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It is a bright sunny day, it is extremely warm weather. An old car enters our drive. I run to the door and see him step out of his car. Only in shorts and a shirt, I run up to him, giving a quick hug. 'Hi mate, how are you doing?' All my protests melts away, when he puts his big strong arms around me, he grabs my buttocks, lifting me from the floor. 'You are a big boy, my friend, grown since the last time' Kevin hugs me tight! I am proud of his remark, knowing I have still a real teen body, skinny.
Not needing a 'baby sitter', I protested a lot, just to tell them I am already to old for that! My parents left for a month to the US. They forced me into this situation, Kevin or going down to my big sister in Amsterdam. No way! Kevin is a friend of the family. He will take care of me during this month.
I am young, I know. Kevin, who is tall, yes, really is a huge Man, in my eyes. He must be 23, a big athlete, he is the hero of his soccer team. In away, I idolise him.
'I think we will enjoy this month!' Kevin whispers in my ear, like telling me a big secret.
'Yep, Kevin, it will be cool!' He took my hand bringing it to his big chest. I can feel his flat belly and muscles under his sweaty white cotton shirt. I see his deep brown skin and the muscularity of his chest, because it stands open, unbuttoned to his tight blue jeans. His jeans fit him real tight, they pulled up, onto his beautiful crack of his butt. I see it... OH G-D, there is a bar skin showing, between Kevin his jeans and his shirt, when he is turning to get his suitcase out of the car..
I get hard. Fuck no! Not now! I see one nipple on his smooth chest. I have never seen like that on a guy before, hard, pointing out. My head is light... His jeans are worn out and tight. 'Lets go into the house, son! I need a shower, it took me five hours in this sun to come here.' I smile up to him, he will be a head bigger then me. I look, stare, at his prominent basket in his tight jeans, his beautiful body.
I nod, back in reality again, 'You had a good trip?'
Kevin saw me stare... I know. I blush. I can't move. Feeling myself go all red and hot... He looks me over.
I stand there, young, vulnerable. My teen cock begs for attention. I wonder or I can jack off when he takes his shower. No trouble... if I have the guts to do so. 'It was very hot, but okay, boy, I knew my reward! You'. Kevin hugs me again. I feel his tight jeans pressing into me. I can feel his cock, big, hell, so big! It will come from his driving, not me, can't be!
I see his hand wandering down to his crotch, touching himself. To make it more comfortable? Kevin grins at me, 'We discuss that later, okay?' A strong hand takes my shoulder, we are walking into the house...
Kevin knows his way. He drops his big suitcase into the hall and walks to the sleeping rooms. I walk behind him, like a puppy, looking at his firm ass. Without asking he opens my door, and sits on my bed. He grins and asks: 'We two together, a month, we better bunk up together, if you don't mind'. I have no idea, what to say. 'We have a room for guests, Mum, took care of everything' Kevin smiles. 'I know, but I like this, your king size bed is big enough, and we don't have to clean two sleeping rooms, two bath rooms, I like practical solutions boy!'
What to say? Kevin pulls of his shirt, slipping it over his broad shoulders and down his huge biceps. I just stare at Kevin, looking at his powerful chest.
'You look also very warm, guy, take off your shirt' I have some hesitation, my body is nothing compared to his. I peel off my shirt. Showing him my small smooth bare-chested body. I have some pectoral muscles, do my best to get them defined. My nipples are standing out. 'You have a great smooth teen body, you look good!' I feel proud again, Kevin likes me, but also worried.
'I need a shower, boy' Kevin smiles. He looks at my face. 'Something wrong, boy?' 'No, yes, ... sorry'
'Tell me, boy, whatever.' 'I like you here, being with me, Sorry!' 'Don't be sorry, NEVER, You are grown now, I liked you right away, we will have a good time together! Buddy.' I nod.
'Good, boy, I was hoping you feel this way!' I nod again, not knowing what to say. Kevin waves his big hand, I stand now between his big muscled legs.
'But.... If we want to be good friends. I have to teach you a few things, things I'll want you to do for me. Friends do a lot of things, they feel real good, for both of us. You understand?' I don't know the meaning of his words. I just nod my head.
'Okay, boy, rule one, your name with me, in this house is Boy, because you are my boy these weeks. I'll show you everything, no problem. You will like it, don't worry.'
'Get on your knees, guy' His voice is an order! His words are hitting me in my stomach, I feel very warm, horny.
