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Dave let the remaining bit of cum drip from his dick into Jason's mouth. Jason found that while a few short hours ago, the thought of some man's cum in his mouth would have made him gag, the actual act of sucking cock and swallowing cum was not so bad. Of course, he had his own raging lust caused by Jake's ministrations to keep him interested. But, he had just sucked Dave's dick and found that it wasn't half bad.
Jake looked over the prone Jason and watched as Dave's cum dribbled from his lips and slid down the sides of his cheeks. Dave pulled back and leaned on his elbows, a satisfied smile plastered on his lips. "Looks like we got ourselves a live one, eh Jake?"
Jake snickerd and nodded. His fingers were deep inside Jason and Jason's dick stood erect. Jason's eyes were glazed over and he let himself go to the feeling of Jake's fingers inside him. His dick throbbed and demanded release.
Dave slid over to Jake, sharing a rather deep kiss. He moved to Jake's chest and sucked and bit Jake's nipples. Jake moaned and drove his fingers deeper in Jason, which in turn elicited a groan from Jason. Meanwhile, Dave stroked Jake's dick and moved away from Jake's chest to his dick.
Dave expertly engulfed Jake's massive member. He paid close attention to each fold and ridge along that proud black dick. Soon, Dave's saliva dripped from it as Jake's dick became completely coated. Dave smiled to himself thinking of what Jason was going to experience next.
Jason laid on his back, his legs spread wide, feeling Jake's fingers explore his hole. His eyes were closed and he had lost track of the time of even where he was. So lost in his own pleasure was Jason, that he barely noticed when Jake removed his fingers from his ass and slid the head of his extended and wet rod to Jason's waiting asshole.
Dave quickly gripped Jason's legs and pushed his knees up high, making his hole even more accessible to Jake. Jason, startled by this, looked up to see Jake between his legs and the massive head of Jake's dick at his hole. Suddenly, Jason began to protest and started to try to get up, but Dave forced him down. Pinned to the floor, Jason was helpless as he watched Jake explore Jason's ass with the head of his dick. Fortunately for Jason, Jake had stretched Jaon's hole with his fingers. Yet, his sphincter burned as the head of Jake's dick penetrated.
Jason felt as if he was being ripped in two. The pain was intense as Jake started inserting his mammoth dick into him. He could hardly believe such pain was possible. It was so intense that despite the manipulations by Dave, his cock became flacid.
"No, no, no. Please stop. Oh god, please stop," Jason begged.
"Don't worry guy, it only hurts for a bit," Jake assured him.
Jake's assurances, however, were small consolation to Jason right about then. He closed his eyes tight and his face was frozen in a grimace. Jake slowly inserted more and more of his cock ino Jake, pausing a moment to allow Jason's virgin asshole to accept the bit already in him. Eventually, Jake was able to insert about half of his engorged member into Jason.
"Oh, man. This is going to be some sweet fuck," Jake murmered. His cock was about half way in and he paused.
Dave, continued stroking and sucking Jason's dick. The fact that Jason was slowly getting used to be invaded in such a humiliating way became evident as his cock began to stir and expand. Jake took this as a good sign, and began inserting more of his monstrous dick into Jason. After toiling for about 15 minutes, Jake was pretty much all the way in. He wanted to teach this guy a lesson, but he didn't necessarily want to hurt him permanently. "Who knows," thought Jake, "I may be able to use this guy on a more regular basis in the future."
Eventually, Jake's cock head found Jason's prostate. At that moment, Jason's cock nearly exploded, as it became engorged well beyond what it had ever been before. The pain was still there, but Jason began to feel something incredibly pleasurable. A sigh escaped his lips, which soon gave over to a gutteral groan. It became obvious to all the observers, that Jason was beginning to enjoy himself, again.
Jake began to take advantage of Jason's newfound excitement and began moving back and forth inside Jason, slowly, almost imperceptibly. Jake's dick head rubbed back and forth Jason's prostate, sending waves of pleasure along Jason's body. With his eyes closed tight, Jason could literally see stars swimming before his eyes. Without him knowing it, Jason soon began moving in tandem with Jake's slow and short pelvic thrusts. Without him knowing it, Jason soon became Jake's willing slut.
Jake could feel Jason pushing back against his cock. He took that as a sign to begin fucking Jason in earnest. He slowly pulled back further, before plunging into Jason again. With each push, Jake pulled back a little further. Eventually, he succeeded in pulling back until just his head was encased in Jake's now willing asshole.
Jason, in turn, found his legs starting to cramp up. He had only one choice given that Jake was not going to get off him any time soon. He lowered his arms and hooked his hands underneath his knees, lifting them. He knew that he had lost all semblance of resistance. What was worse, he knew that by lifting his legs to his man lover, Jake and Dave now knew he had given over to them.
Jake was pleased with the progress Jason was making. He moved his arms over Jason's, which made Dave stop his oral stimulation of Jason. Not that Jason needed it at this point, as his dick stood straight up. Jake lowered himself down on Jason, trapping Jason's dick between them. Dave's mouth was now replaced by Jake's hairy stomach, which also sent waves of pleasure through Jason. Jason was grunting heavily to match Jake's deep and strong thrusts.
Dave, having nothing to do, but aroused at the sight of Jake pounding into Jason, slid up to Jason's face. He bent down and looked into Jason's face. With his eyes closed, his face contorted, and his mouth open, Jason looked so beautifully submisive. Dave bent down and placed his lips on Jason's mouth and was suprised when Jason met his tongue enthusiastically. Clearly, Jason had come a long way.
