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Just relax. Take a deep breath, exhale, feel all the tension leaving your body. Breathe from the abdomen. Another deep breath, hold it feel the tension, now exhale , notice all the tension washing away. Relaxing your shoulders, neck, all your facial muscles. Deeper. Just letting go, eyes tired, relaxed, heavy....
It was a standard induction for Jimmy. He was a nice looking boy whose voice would crack occasionally making me suspect his testicles were newly fuzzed. His penis would be thickening from the testosterone, (C19 H28 O2), as his gonads worked overtime to dump the syrupy crystalline ketone into his circulatory system. This wonderful stuff would thicken his smooth shoulders and chest into rippling muscles and cause a forest of fur to grow over what had been a smooth mound.
Jimmy's breathing was deeper and rhythmic... Carefree, peaceful, tranquil, floating, every breath lets you relax deeper and deeper. Subtle changes in the muscle tone of his facial features indicated he was in a light trance, slight jerks of his head confirmed he was deepening. The pre-induction test indicated a good subject and Jimmy was doing nicely.
His eyes were nicely rolled back into his head. "Can you go deeper?" Jimmy nodded his head yes and I knew he would be one of those wonderful clients that could reach a state of somnambulism. "Count backwards from 10 to 1. Count out loud Jimmy, slowly, and with number you will go deeper and deeper into a pleasant hypnotic trance."
As he relaxed himself deeper I studied him closely. His hair was very black, shinning from a recent wash, and with the stylish tail worn by the in-crowd. His face was soft and the light reflected from a line of soft fuzz over his lip. His lips were full, almost feminine, and his relaxed mouth exposed a row of pearly whites. He had removed his wind breaker when he came in and now the muscle shirt fit snugly against a firm torso. His shirt was tucked in and as he lay back on the couch, his relaxed abdomen left a provocative gap at the top of his Levis. Those damn zippers that never work had sprung from the pressure of the bulge showing a hint of white underwear. "..2.....1.." Now Jimmy you are very deep, stay relaxed and listen to my voice. Other sounds will not distract you as you concentrate on what I say.
Jimmy was referred by the local children's' home. I volunteered my professional services there and had treated a numbered of kids for adjustment disorders. Jimmies complaint was dermatological. He has skin rashes and a couple of warts. These frequently responded well to hypnosis so I has volunteered a treatment. He was proving to be a good subject. I use a variety of approaches from Gestalt where the client sits to Hypnosis where they lay back on a stuffed couch.
Jimmy, I am going to place my hand on your arm. You will notice my hand is warm and you will tingle and become warm where ever I place my hand. The skin will warm and circulation will increase bringing nourishing blood to the area. I used this technique to treat a number of skin disorders with amazing success. I allowed my hand to remain on his arm, giving him time to experience the suggested warming. I had placed my hand on all he splotches with the appropriate suggestions and wanted to be sure I had all the sites. Now Jimmy, if there is any other area you want me to touch, take my hand and place it there. Jimmy remained completely still but for his right hand which moved over to grasp my wrist. With the typical slow movement he began to slide my hand down and I felt my finger tips briefly hang on the top of his Levis. He deposited my hand just below the v gapping in his zipper. My hand was at his crotch and resting on a bulge that was very firm, pointed straight up at his navel. It was putting pressure against the bottom half of the zipper that I thought might blow shrapnel of zipper teeth everywhere.
I was momentarily surprised and froze. I felt a pulse at my temples and knew that same blood was rushing into erectile tissue in my dick causing it to gorge and press to point at my own navel. I ran my left hand into my pants and pulled my dick up into a much more comfortable position. God, it sure was hot and the touch sent little shivers up my back. Meanwhile my eyes had never left Jimmies bulge.
Jimmy, is this the area you want me to touch? A slow nod of his head told me yes and I knew he couldn't possibly want it touched worse than I did. Jimmy, you know to help I have to touch your skin. You will have to pull your pants down if you want me to touch you here. My breath was short and almost stopped when I saw his hands slowly move to the button at the top of his pants. Both his hands were fumbling with his pants now. I tightened my sphincter and could feel a spasm run the length of my dick. I couldn't stand it. I had to help. Jimmy, do you want me to help? I am going to help you with your pants now. He relaxed his hands and I moved them to his side. I slid my left hand into his pants, behind the button and grasped the button with my right. A little twist and it popped free.
