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I was working at a Circle K conveiance store in Oklahoma, I was 19 and worked the graveyard shift. Around 3 am, I saw Lori, a girl from the apartment complex behind the store come in. She was 18, very attractive and rumored to be easy. She came up to the counter, looked around and said she needed some beer. Youre not old enough to buy beer, I told her as I looked at her young budding body.
But I need it! Ill do anything if you sell me some she said as she stared at my now growing crotch, Anything! Her lips spread apart as her tongue came out and licked her lips. I can take care of that... if youd like
Looking at her eyes, I noticed they were glued to my crotch. My dick lurched and I told her to go to the mens room and I would be right in. I went to the door, put up the Back in 15 minutes sign, locked the door and headed to the bathroom. I found her stripped of her clothes and posing so I might enjoy the sight. She came to me, unbuttoned my pants and let them fall, then taking my briefs in her hands she pulled them down slowly. When my dick popped free, she smiled and sliding to her knees engulfed my dick in her mouth. Now I am not real well endowed, only about 4.5 inches cut, and she swallowed me to my balls. Within moments I was ready to cum. Telling her this, she stopped and finished me by hand. My cum squirting all over her breasts. Smiling up at me as she rubbed it into her chest, I told her she could have a 6-pack of any kind of beer she wanted. I redressed and went out to open the door. She came out a few minutes later, picked up the brown bag I gave her and headed out the door.
A couple of nights later, also around 3 am, I looked up to see Loris brother Chris come in. Chris was smiling brightly as he walked up to the counter. His dark hair was slightly mussed, his green eyes were gleaming and his bright white skin contrasted his hair. He was about 59 and weighed maybe 90 pounds, a very thin, very beautiful boy. Hows it going Chris? I asked.
She said that I should come in here and get her some beer and then she would give me my present.
She said to come in here and tell you that Id do anything to get it. You would know what I mean.
Do you know what it means? I asked as he shook his head slowly yes. What is it that she will give you that would make you do something like that?
One slow word, said softly sex. Then after a moment She said I could fuck her all night on my birthday, but I would have to get her some beer.
Now I have always had a strong attraction to young guys, but had never had the nerve to do anything. With any guy that is. So, I took a breath and told him to go to the mens room and I would be there in a minute. After hanging the sign and locking the door, I went to the bathroom to find Chris standing there, fully clothed. You have to strip down so I can see you I told him as my voice broke, adrenaline rushing through me. I watched him strip every piece of clothing off only to discover Chris had no hair anywhere on his body and was well blessed with a dick twice my size. And it was HARD.
He came to me, started undressing me and when my dick came out, he dropped to his knees and slipped it into his mouth. He was inexperienced and I had to help him with some things like teeth. I reached down and started playing with his chest. It was marvelous, smooth and just starting to be defined. I told him I was about to cum and suprisingly he quickened his pace. I came in such force that he started to choke and pulled off me only to get the last squirts on his face. It is a memory I can still picture it to this day! He then proceeded to lick up what had slipped out of his mouth. I noticed his dick was as hard as I have ever seen one be.
Stand up I told him Ill help you out with that. I reached for his dick and started to stroke it, awkwardly. So I had him turn around with his back to my chest so that I could beat him off just like I do to myself. The only thing is that while I was jerking his dick, his ass and body kept bumping into my frontside and my dick sprang back up to life! It wedged in his ass crack and as I jerked, his ass squeezed my dick. I was starting to go nuts and Chris was moaning.. Yes...yes...yes...
Loosing control, I pushed him against the sink, bending him over some. I spit into my hand, stroked my hard dick with it and put it back in his ass crack. Then stroking his dick, I shoved it up his ass in one plunge. He screamed out at first, I kept pulling his dick and let him get used to the feeling. He kept crying and telling me to take it out, that it hurt.
Shut up! I roared into his ear as I pushed my dick further into his ass, Its your birthday and I am going to give you the same thing your sister is going to give you. Then with my hands on his body, I started a slow in and out fucking motion. His ass started to loosen up some and he stopped crying so I speeded up some and really started to work on his firm ass. I was in heaven! Here I was with my dick stuck up a tight virgin male ass and all I could think about was that I wanted to fuck it all night long, no matter what he thought. I started rubbing his body with my hands as I started to ride him hard. Then when I was beyond stopping, I shoved in as hard as I could, pinched his nipple hard and came in his ass. I thought Id never stop cumming! Then with it over, I looked at him and noticed I still had ahold of his nipple and his eyes were closed. Letting go, I stepped back letting my dick pop from his glorious ass.
He turned to me with tears on his face and a huge grin. That was awesome! he said as I noticed he had cum all over his front side during the fucking. I bent down and licked his chest and dick clean, then looked back up at him. He simply moved to his clothes and started dressing.
I told Chris to wait a few minutes before coming out in case there were customers waiting to get in the store. Then I went and unlocked the door. I gave Chris some beer and watched his cute ass walk out the door.

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