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I remember the first time Iyolas and I had had sex together. It was great. We were camping in the Aragon forest. After we had finished all of the wine, I told Iyolas what a good friend he was and that a man could not ask for a better friend. He told me not to be so stupid. I then lent over and kissed him on the lips.
He either enjoyed it or was shocked as he never struggled. I could feel my cock growing quickly in my trousers. While we were kissing I felt his hand gentley squeesing my solid cock. We soon stripped eachother naked, without stopping kissing. I then started to suck each of his nipples in turn, nearly sending him mad. When I reached his moutain of hair I slowly and gently took each of his egg sized balls in my mouth and slowly let my tongue explore them. Then I licked every inch of his muscle before devouring it. My tongue soon got under his skin and explored the split at the top of his jewel. While I was sucking his cock my left hand was playing with his now erect nipples while my right hand explored his shoot.
As I was sucking I gently pushed a finger deep into his body to explore him and get him ready to take my now throbbing cock. At first I started to suck him slowly, then I quickened my pace. Until he shot burst after burst of hot steaming man juice into my mouth and down my throught. I then got up and started to kiss him while I still had his jucies in my mouth. I then asked him if I could fuck him deep. He said yes providing I didn't tear him apart. He made a loud groan as my tongue darted in to his shoot.
After I had got his shoot mouist and ready I got up on to my knees and positioned my cock at his hole ready. I gently pushed in until he cried out in pain. He told me not to take my cock out but to leave it in there so he could get used to having it in him. After a while Iyolas started to push himself against me taking more and more in him. He then told me to start ploughing him. Just like when I was sucking him I started slowly and worked my way up until I shot my seeds deep in to the depths of his body. We then layed in each others arms and started to kiss passionatly until we both fell asleep in eacher others arms.
After our encounter in the forest we split up. Hercules had to visit Aragus while I went on to Scylla where he was going to meet me at the tavern. As soon as I got to Scylla I found the tavern and went in. I could tell they didn't have a lot of strangers visiting as they all stopped what they were doing and began to stare.
Then I was approched my a most perfect specimen of man I had ever seen apart from Hercules. He was taller than me and had long brown hair down to his shoulders and sky blue eyes. He then began to speak to me as if we were long lost friends. He turned to the other people and told them I had gone to see him and if they had a problem then were to see him, he then took me over to the bar and got me a jug of wine.
I was puzzeled why he had done, this however having been walking for the best part of a day, I wasn't going to turn his drink down. After several drinks we went back to his hut for some more drink and food. When we got there he asked me if I wanted to have a wash and change as I had been on the road for so long. I said yes. He gave me a gown to wear while my clothes dried. While I was washing I paid extra attention to my cock and backside to make sure they were clean incase my new friend wanted to try them.
While I was doing this I heard a cough behind me. I turned round to discover him standing there completly naked with a gigantic erection. He asked me if I wanted my back scrubbing. I jumped at the chance and said yes. As he stood behind me, I could feel his huge cock press against my cheeks. I reached behind to part them so I could feel his cock between them. As I did this he began to nibble my ears and slowly push the skin on my throbbing cock forwards and backwards. We walked over to his huge bed with him still pressing against me. Once on the bed I got on my hands and knees and pulled my cheeks further apart to give him more access to my hole.
He put one hand on my left shoulder and positioned his cock with the other. As soon as he had got the head of his cock in he waited for me to adjust. He didn't have to wait long untill I was begging him to fuck me. His cock wasn't as big as Hercules but it was certinly longer. He slowly started to feed my hole with the entire length of his cock, untill the entire length was in me. He then got hold of my other shoulder and started to pull me towards him at the same time as thrusting his cock in me.
When he had shot his hot jouicy spunk in me. I told him not to take his cock out of me as I wanted to try something. I got him to lay on his back while I sat on top of his huge cock. I kept going up and down on him untill he had shot his hot spunk in my body around five times and he had been reduced to begging me to stop as his balls were going to fall off. After that we just layed in each others arms so his cock could recover and my arse would stop throbbing.
Then he gently grasped my limp cock and massarged it untill it was erect and ready for action. He rapidly began to work the length of my cock , while his tongue explored my mouth. I could feel the sentation in my groin telling I was about to shoot, but I couldn't say anything as I still had his tongue in my mouth. I then felt a hot sensation on my stomach as I shot my juciy spunk over the both of us. He continued to wank me evan after I had shot my load a third time. After that he started to lick all the spunk off of my body. He then slowly licked the entire length of my cock then he devoured it in it's entireity and started to suck me untill I filled his mouth of hot spunk. By this time it was now dark and we had both used up all the energy er had and soon fell asleep in each others arms.

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