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I was 18, had just graduated from high school..and was frustrated and bored to tears. You would be too..if you were living in Emporia, Kansas…and wanted to have a Broadway career. I had starred in every play given at the schools I had attended from sixth grade.. right up through my senior year.. I had the drama teachers drooling over me.. More than one of them had been real touchy-feely.. and many of the girls I knew seemed highly interested in offering me blow jobs as well. But I wasn't interested in them.. I wanted to see the lights on Broadway.. and I wanted my name on the marquis.
I had those Kansas farm boy good looks. Blond and beautiful, green eyes, almost six feet tall.. a few freckles when I was in my early teens which had since faded. My skin was as smooth as silk.. only the lightest of peach fuzz on my arms and legs. I took care of my body… not to say that I had rippling muscles, or anything.. but there wasn't an ounce of fat on me. I did a lot of swimming in High School.. when I wasn't rehearsing or starring in something..
My parents had both died in an auto crash when I was 9, and I lived with my Aunt and Uncle who were childless. They were sweet people… but boring, boring, boring.. and also pretty poor. Not enough money to send me to college…except the ridiculous state school in Emporia.. where I would rather have been caught dead than go. I had saved up a pretty good sum of money working at odd jobs during my High School years… and I was determined to spend it. A couple of thousand dollars.. it would get me to NY… it would give me some time to have interviews.. or go to auditions. I left a note for my Aunt and Uncle.. bought a ticket … and left Emporia forever. 29 hours later I arrived at the Port Authority Terminal in Times Square. My adventure had begun. I had some hot dogs at Nathans, and as the sun set… soaked in the sight of the Great White Way. I knew I would make it. I could feel it.
About three weeks later, having stayed at a pretty rotten hotel, not the Plaza by any means, and eating only the cheapest meals... I started to get scared about money. It was disappearing too fast.. way to fast… and so far, I hadn't even been able to attend an audition. "You need an agent. Sorry." That was the response I heard to all my calls.. Seemed it didn't matter how cute or talented I was.. Nobody gave a shit. One thing I knew, however.. I wasn't going back to Emporia. I needed to find a sponsor.. someone who would help me… and although I was inexperienced.. I wasn't stupid.. I needed to find a man.. a rich man.
I stopped in one of those sleazy book stores and bought a gay guide.. I walked up 8th Avenue… and saw the place. The Haymarket. I entered and an immediate smile gleamed on my handsome face. It was crowded. Crowded with men and teens. Teens for sale..just like the gay guide said. No doubt about it.. eyes turned when I walked in. I was wearing a tight white t-shirt, jeans, sneakers… Lookin' as "farmboyish" as I could be. They salivated as I walked to the back room.. and about 30 seconds later..Philip approached me.
Philip. What can I say. Well.. he was 28 years old… same height as me but with a much larger frame. He was beautifully dressed.. obviously having come straight from his office to the bar. He had dark hair which hung to his shoulders.. I was impressed. Very impressed. He looked like he was oozing with cash as well… my perfect candidate. Shit.. and it had only taken me 30 seconds.. Man..what luck!
He offered to buy me a drink, which I quickly accepted.. and after a second round.. I left the Haymarket with him, and we went to his penthouse on the East Side. I couldn't believe the place. What a pad. Delujo! I sat down on one of his plush leather sofas.. and we had another round of drinks.. and talked for a while. He asked me all kinds of questions.. and before too long, knew all of the details.. including the fact.. that I was a virgin.
That's right.. hard to believe, I know…but I had never made it with a woman or man.. being somehow content to jerk off..on the average of twice a day for the last five years. There wasn't a whole lot to choose from in Emporia.. except a bunch of boring nerds. When I jerked off.. I imagined girls.. but.. I figured..hey..what the hell.. It wouldn't be so bad to stick someone's dick down my throat..if it meant that I could stay in NY.. Maybe Philip knew some agents or something. I was ready. Ready to do what he asked. Little did I know.. how complicated that would be.
