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Most of you will never see this video since it wont be sold to the public and is only available to members of Mr. Black's Club...most of us couldn't afford to join even if we were invited, however I feel honored that :Mr. Black himself asked me to review the latest videos for his monthly newsletter "Black Mail ." So I get to see these unbelievable underground illegal works of sexual humiliation and abuse. Well, Johnny, Joni and Chad is right up there at the top..a non stop fuckslop orgy of perversion...which Mr Black assures us is one hundred percent real and unstaged.
So for those of you who are perverts but not rich influential perverts...let me describe blow by blow this hot video. The film opens with twenty year old Johnny banging the shit out of his new wife of less than a month. Lots of folks may feel that Johnny is now too old for the Mr. Black line of films, but the guy still has a dynamite body a nice tight ass that we have all seen fucked countless times, a darling rougish face, and a sense of submission about the whole thing that shows itself as anger and petulence that is endearing. Anyway, Johnny is fucking his new wife..and she is obviously unhappy about being filmed. Nice closeups of the big fat dick pumping the pussy..then the asshole..then the twats mouth..then back to the pussy. Now most of you know how Johnny drools pre cum in an endless stream..remember his video "Pre Cum Guy"..well he still leaks like a fucking faucet..soon the bed is floating in fuckslop.
Somebody off camera, probably Mr. Black himself, encourages Johnny, because he reluctantly begins to call the bitch bride every fucking foul name in the book. "You fucking slut..dicksucker, twatholed dickditch..." he screams while he forces his big fucker into her.his fat balls bouncing and banging the slit. Shes half groaning with excitement and fuck lust..half grunting with the pain of the huge prick in her guts and half crying from the verbal abuse..its great. My favorite moment is when he yanks his dick out and you can hear the plop and see the spray of pre cum..then he sits on her big tits and feeds the fuck sausage into her face.
Suddenly without cuming, he stands up beside the bed. His dick is red and huge and swollen and throbbing. He tells the bitch to go shower...that they are going out for dinner. She goes into the bathroom. He stands there legs spread in all his youthful glory..masturbating with one finger up his asshole. I really love his slim hipped hard lean look...accentuating his ass and his big dick. Hes the perfect fucking college guy..two thirds dick one third everything else. He goes into the bathroom...the camera he steps into the shower and shoves his dick up his wifes twat there...He fucks her hard against the shower stall wall...He looks so cute with his face running water..his hair plastered..his eyes hard and cruel and mindless with fuck lust. He takes the shower nozzle and shoves it into her pussy..she screams and he washes her out...
The action shifts back to the bedroom as Chad, Johnny's cute eighteen year old guys. He stops, throwing down his high school book bag..and listens as he hears the married couple fucking in the shower. He rubs the crotch of his jeans and we see a huge lump grow there. This guy is really hot.and its easy to tell he too doesnt want to be doing this but has been forced to. Oh what fun. He now crosses to the bed and looks at the mess the fucking couple has made..someone off camera orders him to do something..he looks horrified...then at the bed again..then he crawls up onto the mattress..and begins to suck the sex slop out of the sheets. Imagine the sight of this punky eighteen year old guy slurping up dick and pussy slop from the puddles in his friends bed. You can see th stringy slimey fuck scum all over his cute face..coating his lips and tongue..on his cheeks and nose. He actually burps..... Then Johnny comes out of the bathroom his prick still reaing and and bobbing..drooling slime. He yells to Chad, who is caught sucking on the sex slopped sheets. Chad, embarassed as hell gets off the bed and crosses to his friend. The two friends kiss a big sloppy spitty sex kiss..the kind that gets guys watching to shoot their first fuckload. Johnny forces his tongue down his friends throat..then licks his whole face even his nose holes and ears..... meanwhile..Chad is frigging his friends big fat drooling fucktool. Soon Chads hand is covered with he licks his hand clean. By now a huge wet spot has formed on the crotch of Chad's jeans.the camera plays lovingly over the throbbing lump and the wet stain. Here is a eighteen year old boy with a prick and a half. Chad starts sucking on Johnny's nipples..and is soon chewing them taking turns..twisting and pulling the tit he isnt sucking. Now Chad sinks to his knees and starts licking Johnny's fat scum covered fuckbags. I gotta tell you guys, Mr. Black is at his best with these two boys. Chad sucks his friend ass Johnny lifts one leg his friend can tongue the shithole. Until you've seen a pink eighteen year old guys tongue fucking up into his friends asshole, you "aint seen nothing yet..." Chad takes his own big prick out of the confines of his jeans and masturbates it while he sucks ass.
