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As part of his fraternity initiation, Jason had to demonstrate fealty to his house by walking into the local gay bar and dance with a man, while his pledge brothers watched from the bar. Everything had gone well, up until the point when his fraternity walked out the door, leaving him alone, while he danced to a Madonna number with a large black man. While not small, his dance partner's 6'5" dwarfed his own 5'11" frame. Fortunately, Jason, thought, at least there's a good separation between him and the guy who danced suggestively just in front of him.
Jason anticipated the end of the song, when he could excuse himself and quickly make an exit from the bar. He was going to KILL those guys for leaving him there. The end of the song came and as he started to walk of the dance floor, his partner grabbed him by the waist, holding him tight against his chest. "What's the matter? Didn't you like dancing with me?"
Jason stammered an apology and attempted to explain that he had to go, but this guy was not taking "no" for an answer. Another thumping bass line heralded a new song. This time, his partner held him close and started grinding his hips into Jason.
This took Jason by surprise. This guy was clearly stronger than him, so he really wasn't in a position to remove himself without causing a ruckus. Jason resigned himself to another dance, but felt very uncomfortable being so close to this sweaty man. Jason could feel the man's erection against his stomach and felt a stirring deep within him, despite of himself.
Jason's eyes widened in panic when he realized he was actually becoming sexually aroused. He tried to squirm away, but this was met only by a firmer grip by his partner. In his panic, Jason turned quickly and literally shoved his bony hip into the man's groin. The feeling was clearly not pleasant, as the dancer doubled over. Jason had basically bashed the guy in the nuts.
Everyone on the floor stopped and looked over at the large man, clearly in a bit of pain. Jason again tried to apologize and back away, but he bumped into another man, who held him while he barked over to the injured man,"Yo, Jake. You ok?"
Jason could see that the man who held him was large, but not as big as the dancer. Where the dancer was clearly a physical specimen, the man now holding Jason was heavier and thick black hair covered his arms and chest. Also, unlike Jake, this man was white.
Jake raised his eyes, glaring at Jason. "That puke kicked me in the balls!"
"Is that so," replied the hairy man. "That's not very nice, is it?"
The music kept playing, and most of the dancers on the floor resumed their dancing. But the man behind Jason retained his vice-like grip. After catching his breath, Jake walked over to Jason, glaring. "Just what the hell were you thinking?"
Jason became concerned. Both men were clearly stronger than him and certainly did not fit the stereotypical characterization of gay men as limp-wristed and effeminate. In other words, Jason knew that by themselves, they could kick the crap out of him, let alone what they could do to him if they combined their strength. Jason decided to come clean.
"I'm really sorry, Jake, is it? You see, I'm not really gay. I came here as part of a fraternity initiation. I'm sorry if I led you one, but I am really quite straight."
Jason's confession did not have the desired effect, however. in fact, it seemed to enrage Jake even more. "You mean you came in here as sort of a visit to a fucking freak show?! And then you kick me in the nuts?!"
Jake's friend then piped up, "I think this guy needs to be taught a lesson, don't you think?"
Jake agreed, "How about we take him for a bit of a ride, Dave?"
With that, Jason was dragged off the dance floor and toward the back of the bar. Jason began struggling, but Dave held on as they exited the bar from the rear door. They dragged Jason down the alley toward a parking structure. Inside the parking structure, Jake whipped out a bandana from the back pocket of his jeans and wrapped it around Jason's eyes. Dave then balled up a bandana he was carrying and stuffed it into Jason's mouth.
Jason felt himself being stuffed into the back seat of a car. The car started up and made its way out of the structure. After 25 minutes of driving, the car stopped. Jason's heart beat in his chest. How could things have gone so wrong?
Jason was dragged from the car and led down some steps and pushed into the door. Jason stumbled and sat on the floor. He started to move to take the bandana off of his eyes and from his mouth. He saw that he was in some basement, with a set of black curtains at one end.
Jake spoke to Jason, "Who said you could take those things off, punk?"