Confused, I drop to my knees, between his muscular thighs. I look straight into the prominent outline of his big cock in his tight blue jeans. 'Unfasten my jeans!' With trembling hands, I move to the waistband of his jeans. Opening the first button... the second... His white briefs come into my view, I can't help it, touching his big cock through the cotton of his briefs. I give him a look of embarrassment.
Kevin smiles at me, giving me the confidence, I need now. 'Good boy, continue.'
I unbutton all. Feeling weird. His big hands strokes my hair. He stands up, his big cotton covered cock nearly touching my lips. I can smell him. Musky, the way I smell myself after a good work out at school with my friends. Kevin's blue jeans are falling to the floor, he steps out of them.
What a sight! Kevin, brown all over, just in his white briefs and white socks, huge, in front of me. I can't help it, my cock is stretching my own white cotton briefs and blue shorts to the limit. I really hope Kevin will not notice.
'You do what I say, and we will be good friends, you understand? No doubts anymore!' 'Yes', I say, not knowing the impact of my own words.
Kevin's smile grows stronger, 'Good, boy, you will learn fast, I'm sure!' 'Make your choice, will you be my little friend this weeks, boy?' 'Yes, of course, I will, Kevin'
'Yes, you will! I am sure of that! I saw your big eyes, last time I visited the family, you checked my cock all the time at the pool. Right?'
'Yes, ... sorry!' My cheeks are red now, I feel so embarrassed. 'Don't feel sorry, relax, I liked it, but from now on all choices are mine, do you understand?' I smile timidly up to Kevin, 'I think so.' 'Don't worry, you will be a good boy, my boy'
Kevin's big hands are on my naked shoulders, stroking me. 'You have a beautiful soft skin, boy, you know that?' I don't know what to say. Kevin's hand wanders down, feeling my hard nipples, my belly button, touching the waistband of my white briefs. 'You are a horny boy also, boy!' I nod proudly, I can handle his strange words. 'Okay, you are a good boy, get on your feet and relax!'
Kevin steps away and walks to the shower, I adore his big browned body, the white briefs, tightly over his powerful ass. 'Be naked, when I come back!' His words are powerful, no discussion, I know I will be naked in a flash.
Kevin opens the bathroom door and disappears. I take of my shorts.
Walking to the mirror, close to my desk, just in my white briefs. I hear the shower running. I image his powerful naked body under the spray of water. My cock is growing. I see a big wet spot on my white briefs. I need to cum urgent! Stroking my rock hard boy cock through my briefs I feel dizzy. Kevin must have seen my wet spot of pre-cum, hell. Hell, what is going on with me? I strip, naked, y little cock pointing at my belly button. I fold my shorts, briefs and shirt carefully. Naked now, I sit on my bed, pre-cum leaks from my boner.
I want to cover myself, but I will not, I know. Kevin is a sports man he have seen naked teens before. Kevin is in the door, looking at me, a big smile on his face. Hell, he saw me stroking my boner.
Kevin wears just a pair of very tight white briefs, the outline of his big semi erect cock, pointing at his well-defined belly, is visible. I see some hairs of his bush above the waistband. I feel so horny! He walks to my wardrobe, opening the drawers, taking out a pair of my white clean CK boxers. 'I like you, boy, you obeyed my orders' Kevin hands out the boxers, 'Put these on!' I stand on my trembling feet, putting them on. It is hard to cover up my eager cock again. Standing this way, in my white boxers, in front of him. I feel tiny and little. I feel his power over me. 'Okay, lets train you a bit' 'This way?' I look puzzled at my white boxers. What does he wants? I don't know what he means. Kevin laughs out loud, looking at my puzzled face. 'Of course, my boy, this is all you get this month, just a pair of boxers... no questions, remember. And boy, call me Sir!' An order, no doubt. 'Do it!'
I don't know. Looking up to him... 'Yes, sir' It sounds good! I like it! I feel like a soldier. 'Yes, SIR!'
Kevin walks over to me and he strokes the waistband of my boxers. My erect boy cock jut out from the opening of my boxers. 'Get on your knees again, boy' I drop to my knees in front of him... This came unexpected. I thought it was finishing up, it seems to be starting, right now. 'You love the out-line of my cock, don't you,guy?' I swallow hard.
'Yes, Sir', I manage to whisper, 'I love your cock, it is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.'
I don't believe my own ears, I did it, I told him... He must be angry! Hell, I spoilt it all.