In the middle of this assmeal, Joni, wrapped in a towel steps out of the bathroom..she seems disturbed at the sight of her new husband getting a butt licking from his friend. Chad however, sees the new bride and jumps to his feet, prick waving from his jeans. He rips her towel off and grabs Joni's tits..then in one thrust..he slams his big teenage dick up her cunt and forces her against the wall. Chad is not fucking his friend's wife really hard...balls deep on each thrust like teenage guys do. Johnny watches and jerks his dick..then falls to his knees and drags his friends jeans down around his he can taste some of hat hot hard teenboy ass. Now its Johnny's turn to eat eat the ass of his friend who is fucking his new wife. Boys this video is a real winner. After a good ass sucking..and who wouldnt want to eat out that teenage boy ass for a couple of hours..Johnny crawls beneath his friend...and starts to lick the big slick teenprick as it is pulled from Joni's sopping pussy. Johnny licks the fuckslop off the dick on the outstrokes. All three of them are now screaming things like "Oh fuck..oh God..oh shit..fuck fuck fuck......"
Chad yells, "I'm fucking cumming...." And we see the hard slabs of his ass cheeks tighten even more as he arches his strong young back and shoots his load up the twat of his friends wife. Joni cries hysterically..we dont know why..because she is having so much fun..becuase she hates Chat..becuase she is afraid of getting pregnant by her husbands friend..or because the big fucking dick hurts like hell..probably all of the above. Chad pulls out still spurting..and plunges his fuckrod into his friend mouth..who swallows the rest of the spunk. Joni slumps against the wall and the two boys spread her pussy lips to show the camera that she is indeed flooded with cum.
The scene shifts to the restaurant where Johnny takes Joni for dinner. As it pans back, we realize it is a filthy urban greasy spoon type dump inhabited by seedy black men. Not a woman in the place..except Joni as she enters wearing a very short black skirt..a see through white blouse so her nipples show. high heels..and an expression of revulsion and fear. Johnny doesnt look too happy himself. "Lookat the fucking cunt..." one big black dude says very loudly and all the guys laugh. There must be twenty of them. Rough bluecollar and welfare blacks.
You can see by Joni's expression that she is really scared. A black waiter wanders up and takes their order..looking at JOni's tits all the while. Then a dirty black truck driver type wanders up to the table and looks at Johnny.
"this your bitch? " he asks.
"This is my wife..we were married two weeks ago...." Johnny stammers, looking to the camera as if for pity..probably at Mr. Black behind the lens. I heard the head man likes to film some of these key scenes himself. Truly artistic.
The nigga dude smiles.."Well do you mind if I fuck your wife?"
Joni is chewing her lip, eyes shut, fists clenched....Johnny looks at the floor..almost as if he will cry. Then very quietly he says.."Thats why I brought her here."
The black giant says very loudly..."You brought your wife here to get fucked by nigger dick?"
A close up on cute Johnny's face as he mumbles as he had been taught..."yes sir....I want her to have the thrill of a real man's cock in her pussy." Joni sits stiffly as if in shock as the black man shoves one calloused hand into her blouse and starts to tug on the nipples of her tits. Johnny can't even watch.
"Johnny please.." Joni if to say.."this is too much..make it stop" but it doesnt. suddenly the nigger rips her blouse open so the buttons pop and her big fat tits are hanging there exposed to all the black men. the truick driver bends over and begins to spit in Joni's face. Now another black moves in and grabs Johnny's head and forces it into his bulging crotch. Johnny's face is rubbed against the growing dick in the black man's pants. Joni is dragged from her chair and set on the pool table..they rip her clothes off. Two black teenagers hold her legs apart while the other guys spread her pussylips and finger her cunt. She screams fo rher husband who is busy sucking on a ten inch black cock now...hairy black balls banging his chin.
Oh shit, readers, you've all seen countless black on white gangbangs...all seen big black prick stuff tiny whtie pussy and ass..seen black dicks in white boys faces..but what makes this video so hot is that both Johnny and Joni are such clean cut college fresh and young and innocent looking..and the black mothefuckers fucking them are so animalistic. Johnny is bent over a table and violently ass fucked by ten guys... Joni is fucked on the pool table by six guys..who take turns in her ass and cutn and mouth...It goes on endlessly and breathlessly . The nigga's fuck with all their might..slamming their huge dicks into the white couple.
Of course Mr. Black knows that any fuck film worth its salt balances the violence with equal amounts of humor so comedy is not lacking in this film. In one particularly funny moment, Joni is forced to suck the cum loads out of her husbands stretched out asshole. well while she is sucking..Johnny loses it and farts..and she is splattered in the face with nigger spooge. Another very funny moment occurs when a ten year old black boy is brought in and first tries to fuck Joni and then sits on Johnny's face while the battered husband sucks his ass.

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