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Tyler was at a total loss for words as he whipped round and saw Jeremy standing there. He was just trying to think of something to say that would make the situation look like anything but what it really was when the older guy broke out into a hearty laugh that was purely sadistic.
"I guess this is what they mean by getting caught with your pants down!" The older guy said with a smile that was anything but warm. "Now I know that you are not going to try to tell me that you weren't fucking Tommy, are you? Because if you were going to do that not only would I have to figure out a way for you to make up for what you have done, but I would also have to punish you for lying to me too."
Tyler was scared shitless. And there was no doubt in his mind what so ever that he had been set up, especially when he felt Tommy's slender arm reach around his waist once more and begin fondling his flacid penis yet agian. The only real question in his mind was what exactly Jeremy might have in mind for him. Now that may sound pretty stupid to you but you have to remember that although Tyler was a gourgeous eighteen year old guy, his first real introduction to sex had been the night before as he watched the whole dorm use Tommy. And now here he was with two older, bigger, and stronger guys in a jailhouse bathroom where he had just been busted for fucking one of them in the ass. Also the feeling that was begging to once again infuse his crotch under Tommy's tender minstrations was really making it hard for the slight blond youth to concentrate on what just might be happening beyond his own erection.
So you can understand when it was with a warbling adolescent voice that Tyler asked, "What do you mean?" .
Jeremy took two quick steps forward and reached for the cute guys blond head. Tyler not really into it, tried to back peddle but could not really go anywhere because of the fact that Tommy was standing right behind him, and although just two minutes earlier he had been so wonderfully submissive, his taught body was now an wall that held Tyler's slight frame in place with ease. Tyler, starting to panic tried to dodge around Tommy and escape Jeremy's reaching hand but suddenly, Tommy's hand took a very firm and painful grip on his scrotum and began to squeeze, alowing the slim youth nowhere to go without ripping his tourtured balls off.
Jeremy wrapped his long fingers in Tyler's hair and pulled his head and shoulders forward as he bent his head forward and whispered into the beautiful blond guys ear, "Just calm down and this will be so much easier. But if you want to make it hard then that is fine with me, I would probably like it even more." he punctuated the sentence by sticking his tounge into Tyler's ear and moving it around in a very intriguing fashion that would have made the youths knees buckle if it were not for the fact that Tommy still had a vice like grip on Tommy's swelling testicles.
Tyler couldn't help but to moan when not only did Tommy's other hand reach around his waist and start stroking his rippled washboard stomach, but Jeremy reached up with his free hand and began stroking his tight chest and tweeking his nipples almost to the point of pain while his lips and tounge had begun an exquiste journey down his slim smooth neck, stroking and kissing, his hot breath setting Tyler's skin on fire. The attention that the older guys were giving Tyler's slim, smooth young body seemed to set his well tanned skin on fire, even the pulsing grip that Tommy had on his balls was so erotic to him that he thought he was about to pass out, his senses were beyond the point of overload and he was more turned on than he had ever been in his entire life. Fucking Tommy like a little bitch had been hot, but compared to the way that he felt now it was as if he had been lying in a tanning bed and now he had suddenly felt the heat of the desert sun on his skin for the first time. He had never before in his life been so aware of his body or just how wonderful it could feel to be touched, his skin was literally on fire and much to his shame he was well aware that the two older guys were treating him just lik a girl and that made it even better. He didn't want to be gay but he was now positive that he was.
Just as Tyler was beggining to think that there was no way that it could possibly get any better, Jeremy deserted his neck and the older guys soft full lips clamped down on his. before Tyler could even begin to comprehend what was happening Jeremy's tounge lashed out and filled his mouth, probing and stroking, in a gentle but insistent way that was the hottest thing that Tyler had ever felt in his life. That was it, Tyler didn't care what anyone thought, He just wanted to make these two guys as happy as they were making him. He leaned into Jeremy and returned the kiss to the best of his limited ability, sucking and stroking the older guys tounge while he used his hands to begin to explore Jeremy's older anatomy, grasping and stroking in the places that the other guys had on him and doing everything he could to return the pleasure that he was feeling. He even got really bold and reached inside the older guys shorts and began to rub his enourmous engorged cock, somewhere in the back of his mind noticing just how hot the skin was and wondering if it would be as awsome in his mouth as the older guys tounge was.
