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"Are you sure you don't want to come with us Joey ?" Danny Tanner asked, poking his head back through the front door?
"Nah, I've gotta work on a few things for my act," Joey said.
"Yeah, and I promised Becky I'd finish setting up the new bedroom furniture before she gets back from New York. But thanks again. And thanks for taking the boys."
"No problem. See you guys tonight." Danny closed the door and left.
"Thank God they're gone," Joey thought to himself. Ten hours alone with Jesse. He couldn't wait to get started. He looked over at Jesse. The hot stud was wearing jeans, a white t-shirt and a black leather vest. He'd wanted Jesse for as long as he could remember, but Jesse was hopelessly straight, and now, married.
"Hey, Jess," he asked. "Do you want to help me with my new act?"
"Mmm... Sure, what is it?"
"Well, I'm thinking about adding a hypnosis act to my routine."
"You're not a hypnotist, Joey," Jesse laughed. "You need a lot of training for that."
"I know," Joey said. "It's all going to be rigged."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, I mean I'd have some one already set up to volunteer. It'll be fake. Just a routine. A new gimic. But I need to work on my technique. Can you help me out?"
"Sure, what the heck," Jesse said. "I didn't really want to get to work so early, anyway. What do I need to do?"
Joey smiled. He'd been fooling around with hypnosis for quite a while, all with his eyes on getting Jesse under his control. He always knew Jesse wasn't the brightest guy. This was going to be easier than he thought! "Well, just sit here," he said, indicating the living room chair.
Joey lit a candle and set it on the coffee table in front of Jesse. "Now, try to see how long you can stare into the flame without blinking."
"Whatever, dorkmo."
"Come on, Jess. I really want to try this."
"I'm sorry," Jesse said. "Okay. You want me to stare at the candle and try not to blink, right?"
Joey nodded. "Yeah, that's right. Now while you're doing that I'm going to give you a couple of simple instructions that'll help you out, okay? Okay. Take a deep breath... and exhale. Another... and exhale. And another. Just relax and keep taking those breaths."
Joey looked over at Jesse and watched as his chest raised and lowered in a slow rhythm. His eyes were focused. Perfect. This was going better than he had planned. Now for the induction. He lowered his voice to a monotone.
"Now try not to blink, Jess. Your eyelids are starting to feel heavy and it's getting harder to keep them open. The longer you stare into the flame the heavier your eyelids feel. The more you try to keep them open the more you want to blink. But try, Jess. Try to keep them open."
Jesse's breathing was still rhythmic but it had slowed somewhat. His eyes were a bit glassy and his eyelids were drooping noticeably. Joey continued the induction.
"Okay. The more you stare at the flame the heavier your eyelids feel. You feel relaxed and drowsy. Sleepy. The sound of my voice is very relaxing and comforting to you. Just listen to my voice. Are you listening?"
Jesse nodded slowly. "Yes."
"Now I'm going to count backwards from ten. As I count down you will find it extremely difficult to keep your eyes open. But that's okay. You will find yourself falling into a deep sleep. You will feel relaxed and comfortable and safe. You will be able to hear me and speak to me, but you will be asleep. Do you understand?"
"Yes," Jesse said softly.
Joey started the countdown. "10 ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ... 6 ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1." He looked across the table to Jesse. His head was drooping. He was asleep. His thick black hair was hanging and obscuring part of his face, but not his cute lips. Joey wanted to sneak a kiss, but held back.
"Jesse, can you hear me?"
"Jesse, whenever you hear me say 'Mercy' in my Elvis voice you will immediately fall into a trance. A deep, deep trace. You'll be able to hear what I'm saying and you will obey every word I say. But you won't remember anything when you wake up. Do you understand."
Jesse nodded. "Yes."
"Okay, when I snap my fingers you will wake up. Do you understand?"
Joey snapped his fingers and Jesse woke with a start.
"Ah, this isn't working, Joey. I feel dumb. Let's just forget it, okay?"
"Sure, no problem," Joey said, shrugging his shoulders.
Jesse blew out the candle, stood up and stretched. "Ah, I've gotta get to work. Becky's going to be home tomorrow and is expecting the new furniture to be all set up. I'll see you in a while."
Joey waited until Jesse was almost to the stairs before he said the magic word. "Mercy!"
Jesse stopped where he was.
"Jesse, come back here and sit back down. Jesse sat down. His eyes were opened wide, but they didn't appear to be looking at anything.
"Jesse, I'm going to count to five. When I reach five I'm going to turn on some music. When you hear the music, you're going to dance like a male stripper. You're going to slowly strip your clothes off until you're only in your underwear. Do you understand?"
"I understand," he said.
Joey rummaged through the CDs and put one in the deck. Then he began to count. When he reached five, he pressed the play button on the CD player. He had put in an Elvis CD and it was cued up to "Heartbreak Hotel."
