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I sat there somewhat nervously on the doctor's couch, not certain what to expect. Leafing casually through a magazine, I kept wondering what was going to happen. A few friends of mine had recommended this place to get some "relaxation" going in my life. I reluctantly agreed. College was getting boring lately and I needed a diversion. A cute blond guy, must have been about twenty-five or so, six foot or so with a swimmer's build, appeared from behind the door. "Mr. Hoover," the blond guy said, "Dr. Wilson will be with you shortly." "Thank you," I responded politely, my voice cracking slightly. The blonde assistant was tall and wiry. I could really picture myself enjoying him. My body was similar to his, although I was a good six inches shorter. "My name is Ryan, in case you need anything," said the assistant, smiling, "Thank you, Ryan," I responded, returning the smile, "and you can call me Chris." Into the room walked one of the handsomest guys I had ever seen. A white lab coat draped over muscular shoulders, curly brown hair, a lush moustache and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. "Hello Chris," he said, "I'm Doctor Frank Wilson. You can call me Frank" As he extended his hand, I remained seated to return his firm grip, a little too awestruck to stand up. Well dressed with a tie and pressed shirt, Frank appeared to be in his mid-thirties. As he consulted his lab chart, I checked out the rest of him. Tall, he stood about 6 foot 4, muscular build and no belly at all. From a few feet away, I could smell a wonderful cologne. Not too heavy, I thought as I inhaled the fragrance. "I've had a chance to look at your records," said Frank, looking directly at me. "I think I know what you need." Still looking directly into my eyes, Frank removed his tie. I sat there, both a bit startled from the suddenness as well as the anticipation I felt through my body. Slowly, he began removing his shirt and exposing his very hairy and muscular chest. I sat there feeling the saliva leave my mouth. Frank moved closer to me. I moved forward and my mouth made contact with his hairy belly. Warm. Inviting. My tongue lapped and licked his body, the scent of his sweat and cologne entering my nostrils. I devoured the man in front of me as he softly purred his approval of my caresses. His shirt now fully removed, I lapped delicately at his brown nipples, inserting the delicate nubs into my mouth and feeling their texture with my teeth. I lapped carefully around the areola, the brown skin shrinking in response to my saliva meeting the cold air. I grabbed around his belt buckle. Frank took that away from me and began unloosening the strap himself. His pants opened and unzipped, I lifted up the flap of his crisp white underpants, poking my nose in there to inhale his maleness, the thick black pubic hairs coming into my nostrils as my lust was heightened. Frank dropped his pants to the ground. Pulling down his underpants, his delicious cock, partly erect, cut and with a purple head soon came into view. An ample set of testicles completed the package. Without hesitation I plunged down on the cock, absorbing the entire length into my mouth. As Frank's tool became more erect, I backed off, unable to creche the entire ten inches in my mouth. My mouth was on fire as the saliva began to pour forth, covering Frank's tool and balls with spit. Frank began to grind into my face, churning the mixture of my saliva and my lover's pre-cum into an erotic froth, dripping from my chin and onto the floor. I removed the well-lubricated tool from my mouth and rubbed it all over my face, pausing to start work on the ample balls that had been girding my chin. Coated with thick hair, I moved my tongue and lips all over Frank's scrotum. Taking both of his testicles into my mouth one at a time, I suckled them, feeling the heated texture within. My saliva oozed from my mouth in a copious flow, my desire to taste the musky flavor without limits. I took his cock into my mouth, devouring the partly erect tool. My nostrils flared as I moved down the length, the tightening skin filling my mouth, the heat from the pulsating veins underneath warming my oral cavity and heating the saliva. I lunged up and down quickly, bringing Frank's cock to a fully erect eight inches, my throat grunting in protest as I fed the full length inside me. Frank held my head as he directing his tool to piston inside me. For a long time, I applied myself to Frank's tool, absorbing and sating my lust. The saliva frothed and pored from my mouth like a river, the stream covering Frank's crotch, dripping down and flowing on my chest. The smell drifted in my nose, the delicious combination of pre-cum, sweat and spit, my breathing becoming more labored as I made love to his package. Gently, Frank grabbed my shoulders and moved me off the couch and onto the floor. Next, Frank climbed on the couch, his feet at the edge and his hands grabbing the back. Frank moved his hole into position and directed it to my mouth. Sticking out my tongue, I swabbed it over Frank's asshole. Shaved, the area was smooth and I moved in more forcefully, placing my mouth over asshole and letting my spit covered tongue in, tasting the coppery skin, inhaling the aroma from his testicles that brushed idly against my nose. I used my hands to position his hole, idly stroking my own hardened too when allowed. Again, Frank allowed me to indulge myself on his hole, my tongue moving inside of him, digging deeper, Frank moving is ass in rhythm with my thrusts as I sought to penetrate deeper inside him. I rimmed along the opening, watching it expand and contract in response to my oral attentions, my heated breath cresting against his crack. For a long time, Frank simply stayed in position, an occasional grunt indicating his pleasure. I feasted on his hole, the taste, feel and smell filling my senses and making me hungry for more. I engorged on his masculinity. I heard the door crack open and I quickly withdrew my attention from Frank's ass to the intruder. It was fran's assistant Ryan and he was disrobing as he walked into the room. Frank stepped down from the couch, his delicious cock and balls once agin coming briefly into my view. Frank, gesturing for me to follow, moved over to