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When Byron returned to high school he made no secret of his sexuality. He oozed new confidence and returned to sports. Mr Chadwick was delighted to have his midfielder back on the team. Mr. Venables didn't have class with Byron but continually tried to counsel him on his sexuality every time he met him.
Byron played the queen for the class and the rest of the boys really enjoyed his humour. He had a black chess queen on his desk as a mascot. While his sexuality and his overt camping offended solid characters like Mr. Venables, most of the school just enjoyed his hyperactivity. A few parents complained and the principal asked Byron to tone his act down. He did, for a while anyway! At weekends he continued to spend a lot of time with Brian and his friends. The act in school was easy to control as his libido was more than satisfied by his weekend activities. Byron rejoined the school soccer team and continued to play midfield. The dressing rooms were still a source of major interest for him but he didn't want to lose the principal's respect so he behaved in an absolutely perfect way when he was there.
Every Friday he stayed with Brian and his friends. There were four in particular that used to visit most weekends - Andrew, Graham, Michael and Peter. They developed a game that they would play on a Friday evening. They called it "Confessions with Byron." The game was simple, Byron would lie naked on Brian's bed with his dick sticking into the air. The five men would line up naked facing the wall. Byron called each one by name and as his name was called the man would approach the bed and slide onto Byron's hard dick. Once the man was impaled on the big black dick the following conversation would take place; Man: Great Master, I have been bad! Byron: And what do you seek? Man: I seek your judgement sir! Byron: Speak and I will decide your fate!
At this point the man would have to tell Byron what he fantasised about while jacking-off during the week. He would also have to confess any other sexual thought that had crossed his mind. At random Byron would condemn the man to so many stokes before ordering him off his dick. When the man rose he would have to lick Byron's dick clean and ready for the next man. Byron issued severe punishments for these crimes. A jack-off without Byron as the main star earned ten strokes. If Byron was the star then it was only five and they were for daring to fantasise about him without his express consent. Participating in sex during the week earned a further fifty and anybody who topped go seventy-five or a hundred depending on Byron's mood. By the end of the confession most of the men would have received a sentence of between three and six hundred spanks.
To ensure their honesty, Byron would regularly grant a pardon to the man with the most strokes earned. If you received an amnesty you would be invited to help out in the punishment of the others. The pardon depended on whether the combined number of spanks exceeded two thousand and the availability of the five men over the weekend. Byron always left Brian until last and never granted him a pardon if he earned the most spanks. Each of the men gave Byron some money each week. This allowed him to tell his parents that he was working part-time as a night-porter in a small hotel. His parents never realised that Byron was spending his weekends fucking and flogging - he had fifty pounds each Sunday evening when he arrived home and they had no evidence to doubt his story.
Byron joined a soccer team that Brian, Andrew and Graham played with at weekends. He was by far the youngest on the team. It was Saturday, the tenth of October when the event with Billy took place.
Billy Ross was a twenty-one year old defender on the team and was a big-mouthed slob. He wasn't very fit but he was built like a brick shithouse so he defended well. (If you don't follow soccer, the main purpose of a defender is to defend - he has to stop the forward who tries to get goals!) Billy was a homophobe!
The Saturday in question, after the game - which they lost 2 nil as usual - Byron, Brian, Andrew and Graham dallied on in the changing rooms. Brian had received an inordinate punishment at confession time and Byron had agreed that he could half his punishment if he took one hundred strokes in the changing rooms after the showers. When the rest of the team was gone, Brian bent over to take his first public punishment. Brian and Graham counted and laughed as Byron landed each slap on Brian's naked arse.
"One!" they chimed as the first landed. Brian howled, Byron smiled. "Two!" the called in unison as Brian's flesh began to redden. "Three!" they called out as the door opened and Billy walked in. "Four!" the called as Billy stood there and gasped - "What the fuck is going on?" Byron froze and the others looked in Billy's direction. "You lot are fucking sick!" Billy screamed as he collected his forgotten shoe and stormed out. "That's blown the cover!" Graham said desolately. "Don't worry about him," said Byron trying to make the best of an embarrassing situation, "nobody likes him and he won't be believed!" The other three were wary so Byron agreed that Brian's punishment would be reduced by eighty blows and the other seven hundred and twenty would be administered at home.
But Billy Ross was to be worried about!
When Byron turned up for school on Monday morning he was summoned by the principal, Mr. Bromley wanted Byron to become a junior prefect. This meant that Byron would be rewarded for toning down the camp act that had upset the principal who secretly enjoyed Byron's camp humour. Byron was delighted with the honour and gladly accepted the responsibility. His duties as junior prefect were to supervise the canteen on Tuesdays and Thursdays and to supervise first form study on a Monday evening. These were duties that the senior prefects normally undertook and Byron knew that. The junior prefects were generally asked to supervise chess and sports clubs. As Byron left the principal's office with his new prefect badge on his blazer he met Craig Ross and Peter Hamilton. It was then that he realised the danger of Billy Ross. "Hey nigger!" Craig taunted, "my friend says you're into kinky stuff and that you're nothing but a fucking black pervert!" Byron tired to walk past them and ignore the remarks. Peter turned and thrust his arse back at him, pushing Byron backwards with the thrust. "Would you get off spanking me faggy?" he sneered. Byron blushed and suddenly Craig grabbed him by the throat. He thrust him back against the wall and snarled at him. "So old Bromley made you a fucking prefect, did he?" he said through gritted teeth, "so what job did he get the big, black, fucking fairy to do? Sucking the little juniors off after they piss is it?" "Fuck off Ross!" Byron snarled. "Maybe he made you dean of discipline for the little boys then did he? Let you fucking spank the nice guy is it?" "I bet he'd love to suck your fucking hole more than he'd love to spank it!" Peter added. "Yeah faggy! Would you like to lick me out?" Craig asked. "Fuck off!" Byron shouted. "No faggy! I won't fuck off! My friend told me what you do at weekends and I'll tell the whole school and Bromley will have to sack you, you sad, sick, fucking bastard!" "Fuck you!" Byron snapped, "you're fucking friend just wants to take it up his own fucking arse, that's his problem!" Craig went red when he heard this. "That's it fag! You're fucking claimed! I'll see you behind the outfield changing rooms after school. He released his painful grasp on Byron's throat and headed off with Peter up the corridor.
Byron spent the rest of the day in fear and panic. Billy may have been a solid slob but Craig was agile, fast and strong. He knew that he couldn't win this fight but he had to face it. After school he headed over to the back of the changing rooms as instructed to face his fate. When he got there only Peter and Craig were waiting for him. Byron wasn't surprised, neither of these two blokes was liked by anybody else in the school.

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