Jason just looked up and felt a shiver go down his spine. He had no idea what kind of trouble he was in. He decided that he should say something, plead, whatever, to getthese guys to let him go. "C'mon guys. I said I was sorry. I really meant no harm. Honest. Let's say you let me go and we'll forget this ever happened? Huh?"
Dave chuckled. "You wish. No, were gonna have to teach you a lesson. Isn't that right, Jake?"
Jason turned his attention to Jake who stood there motionless, glaring at Jason. "No way were gonna let you go, until you learn some respect. You want to know how the other half lives, eh? Well, we're just going to have to show you. Now, strip!"
Jason quickly considered his options. There was no way he was going to overpower these guys. He realized that he was going to have to do what they said. "Please. Don't do this."
"You heard what Jake said. Strip. NOW!"
Jason saw that there was no getting around this, so he proceeded to unbutton his shirt and remove his shoes, socks and pants. Soon he was standing in his boxers.
"When I said strip, I meant everything," Jake instructed.
Gulping, Jason lowered his boxers to the floor. At that point, he stood before these two men, completely naked, and completely terrifed.
"On your knees, punk," Jake said.
With that Jason, knelt. The two men stepped closer. "You've got two hands. Why doen't you use them on our crotches," Jake ordered.
Jason hesitated a bit, but Dave's hand slammed against Jason's head. With that, Jason reached up and tenatively felt the outline of the men's cocks through their pants. They were semi-hard and, from what Jake could tell, a pretty decent size.
Jake's mouth was extremely dry and his hands shook a bit with nervousness.
"Hey, c'mon, man. I can barely feel you," yelled Dave.
Rather than risk another smack in the head, Jason increased his pressure. With that, Jason could see that the pressure was having the desired effect, at least from the perspective of Jake and Dave. Their hardening cocks could easily be seen now and the men shifted their weight from foot to foot in order to ease the pressure inside the crotches of their jeans.
"That's good, guy. Now, how about helping us out and letting those dicks out, eh?" Jake suggested.
Jason gulped audibly, but concerned for his safety, he unbuttoned Jake's jeans and did the same to Dave.
"C'mon, guy. You're gonna have to do better than that, or does Dave have to smack you again?"
"OK, OK. But can't you guys justlet me go. I've learned my lesson. Honest."
With that, Dave's right hand slammed against Jason's left ear. Jason actually fell over to the ground and his hand instinctively covered the spot where he was hit.
"Now, get up and do it right," Dave growled. "or there's more where that came from."
Jason didn't protest this time. He slowly reached up and pulled at the front of Jake's briefs. Jake's long and swollen cock sprang from them and lewdly stood at attention before Jason's face. Quickly averting his glance, Jason reached up and freed Dave's own thick trunk of a dick. The two cocks stood straight out and Jason wondered what humiliation he would have to endure next.
"Well, guy. I think you know what's coming next. You're gonna see what it's like to suck some cock, right? You're gonna do it slow and soft and if I feel so much as a tooth, Dave here is gonna let you have it again. Get it?"
Jason faced a horrible dilemma. At this point, he could simply refuse and get the shit kicked out of him. But, as Dave ably demonstrated, these guys were clearly able to inflict punishment that would require hospitaliztion, a prospect Jason did not relish. Or he could go along and live to see another day. And, it wasn't like he was volunteering for this.
"OK, you don't have to hit me. I'll do it. But I'm not gonna like it."
"You think? Well, you might believe you don't like it, but your cock has other ideas. What do you think, Dave?"
"Yeah. Looks like he likes it more than he knows."
Jason then realized that his own cock was standing at attention, too. In fact, it was rigid and swollen, almost aching. Jason's cheeks flushed with shame, but his cock betrayed his protests.
"Now, get to work, guy," Jake instructed.
Jason reached up and gripped Jake's cock at the base. Jake gasped, and Jason moved his face to Jake's cock. He could smell the strong male scent of sexual arousal. In a way, it was pleasant to Jason and not all that unfamiliar, as Jason had experimented with trying to suck himself off in msturbation sessions. Jason closed his eyes and tried to imagine that he was sucking himself off, instead of the large black stud in front of him. With that, he opened his mouth, extended his tongue and ran it along Jake's swollen dick head.

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