a chair on the other side of the room. Sitting down, he grabbed his legs and held them to his chest, his ass crack dripping with my saliva and his hole pulsating with the need for attention. I moved forward on my hands and knees to claim my prize. I felt Ryan, his slender body now completely nude, moving behind me. With little fanfare, he grabbed my pants and pulled them down, exposing my ass flesh. As my tongue reinitiated contact with Frank's hole, I felt Ryan grab my hips with his hands. Kneeling on the floor, I could feel Ryan's hardened cock stroke idly against my ass crack, his hands gently moving me into position. Ryan was getting prepared to take me as I feasted on Frank's crack. The first sign of penetration, the soft mushroom of Ryan's pole pressed against my hole, came gently but insistently. I felt Ryan guide his tool further into me, one hand used to position his cock and the other to steady my hips. As Ryan's first stab into my bowels came, I yelped, opening my mouth wider and digging my teeth into Frank's ass flesh as I sought to disperse the pain that pulsed through my body. I screeched as I felt the lips of my ass being pushed apart and the hot hard tool digging into me. My hole soon opened wide to welcome the intruder, lubricated by sweat and my own ass juices. There I was, in heaven. My mouth enjoying Frank's hole and my own ass being pleasured with the handsome Ryan's tool. Ryan had moved my shirt up my chest and stroked his hands on my back. Ryan's body oozed sweat as his thrusts accelerated. Moving my hips to meet his thrusts, I soon found my ability to take Frank's hole compromised as I sought to move my head forward to allow my tongue to gain entry. It did not take Ryan long to complete his task as I felt his thrusts become more jagged, his moans of pleasure more pronounced. With a jerk, Ryan removed his tool from me and I could feel the gush of hot cum cover my back. Ryan gurgled with pleasure as he dumped his load on my body. My mouth continued to work on Frank's hole, reddened by my repeated thrusts. I could feel Ryan behind me now, his jism spent and his nose sniffing my cum streaked back. Then I felt Ryan's tongue on my back, licking, lapping and eating the load he had deposited. His mouth seemed to cover ever inch of my back as he cleaned up what he had expelled, the saliva evaporating quickly after my body had been tongued. As Ryan had licked and swallowed his load, I continued to groom and caress Frank's hole with my tongue. For several minutes, Ryan and I used our tongues, idly caressing the objects of our attention. "Enough of this," announced Frank, as he rose out of the chair, pushing me to the side. "It's time for you to get on the table." With this, Frank helped me up on my feet and directed me over to an examination table that sat on the side of the room. The top of the table was black leather, the sides wooden. Pushing some releases on the table, Frank moved a set of portable stirrups up and into place. Both he and Ryan assisted me in getting up on the table, my pants removed now and my bare feet secured in the metal stirrups. Frank grabbed hold of my hips and moved my ass down to the edge so that my ass and feet were parallel. Lifting my ass, Frank removed a half-moon cover on the end of the table exposing a porcelain bowl underneath. Ryan busied himself as well, turning a wheel on the opposite end of the table and moving me up so I could observe what was being done to me. Ryan rolled out what looked to be a table of surgical tools. Metallic, they were held in a square dish with blue paper underneath. Frank gestured to Ryan and a container of lubricant was removed from one of the drawers in the table, along with a long rubber glove. I watched Frank put on the glove, its length reaching beyond his elbow. Ryan was shoving something up my nose. Poppers, I realized as the smell reached my brain. Frank took his gloved hand and inserted the thumb into the container of lubricant. He next moved his thump against my waiting hole and applied the substance to the surface. I watched with anticipation as I felt his well-greased thumb move inside me, penetrating my asshole and coating the interior with the lubricant. Frank greased up th rest of his hand and began shoving other fingers, and then combinations of fingers up my ass, the hole yielding to the thrusts. More and more fingers entering me at the same time, the material of the slickened rubber glove sliding against the interior. I sucked in a deep breath as I felt Frank penetrate my hole even further, using now four fingers to open up my ass. The pain was unbearable, but I knew there would be more. Ryan shoved another popper into my nose and the inhalant stimulated me to go further. My ass was on fire and my teeth were gritted against each other, the pain of penetration intensifying with each second. I twisted my ass seeking some, any, relief, but none was forthcoming. Frank quickly and insistently moved ever deeper inside me, eventually moving his thumb into place to join his four fingers in my hole. With a sudden thrust, Frank moved his fist inside me. I screamed as the pain tore through my body, Ryan pinning my shoulders against the table top to prevent me from getting up. My body was on fire as I felt Frank's fist move into me, tearing the lining of my ass and causing blood to emerge from my abused hole. I screamed with every thrust into my hole, the pain unbelievable. Without warning, Frank slowly removed his hand from my hole and the pain subsided. Gesturing to Ryan, another drawer was opened and a long pink dildo removed. About a foot long and ten inches in circumference, the tool was briefly shown to me before Frank coated it with lube. My head was coated with sweat, my reddened face glistening and my hair matted. I gritted my teeth as I felt the dildo move into me, the pink head quickly disappearing into my well-worn asshole and the lengthy shaft soon following suit. My breathing was labored and my pulse echoing into my ears as I felt the monster enter me. I turned to Ryan and his mouth was soon on mine as his hand clasped my cock. As Frank fucked my ass with the dildo, Ryan fucked my mouth with his tongue, his hand stroking my cock until it erupted into a stream of jism.

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