He didn't have long to wonder, even as the kiss continued he felt both Jeremy's and Tommy's hands begin to press on his shoulders, forcing on to his knees with pressure on both his shoulders and his nuts which were already tortured by the rekindled need for release. Tyler didn't even pretend to try to fight it, in all reality he wanted it. He wanted to feel that searing hot flesh of Jeremy's cock as it passed in and out of his soft full lips. To know that he could do everything that Tommy could to make the gourgous older guy happy, and do it better! Tommy sank down to his knees with him maintainin the pressure on his balls while shifting his grip so that he was now reaching through Tylers slim thighs and pulling back twoards his asshole. Tyler was face to face with Jeremy's bulging shorts, he couldn't help but leaning forward and rubbing his face in the pleated cotton of the cutt-off long johns, gently tracing the enormous bulge of Jeremy's cock with his lips as he reached for the waist band with both hands litterally drooling with anticipation of the bulging feast he was about to recieve. Just at that point in time Tommy released Tylers swollen jewels, letting the hot stream of jizz that had been building finally erupt all over Jeremy's feet and ankles mathching the older guys spasming cock load for load, the panting Tyler was truly overcome and would it not have been for Jeremy's hand in his hair would have collapsed. As it was it was all that he could do to swallow the great gouts of sperm that Jeremy continued to spew across his lips and ont his tounge, the mellow salty taste actually rather nice.
It took Tyler a moment to realize that Jeremy's rod was gone and that he was done but before he could really take stock of the situation Tommy was in front of him madly spanking his cock and pushing it roughly into his lips as he once again got the brunt of a guy load. It seemed that the tase of the cum flowing ove his lips and down the back of his sore abused throat would never end. Tommys was creamier and not as strong but there was just as much and it was just as hot as Jeremy's and all in all, Tyler loved every glorious drop of it. He really couldn't belive the rush of feelings that he was dealing with .
Just when Tyler thought that it was finally over, eventhough he still had a raging hard on as he looked up at both of the older guys, Jeremy once again stepped up. "You are a really hot little boy bitch, you know that?" He said with a smile, his bright blue eyes shinning. "But I think that you forgot something." He said extending his cum soaked foot into Tyler's face. "It's your mess so don't you think that you should clean it up?"
Tyler didn't even try to get up and get some paper towles or a wash cloth, he just bent his head down and lapped the cum from Jeremy's feet, taking time to flick his tounge through the guys spread toes and doing everything that he thought the older guy would expect. When he finished he leaned back on his haunches and once again stared up at both of the older guys, for the first time realizing that they were both really very hot, and that he really wouldn't mind starting all over again, which his throbbing rod, which had swollen even more while he serviced Jeremy's feet, proclaimed to the world. But he was not willing to admit that to the world yet, so eventhough it was the last thing that he really wanted, he looked at Jeremy and said, "So we are all done now right? I don't owe you anymore and you won't kick my ass or tell anyone?"
Jeremy and Tommy both broke into laughter and Jeremy looked back down at Tyler and said, "Done? You are just getting started, besides we wouldn't have told anyone about it anyways, but then I really don't think that you wanna be done anyways. You enjoyed that as much as we did and would probably cum in about a minute if one of us stuck his cock in your mouth right now. So you just might as well sit back and enjoy it, because you are my bitch now. Anything that either of us tell you to do, you do and with enthusiasm. I'll let you know when you have paid for what you took earlier. Do you understand?"
Tyler looked up at the older guys and started to protest, but then thought better of it and said in a barely audible whisper, "Yes sir.".
Now most people who have been there, look back on any time that they spent in jail with a little bit of hate and bitterness, but Tyler who thinks of those two weeks often really kinda remembers it fondly, especially when he goes over to Jeremy's or Tommy's house.
ally paying for my sins..

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