside me, sleeping.
Mark? I croaked.
Marks eyes opened and looked at me.
Hi love. How do you feel.
Like shit.
You dont look that hot either.
What happened?
Do you remember being burned? Mark asked.
Oh yeah.
Youre in the Hospital.
How bad is it?
Not too bad.
Hows Brad?
Take a look over there, Mark said as he pointed to the bed beside me.
I turned my head to look but stopped. A pain shot through me as I tried to turn my head.
Im okay Jim, I heard Brad say.
The next few days were a blur as people came and went and slowly I regained my senses as the drugs were cut back. Two weeks later I was released from the hospital.
My hair grew back and the burns werent too bad, although a few skin grafts would be required that was fun, NOT!
Mark pulled double duty during the next two months, going to school during the day and then bringing home the assignments and helping me with them. We grew even closer if that was possible.
I finally got back to school in May.
Grad was just around the corner and preparations were underway for that. Mark and me, and Mike and Dave decided it was time to really come out of the closet, not that it was much of a secret because of the swim meet incident, and decided to go to the dance together.
No one was surprised when we turned up together and sat together during the formal diner. Damn Mark was handsome in his Tux. I had a hard time keeping my hands of him during the meal. Finally the dance started.
Mark looked at me and I took his hand and led him to the floor. We embraced and began to dance. Almost immediately the music stopped and a crowd gathered around us. There were a few catcalls from somewhere and then the principal came over with a very stern look on his face.
All right you two, OUT!
For what? Mark asked.
We cant have this type of activity around here.
Theres a law against dancing? Mark shot back.
I wont have this kind of display here, he responded. Please leave now.
Thats discrimination, Mark protested.
I dont care what you call it. OUT! he repeated.
There were a few calls from the crowd that supported the principal.
Well at least you finally found something that a few of the ass holes in this school agree with you about, Mark said.
Leave now or Ill call the police.
NO FUCKING WAY! a voice called from back in the crowd.
We all turned to find the source as Brad, Jeff and Sean pushed their way through the crowd.
If these guys wanna dance, let them, Sean said angrily.
Yeah, I sure didnt care what color they were when they saved my life! Jeff added.
Leave them alone, Brad demanded.
Suddenly the attitude of the entire crowd changed. No one was gonna argue with the football team.
Ill dance with you Jim, Brad offered. Just not too close he said quietly in my ear.
Yeah, and Ill dance with Mark, Jeff offered.
The crowd clapped in approval. Now it was the principals turn to be on the defensive. He knew he had lost. He turned on his heels and left without another word, and the music started again.
You dont have to, I said to Brad.
Yes I do, and he took me in his arms and danced.
Thank you, I said.
You guys saved our lives, and when I was carried in by Glen and saw you guys dancing I realized that theres nothing different about you. You just wanna do the same things we do, you just choose different partners. Anyway, were having a little private party later and you guys are invited. I think Jef and Sean want to really thank you guys.
I didnt answer. I couldnt speak. I couldnt see either!

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