'Show me how much you love it, boy, and don't let me be disappointed in you!' Kevin's voice is firm now. I can't wait. I bow my head, my lips close to Kevin's bulging tight white briefs. Not knowing what to do. I put out my tongue.
I still hesitate, smelling the white cotton of Kevin's briefs. Kevin pushes my head deep into his crotch, taking my ears, pressing my face into the material, his crotch.
I can't help myself anymore, eager, I lick the out line of Kevin's big cock. Over and over making his briefs wet with my saliva.
'You don't like my balls, boy? 'OHH, Kevin, no, Sir, your balls are... super!' I have no time to finish my words. Kevin pushes my head deep into his crotch again. 'So do them, boy' I fight just to take a breath. I take his balls, as much as I can, in my eager mouth. Covering all the cotton area with my mouth. My cock is rock hard in my white boxers! Kevin groans, loud. 'You are beautiful, Boy' I feel his huge cock getting bigger in his tight briefs... 'Good boy' He guides my tongue to the head of his big cock.
'MMMMMM...' He strokes my hair now, 'Suck it, boy!' All my dreams are true now. I suck his cock through the cotton. Kevin rocks his hips forward... 'Take it boy, take my load!'
I taste his salty cream through the white cotton. I'm in heaven! I can't help myself, I cum without touching myself. 'AHHHHHH' My body is trembling. Cum is all over my chest, never came before this hard. I steady myself at is big soccer legs. He smiles happy at me. 'Good Boy, My Boy, you did good for a starter, but you will never cum again without my permission!'
Kevin sits down at the edge of my bed. He takes my hips, he makes me sit on his lap. 'Are you happy, son?' 'Yes, Sir, VERY happy!'
He strokes my smooth cum covered chest. I feel his big cock and public hair in his briefs, under my smooth buttocks.
'I have a little snack for you, boy.' Kevin slips his cum covered fingers between my lips. My own cum! My tongue laps around his fingers, as I take in. Tasting my own cum. Drops of my own cum, are on my chin and cheeks. Kevin doesn't mind. His big tongue licks my face. I close my eyes, happy.
'On your knees again, boy.' 'Sir, Yes, Sir Kevin'
I can tell this came unexpected. Just as I think, I am finishing up, it seemed to be starting all over again!
'Do you love your Master's cock, boy?' 'Yes, Sir. You cock, Kevin, sorry, My master's cock is the most beautiful thing, I've ever seen. Honest, Kevin, Sir !'
'Show me how much you love it,guy.' I can't wait. Kevin makes me stand again between his powerful legs. He takes down his briefs. His cock is so big, strong, so beautiful!
'Okay, boy, I do believe you love your master's cock and balls. You deserve your reward.' 'Sir, thank you, Sir.'
As I stand facing Kevin, he rips off my white boxers and leaving them between my ankles. 'Okay, boy. Show me, how much you loves my cock. I want you to focus everything of yourself onto it, suck my balls and cum! Show me you like my balls and spray your cum them, NOW!' 'Yes, Sir' My cock is so hard I think it's going to explode right here again. I bow my head to his big balls in his cum soaked briefs. Licking them.
'May I place my hands on your strong chest, Sir, I will suck your beautiful balls, no problem, Sir?' 'You may, boy, no problem'
I place my hands on both of your nipples, feeling them. My whole body slides up and down his strong legs, feeling his great torso. Sweat runs down my face and smooth chest. Kevin takes both of my nipples in his hands and squeezing them tightly. I am in pain...
'Oh, yes, Master, Kevin OHHHHHH! I moan. 'Your boy, being your guy!' I pant. 'OHHHH' 'I like this, I like you so much, but I like it too much. The pain is heaven. My poor little cock can't take it much longer.'
'You will not cum, until I, your Master tells you so.' 'Sir, no Sir.' Pre-cum drips of my boy cock.
I stand, my eager cock slaps his stomach and chest. Kevin smiles, a beautiful horny smile. He takes my nipples again HARD in his big hands, twisting them! I suffer, what a beautiful pain! 'OHHHHHH', I can't take it any longer.
'Do you want to cum, boy?' 'Sir, Yes Kevin, SIR, Please Sir!' 'Sir! Please, let me come!!!'
'Very well. You may cum as you will.'
Instantly cum shoots out of me, all over my chest and Kevin's. Kevin strokes, he rubs my cum all over my smooth chest. 'MMMM!'
'You did good, my boy.'
I feel great! 'Thank you, Sir!'

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