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Friday night I took the liberty bus to Waikiki. There were several military R & R centers. Ft. DeRusey was right on the beach. There were barracks and even some semi-private rooms in which you could rent a bunk by the night. The Royal Hawaiian Hotel was also a Military R & R facility, but mostly reserved for submariners or high ranking officers.
The only people on the streets who were not in uniform were locals, either women, Hawaiians, or Orientals, and everybody was out there to make a buck. Flower stands, photo booths with pretty Hawaiian models, bars with guitar strumming musicians, even pimps lining up customers.
I decided to check out Waikiki before renting a bunk for the night, and walked down Kalakaua Avenue towards Diamond Head. I sat on a bench looking out at Waikiki Beach, and was almost immediately cruised by some guy who offered me $5.00 to suck my dick. I said "Thanks, but no thanks.", got up and returned to Ft. DeRusey, went into the Enlisted Beer Hall, and ordered a brew from the bar. All of the tables were occupied, so I sat my butt down in a chair at an occupied table. One of the other guys at my table was also a Marine. He had been stationed at Pearl Harbor for nearly four months, and knew his way around, or so he bragged. I bit and bought him a brew. Then I bought him another.
"Hey! I got a friend who has an apartment. Why don't we stop and buy a bottle and go up there. It'll save you some dough." I should have picked up on the "it'll save me some dough", but I didn't.
The apartment was on a back street but still in Waikiki. The friend was a tall woman, about 30, long red hair, dark eyes, and dressed in a form fitting "high style" evening dress. She winked at my buddy, gave me a big smile, and said "Hey honey, you are one handsome number. Bring that little butt of yours in here and let's see what you've got in there." I blinked, she laughed, "in the bottle silly."
The booze you could get in Hawaii was mostly alcohol and water. They didn't even bother to add any kind of flavor. However our hostess seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of pineapple juice and ice.
"Darryl, honey, be a dear and run down to the corner and get some Grenadine for our drinks".
The other Marine picked up his hat, "OK", and left.
"Let's have another," and she poured another. It seemed a bit stronger. She sat down along side of me, put her hands on my leg, making interesting animal sounds, rubbing my leg upward 'til she was touching my cock. "Ummm, that feels like it's worth looking at. Can I?"
The drinks were making me pretty mellow. "Sure. You want to do the honors or shall I?"
Unbuckling my belt, she opened my fly, and began massaging my rod.
She pulled her hand out, moist with my pre-cum, smelled it, licked it, "Ohhhh that's gorgeous. My, my it's getting hot in here. Let me help you take some of those things off". She proceeded to remove my tie, then my shirt, my tee-shirt, and my pants.
The only thing I had on were my shoes, socks, and undershorts. My cock was protruding erectly through the fly of my boxers.
While I'm standing there in my shorts, with her holding my cock, the door opens and it's the other Marine returning. Before I could react, he said, "Well, see you guys are already having some fun." He mixed himself a drink and sat down watching her fondle my cock.
Her tongue was licking away my pre-cum. "Darryl, honey, do me a favor, help him out of his shoes and socks." She began to lower my boxers while Darryl did as he was told. First the shoes, then the socks.
At that point, Darryl's head was at eye level with her mouth as she put her lips around my knob, and not more than a foot away. I looked down, and I could see he was watching, very attentively, what she is doing with my rod. As she drew me in deeper and deeper I saw Darryl's tongue flicking around her ear. Next, I felt his hand on my butt, as he began setting the rhythm of my getting my cock sucked. Now, he's licking around her nose, then around her mouth, getting closer and closer to my cock. His hand slides off of my butt, moving between my legs, cupping her chin. I can feel his hand around her lips, rubbing her lips and my cock. The action is slow and delightful. Lots of tongue action. Darryl, with his hand back on her chin, is drawing her closer onto me, at the same time I can feel his hot breath on my backside.
This is all pretty strange, but intriguing. Suddenly it hit me what was going on. Darryl had inadvertently let the cat out of the bag when he came back with the Grenadine:
"Well, see you guys are already having some fun."
I started to laugh, in fact I couldn't stop laughing. "OK, OK, I know what's going on. Both of you guys get naked and let's have a real orgy."
We partied all night, there was more cum all over that apartment than there was dust. Darryl really was a Marine, but the woman was "Doug", and owned a local radio station. He and Darryl were lovers, and they worked this gimmick almost every weekend.
Doug was pretty effeminate, so the drag was very effective. He made breakfast for Darryl and me. I enjoyed being with them, despite the trickery, and decided to visit as often as I would be welcome.
Saturday morning I tried to get a bunk at Ft. DeRusey, but by then they were all occupied. I went back to Doug's and asked if I could spend the night with them. At first they were hesitant, but when I suggested I help Darryl pick up another trick, they agreed. In fact, they got downright excited about a possible foursome.
Saturday afternoon we picked up a cute sailor from Oklahoma. He had short red hair, green eyes. Not much over 5 foot tall. He looked like he was about 19. Beautiful, almost translucent skin. I had spotted him first, sitting on a bench over looking DeRusey Beach. Dressed in his white uniform, cocked back white hat, he looked like an advertisement for the Sea Scouts. He also looked very lonely.
He was sitting in the middle of the bench, so Darryl and I sat on either side of him. I started the conversation. He was just 18, and assigned to a transportation office at the Naval Air Station. Even though it was fairly early in the day, I asked him if he would like a beer or something. He nodded yes and said he'd like a root beer.
When Darryl got back with the drinks, he had three cokes. They didn't have any root beer. He handed us each a bottle; he had an odd twinkle in his eye. I sipped mine and realized that he had spiked the cokes. The guy kind of wrinkled his nose, said it tasted a little funny, but drank it all anyway. So Darryl went off for more "Cokes". We talked about a lot of things while Darryl was gone; I was absolutely positive that the only thing that had ever been on his cock was his own hand. I talked about this girlfriend of "Darryl's", and by the time he had returned with the spiked cokes, the guy had a noticeable boner.
Saturday night was a wonder in production. Doug played her role to the hilt. We followed Friday's scenario with Darryl and I both going to the store for the Grenadine. The scene with the guy had progressed exactly to the same point as with me when we opened the front door. He was standing there in his white boxer shorts, no trousers, no jumper, no tee-shirt, his hard dick in her hand.
When he saw us, he just gave us a grin and turned beet red. Darryl removed one shoe and sock, I removed the other. Darryl licked one of "her" ears, I licked the other. As her lips approached his hot, throbbing rod, it exploded. Her lips were at least an inch away when he started shooting cum all over her face; he turned away from her and got me right in the eye. Darryl started laughing, then I started laughing. The guy didn't think it was funny and neither did Miss Doug.
I pulled my dick out of my pants, rubbed some of the guys come on it and let Doug suck it off. Darryl and the guy were watching this action. Soon Darryl was standing there naked, dick in the ready, and let her work with both of ours. The guy was mesmerized and started to get hard again.
Soon the guy was fucking the hell out of Doug's mouth. Darryl and I started playing with his butt. At first it annoyed him, but he must have figured it was worth the price to have his dick sucked. Soon it ceased to be an annoyance, and then he began to like it.
By the time the guy went back to the base he had lost his virginity to an older woman, had his dick sucked four times, had his ass licked, and been finger fucked during three of the four times. He never did discover that the older woman was a man, or that one of the four times I had sucked him off or that Darryl had gotten a bit of it, too.

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