"I am very particular," he said, looking me straight in the eyes. "I have only been to the Haymarket a few times before. I don't much like picking up strangers.. but I couldn't resist. The moment I saw you walk in the door I knew that I had to have you. Let's talk business. I presume that you are selling your ass".. ( I was a bit taken back by that comment.. shit.. I was thinking mouth.. not ass). "I am willing to pay you well… very well."
"How much?" I thought.
"But when I pay… I expect to get what I want in return. Strictly a business proposition. You give me what I want… you get paid. You make me happy… I invite you back. I invite you back.. and who knows what the future may bring. Get it? But make understand… I have very particular needs… and you will have to satisfy them."
"Tell me more about your particular needs…"
"That is not part of the plan. What I do..must come as a surprise to you.. or I will not be satisfied."
"What happens.. if I don't like what you are doing?"
"Trust me.. you will… but, just in case you don't.. use a ‘code word.'
"A code word?"
"Yes… if you use the code word. I will stop.. and allow you to leave.. with your money. But you won't get reinvited. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Philip.. I do," I said with no hesitation.
"And what will your code word be?"
I thought for a moment and said… "Emporia"
He smiled. "OK.. it's getting pretty late… so let the games begin. Go through that door… Walk to the center of the room… stare at the floor… Do not look up. Wait for my command."
My mind raced with thoughts.. about what he meant by ‘commands'.. but I did as he ordered and walked through the door. I was a bit shocked. Everything in the room was covered in black leather. The walls… what could only be described as a whipping post…(SHIT!).. a table…and a series of chains and pulleys.. (SHIT SHIT SHIT) "EMPORIA!!!" I thought..maybe this would end..before it began. Fuck the money… but I controlled my emotions…walked to the center of the room.. and waited for Philip to enter..with my eyes staring at the leather covered floor…
Some minutes passed.. and without warning the lights dimmed, and I heard his deep voice coming from unseen speakers. I could not tell where he was.. or from where he was watching me.
"From this moment on you will refer to me as Master.. and only speak when I ask you a direct question. Is that understood?"
"Yes Master," I said humbly. I wanted to please him. I was going to put my acting skills to work.
"Now… do a slow strip… a very slow strip."
Music began to play over the sound system. I put my hands under the waistband of my jeans.. and slowly lifted up my t shirt… exposing my chest to him… I dropped my jeans and then removed my sneakers and socks. I was now dressed only in my tight white briefs. My thick cock and hefty balls were swelling. I was getting into the scene.. very into it.
"Now.. show me what you've got.. Take those briefs off."
I dropped my shorts. My dick sprang out to its full nine inch length.
"Dance for me."
The music played with an intoxicating slow beat. I danced for him. The lighting changed with the rhythm of the music. I felt very sexy. I moved my hands all over my body… massaging my tiny tits.. and then my flat chest. I gripped my dick.
"You will not touch your dick without my permission. Is that understood?" "Yes Master."
"Move over to the table. Bend over it. Let me see your virgin asshole."
I did as Philip's voice ordered, placing my chest on the leather table, spreading my legs… and exposing myself to him.
I felt a hot white light on my rectum. The room darkened to black.. My asshole was the only lighted object. I squirmed a little, as the heat of the light became more intense.
I felt his presence. He was in the room, and near my body. The hot white light now covered not only my exposed hole… but my buns as well. He pressed himself against my naked ass. The lighting changed again… now deep red.. illuminating the room.
"Are you ready to accept pain?"
"Yes Master"
"Have you been a good slave? Have you done nothing to deserve punishment?"
"Yes, Master… I have been a good slave," I said, in the humblest voice I could. "But, I need to be trained Master. I am ready to accept pain."
He blindfolded me. He extended my arms and bound them to the rings on the end of the table with leather straps. My legs were still on the floor.. he bound them too. I could not move. I could not see.