Jesse got up out the chair and started to dance. He slowly gyrated his hips and began to unbutton his black leather vest, revealing his skin tight t-shirt and his hard body under it. Then he pulled his t-shirt up, revealing a toned flat stomach.
Before Joey knew it, Jesse pulled the t-shirt off and tossed it across the room. He then started to run his hands up from his stomach to his broad chest and over his jutting nipples.
He turned around and ran his hands over his butt. Then he turned to face Joey again, his hips rocking. He grasped the top button of his Levi's 501 jeans and popped it open. He slowly began to pop the remaining buttons one at a time, revealing a flash of white underwear. Joey couldn't tell whether they were briefs or boxer briefs, but he was hoping for briefs. Nothing was sexier than a hot guy in white briefs.
With his jeans half open, Jesse dropped to the floor and spun around twice, kicking off his black boots. He got back to his feet and started dancing again, slowly pushing his jeans down past his swiveling hips. He was wearing briefs! Joey swallowed hard.
Jesse looked incredible, dancing around with his jeans halfway down, his tight white briefs bulging. Joey could see Jesse's dick straining against the material of the briefs. Jesse got his jeans off completely and tossed them to Joey.
Joey couldn't believe his eyes. There was Jesse, dancing around the room in nothing but his underwear, thrusting his full crotch back and forth and swiveling his hips, just like Elvis. Joey was ecstatic. Jesse was completely under his control. He shut off the CD player and Jesse stopped dancing.
"Jesse, come over to me."
He obeyed.
"Jesse, your body is extremely sensitive to touch. You will become very aroused and excited at my touch. Do you understand?"
"Oh, and Jess?"
"Whatever I do, don't move."
Jesse's muscular pecs were jutting out and his nipples were the size of quarters. Joey touched one.
"Uunnhh," Jesse moaned, shivering. Joey rolled the hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and Jesse moaned again, lower. He pushed his chest out to the prying fingers and Joey wet his fingers, grasped the nipple again, and began a slow twist and tug.
"Oh, uh," Jesse continued, his head lolling back and forth.
Joey leaned in and fastened his lips around Jesse nipple and nibbled it. Jesse went wild, his body quivering.
Joey cupped his hand on Jesse's crotch, feeling his warm balls. His other hand grabbed Jesse's ass and squeezed. He poked his tongue into Jesse's ear and despite the order to remain still, Jesse twitched wildly.
"Here, Jess, come sit on my lap." Joey's fingers crept to Jesse's crotch, still encased in his tight white briefs. The outline of his dick was visible against the thin cotton material of the briefs. Joey massaged it vigorously.
Jesse continued to moan and struggle as Joey's hands roamed all over his body. Slowly Joey lowered Jesse's briefs. His cock was hard and dripping. Joey grasped the erect shaft and began to work his fist up and down in a slow torturous rhythm. Then he reached a finger between Jesse's legs and over his hairy butt and gently probed. Jesse sucked in his breath sharply. Seeing Jesse's hard cock quivering, Joey continued to masturbate it. Jesse's head was moving from side to side, dizzy with sensation.
"Oh, Joey, I'm gonna cum," he moaned.
"No, Jesse. You will not cum until I give you permission. Do you understand?"
"Uhhnn, yes."
Joey continued to masturbate Jesse and finger fuck him. Probing and pushing, stroking fast and slow, fast and slow. Jesse was practically begging.
Joey slid his pants and boxers down and his own cock sprang up. It was shining with pre-cum. He then turned Jesse to face him and lowered the naked stud onto his cock, impaling him. His dick obviously hit its mark because Jesse screamed and began to thrash about, his hips bucking. Joey started to suck on Jesse's nipples again.
"Okay, Jesse," he whispered. "Cum! Now!"
Jesse's body convulsed and several ropes of cum shot from his cock, squirting up his chest and all over him and Joey. At the same time Joey unloaded his pent up jizz up Jesse's tight ass, his own hips bucking.
Finally Joey's orgasm stopped. He sat back for several minutes and waited for his breathing to return to normal. He was holding Jesse tightly to him with Jesse's head resting on his shoulders. He pulled Jesse off him and heard a pop.
He went into the kitchen and came back with a wet washcloth. He cleaned himself up and then wiped down Jesse. When he was finished he got dressed.
"Jesse, I want you to get dressed."
The hypnotized stud started to pull his clothes back on.
"When I snap my fingers you will wake up and not remember anything that has just happened. You'll only remember that you were heading upstairs to finish your work."
When Jesse was finished dressing Joey snapped his fingers. Jesse continued up the stairs, not looking back. Joey just admired his ass through his tight jeans, knowing that it would be back in his hands soon. And often.

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