Spreading his pants I revealed a pair of white micro briefs. His penis was tight enough to burst and most of the head stuck out of the top. It was a healthy pink. I could see the hole. The skin fell away into a perfect peace symbol. I took the elastic and eased it down exposing more and more of his shaft. His balls popped out and I hooked the underwear under them. His shaft was at max. It stood straight, holding itself above his mound of soft down. A tiny drop of nectar appeared at the top. I moved my hand to his dick and slid my fingers around it. It was about as big around as a Cuban cigar. My hands are large and my fingers would reach around and almost touch my palm. I squeezed lightly and felt a spasm of hardness. It was hot and hard as only a cock can be.
I removed my hand and slid both hands to his hips. Easing both thumbs under his underwear and I lifted him slightly, he responded by lifting and rotating his pelvis. I slid his Levis and underwear over the firm cheeks and down past his balls. He settled back on the couch and as I moved my right hand back to the joystick, my left eased into the patch of brown fur. It would soon thicken and turn black but for now it was soft and fine.
His penis was only beginning to show the effects of the hormones. It would approach maybe five inches now but its thickness would soon double. I knew this sweet tender morsel was going to make a huge hunk of horse meat someday. But for now It was as delicate and savory as a cocktail wiener. I moved my hand to it's base and squeezed slightly. There was about an inch of it sticking out the top, some skin from the shaft but mostly head. It's base was flared, a strip of skin running to the top. I pressed my hand down slightly and the skin pulled the head down like a courteous nod. Now I moved back up the shaft and the nectar grew as more virgin fluid oozed out, not yet enough to run, but shimmering like a fragile drop of dew just before you shake it from a leaf. Again spasms ran its length.
I knew that in this trance state I was below his normal awareness. I had penetrated his unconscious. We were beneath his super ego that kept everything goody-goody. We were in the boiling heat of pleasure. Id, the primal part of man lusts after pleasure until it explodes in a wet orgasm. Jimmy wanted it now, not reason, not rational, not logic, just to have something wet and warm surround his virgin cock and relieve the pressure his balls were determined to unload. My mouth watered but I held back. Some joys are best postponed.
Instead I increased the stroke on his penis. I knew he had a hair trigger and as if reading my mind he stiffened. The muscle tone in his arms and neck increased, as he pushed up with his pelvis. He instinctively pushed his dick out, his animal instinct knowing it should be buried to the hilt in something wet and hot, something to suck his essence. He was completely rigid. His whole body was as stiff as the rod in my hand. I could feel huge spasms surging through his dick. His balls rotated upward and tightened with contraction after contraction. One squirt shot to his stomach, a second cleared his dick, and a third oozed and ran down the shaft. He unleashed his juvenile load with the gusto of a hound dog.
He relaxed and settled back onto the couch as I milked a few more drops of the magic stuff from his dick. I could see his Id smiling at me, a secret pack that promised even more to come, you see even Jimmy would not remember what he and I had agreed to. Jimmy would only know he loved to come to my office and when he left he felt terrific. He was happy, I was happy.
I looked at Jimmy laying on the couch and knew he had become very special to me. I knew I would become a special friend. When he needed help or just love He would come to me and I would never fail to hold him and get him ready for the world.
I used my handkerchief and wiped his stomach. I was gentle with his still firm dick as I put it away as one would store a priceless jewel. Lifting him up I pulled up his pants and tucked in his shirt. I knew the only evidence would be a little spot of wet in his underwear where he would ooze his last drops.
I routinely gave the commands to awaken. My mind was still in his pants as I counted to three and watched his eyelids flutter. We talked briefly and I watched for any signs he was not out of trance. He smiled shyly and asked if he should come back. I smiled for I knew he would come again and many times.
As I walked him to the door I put my arm around his waist. When he looked up his smile was warm and I could feel I had become very special. He held out his and I took it and felt a little squeeze. I knew I'd, my new buddy, was letting me know he was as happy as I was.
Opening the door we walked out and Jimmy moved past me to leave. Dropping my voice and in my most professional tone, I said "Ms Jones, Please make an appointment for Jimmy for next Wednesday, and call the home and tell them I'll continue to see Jimmy at no charge. I'm sure there will be something come up he can do for me around the office." As the door closed behind Jimmy I told her to hold my next appointment a few minutes as something was coming up. I closed the door to my office and slipped the lock. My little problem would take about ten minutes or less. The fresh memory of Jimmy would speed that along nicely. I just hoped the next client would not notice the little damp spot on the front of my pants.

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