Jason met Dave's mouth greedily. He had lost his head and lustfully sucked Dave's tongue in. Jake's taught body pounded at him from above and he could feel the deep access Jake's penis has gained. His prostate was being pushed and scraped by Jake's long, hard cock and pleasure just cascaded through his body. the friction of Jake's stomach against his dick was bringing him closer and closer. "Oh god," Jason managed to mumble with Dave's tongue in his mouth.
Jake was fucking in earnest, plunging in and out of Jason in an ever increasing frequency. His strokes became shorter, faster and harder as he neared the edge. Listening to Jason's moans of ecstasy was like music to his ears. He pulled up as high as he could and let Dave reach between them to stroke Jason as they both came closer and closer to their mutual explosion.
Dave reached in and stroked Jason's hard shaft. He sensed how close Jason was and really worked Jason's dick over. Up and down his hand went as Jason's face contorted. It wasn't long now.
"That's it, bitch. Take it," exhorted Jake. "Keep those legs open for me, baby. Show me what a fuck slave you are."
Jake thrust harder and faster and felt his scrotum retract. He couldn't hold back any longer. With a hard and deep plunge, he released his seed deep into Jason's ass. He screamed primally as he continued to milk his dick in Jason's ass. He released so much cum that it oozed out between his dick and Jason's anus.
As Jake neared his eruption, Jason could actually feel how tense Jake was getting. Dave's hand on his cock and jake's dick massaging his prostate was having its intended effect. He crossed his legs over Jake's back and held on for dear life. His hips pushed back against Jake's thrusts and Dave's pumping fist. he could feel the orgasm well up deep inside him. His eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a scream, matching Jake's, as cum exploded from his cock. The first spasm sent his cum flying, splashing on his chest and face. The rest spattered over his stomach, eventually slowing to an ooze as it dribbled over Dave's hand, soaking Jason's pubic hair.
With the nearly simultaneous orgasms, Jake collapsed onto Jason, as Dave extracted his cum soaked hand. Both Jake and Jason breathed in gasps as though they had just finished a marathon. Instinctively, jason moved his arms around Jake's back and held him as they regained their strength. Jake's dick was still inside Jason, oozing cum through Jason's now stretched asshole. Dave rubbed both of the men, as they all relaxed from their very hot ordeal.
As Jason tried to catch his breath, the realization of what happened hit him. He had just sucked another man until he came in his mouth and let another man fuck him. He was shocked that it had occurred and confused at his reaction. It repulsed him, yet, it took him to heights of ecstasy that he until that moment not known.
As he pondered, he heard what sounded like one person clapping. Then, that sound was joined by another, then another, until he heard the unmistakeable sound of an ovation from one end of the darkened room. Picking his head up, he noticed the curtained area at the end of the room. The black gauze curtain was moving back slowly to reveal - gasp! - the faces of the leadership of the fraternity he had pledged!
Devon , the president of the fraternity, stepped forward and looked down at the prone pledge. Smiling, he motioned for Jake and Dave to move. Jake pushed himself up with a groan and Dave slid back, looking for his clothes. "Thanks for your help, boys," Devon said.
With that, Jason and Dave were given envelopes from Steve, the fraternity's treasurer. "You guys were great. Both of you really know how to bust a virgin, don't you?" Devon congratulated the two men.
Jake and David slowly got dressed. Smiling at Jason, who still lay covered in cum, Jake said, "Thanks guy. You were great. Hopefully, we can meet again."
"Seeya around, guy," Dave added, laughing. "If you want us, you know where you can find us."
Jason was stunned. He had been set up all along. And it was done by the same guys he thought were his friends and future fraternity brothers. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got, until his anger was clearly evident on his face.
"You guys are gonna pay," Jason spit out. "I'm going directly to the college administration and the Greek governing board. You're going to be expelled and sent to prison for this! You'll see what it's like when you get to prison! I'm gonna --"
"Not so fast," Devon interrupted Jason. "We all saw what happened, and you can't tell us you didn't enjoy it. But, in case you didn't, it doesn't matter. You see, we have the whole thing on tape. Well, not the whole thing, but starting when you stopped fighting and began enjoying it. It's there and we'll send it to your parents, girlfriend -- Hell, we'll show it to the whole school on cable access if you breathe a word about what has happened today."
Jason felt as if he had been hit in the gut. He knew that if there was a tape, there would be portions where it would look like he was a willing participant. And he couldn't deny how much he had gotten off. He even blushed, thinking about the hard kiss with Dave as Jake plowed his ass.
"Anyway," Devon continued, "you just experienced our initiation, which you passed with flying colors. You were so hot, that all of us tented our pants. In fact, you were so good, we've decided that you'll now be able to service each member of the frat council whenever we want it, right?"
Jason glowered. "Never! I won't tell, but I'm NOT going to service you jerks."
"Well, Jason sweetie. I wonder what momma is gonna think about her baby getting fucked like a ho and liking it? Now, shut up. Sit up. Because after that show, I need to get off."
With that, Devon stepped forward and pulled his hard on through his fly. It had a huge head and was leaking pre-cum. Jason pondered his options, sighed, and got up on his knees. He opened his mouth as an offering to Devon . As Devon's penis entered Jason's lips, he could hear the frat council get in line behind Devon and the unmistakable sound of numerous zippers being undone and felt his own dick begining to stir anew. "It's going to be a long year," thought Jason, as Devon's dick found the back of his throat and he began to lick and suck the cock that would now rule his life.

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