"Your training will begin with a spanking. Are you ready for the pain?"
"Yes, Master."
I could feel the air moving as he reached back with his palm and smacked me on my left bun. I could feel the redness.
"You will say ‘Thank you Master' each time I give you a smack."
"Yes, Master… Thank you Master."
Another blow to my ass… "Thank you Master" ..and another and another. My ass was a fiery red. He parted my buns.. I felt the tip of an object pressing against my virgin hole."
"Now… let's get your hole nice and ready for the raping its going to receive." …
He pushed a leather covered butt plug about an inch inside me. "Please Master… please….it hurts… AHHHH….please Master."
"If you don't like it.. you know what to say…"
He shoved it up… another half inch or so. "Please Master… Please..I can't stand the pain Master."
Man… I made that sound convincing. I am a great actor. It actually didn't feel too bad. It was shoved pretty deep up my hole, though…
My penis was rock hard and jutting into the table.
He began to move the plug in and out of my hole. The plug began to vibrate… and heat up. He pulled it out of me… and then pushed it back in. He had put some kind of cream on it. Within a minute or so…it began to burn pretty bad. "Master.. please.. my asshole is burning up… please stop Master…"
"Take it slave. You deserve to be punished."
My rectum was really heating up from the menthol that he had put on the plug. I was fantasizing about what his dick might feel like… deep inside me. I didn't have to fantasize for long, he removed the plug…
"Are you ready to receive a gift from your Master?"
"Yes, Master."
"You will now feel my hot penis.. jutting up your ass. When it is completely in.. and I am deep inside you. You will say. ‘Thank you Master'."
"Yes, Master."
I felt him enter me. "Ahhh… it hurts Master. AAAAHHH." Man…it felt good. He slipped it in a bit farther… and then I felt his hot body pressing into my tight buns. He was all the way in. I didn't say ‘thank you.'
"You have disobeyed me… slave. You must be punished." With his dick still deep inside me he began to lash my back.. with a smallish whip. I felt the redness. I felt the heat. With each lash he plunged in his dick. Faster…. Faster…. The heat in my body was powerfully red. Red with flame. I moaned loudly with each thrust… and each lash… After a few more minutes had passed…he spurted his hot load deep inside of me.
"Get up… slave!" He untied my bonds and raised me. I was brought to a leather covered cross, where he rebound me. He ripped off my blindfold… The room was dark..except for a bright spotlight.. illuminating me from the neck down. He approached me. His face was covered in a leather mask.
"You have insulted me slave. You did not thank me for the brutal fucking I gave you."
"Yes, Master. I am sorry, Master."
" ‘Sorry' is not good enough slave!"
He began to pinch my tits… first one and then the other… slowly…then rapidly.. then slowly again.. varying the pressure of each pinch. He moved his powerful hands down to my still erect dick. He began to slap it… first lightly… then with more force.
"Please Master. AHHHHH That hurts, Master. Please have mercy on me."
He moved his long fingers down to my balls. He grabbed them… first lightly… then with more pressure. I was really hurting… but.. to my amazement.. hard as hell… and liking it.
"Please… Master… please have mercy!"
"You do not merit my attention slave."
He unbound me. I fell to the floor. I wondered if I had really displeased him.
"Get the fuck out of here."
I grabbed my clothes and left the room. Man.. I blew it…
Moments later Philip appeared, dressed as he had been before.
He handed me 500 dollars.
"Make a phone call to the number printed on this card. Report to me tomorrow night at 10. Now leave."
I guess I hadn't displeased him after all. I made the phone call the next morning. 30 minutes later… I was at the Broadhurst Theater auditioning for a part in a comedy. I reported to Philip that night.. and my lessons continued. As I sit here in the theater now… waiting to hear my name called for my possible first Tony Award… Philip is at my side. We will celebrate tonight.. in his leather covered room.
"And the winner is….."

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