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Jason opened his mouth waide and sucked Jake's large, swollen head into his mouth. It felt firm, but soft. Keeping in mind he threat of physical violence if he so much as brushed his teeth against this monster, Jason softly swished the head just inside his lips and ran his tongue around the head. He could hear Jake moan, so he figured he was doing it right. He also found that it wasn't nearly a abhorrent as he had imagined.
Jake started moving his hips forward, trying to put more of his penis into Jason's mouth. Jason instinctively moved back, but Jake grabbed Jason's head nd pushed it forward. At this point, half of Jake's impressive cock was in Jason's mouth. Jason kept licking, but found it hard to catch his breath. He began panicking, worried that he would choke.
"Just breathe through your nose, loser," Jake instructed.
Concentrating on avoiding hurting Jake, Jason soon found he could continue his action if he calmed down and breathed normally through his nose. Jake began moving his cock in and out of Jason's mouth. He kept licking what he could of the shaft and Jake moved slowly enough that he could manage it without too much difficulty, although the mscles in his jaw begn to ache a bit.
"Grab my cock with your hand," Jake ordered.
Jason reached up and gripped what he could of Jake's shaft. He found it easier to control Jake's movements this way. He scared himself at how natural this all seemed. With Jake's dick moving in and out of his mouth, Jason felt used, but powerful at the same time, what with being able to please a large man so much. He pulled at Jake's cock and sucked.
He felt Dave move up behind him. Dave's own hard shaft became trapped against Jason's back as he continued to service Jake's cock. Dave reached around to Jason's chest and began to pull and pinch Jason's nipples. Jason tried to squirm, but soon the feeling was overwhelmingly sensuous. Dave was not pinching to cause pain, but, much worse, to evoke desire and wantoness from Jason. Dave wanted to bring Jason to the point where the desire would overwhelm his revulsion and become an active, maybe even eager, particpant.
As Jason sucked and Jake's cock slid in and out of his mouth, he could feel the desire well up in his gut. His own cock was now rock hard. He felt humiliated, but that humiliation was in and of itself part of the erotic nature of what had begun as forced sex. He slowly began sucking in earnest, losing himself in the feeling of the rock hard dick in his mouth, the strong fingers pulling and stretching his nipples, and the dick pinned against his smooth, bare back.
Dave was dry humping Jason's back as he kneaded Jason's nipples. His dick emitted copious amounts of precum which lubricated his eforts. Jason could feel the wetness on his back and wondered if Jake had actually cum on his back. But before too long, Jason would discover that Dave was only just beginning.
Jake ran his hands through Jason's hair, while the younger man kept lapping at his dick. He could see Dave behind Jason, pulling at Jason's nipples, while humping Jason's back like an overgrown and overfriendly dog. Dave leaned over Jason's back and began sucking on Jake's nipple. Jake tossed his head back and emitted a low moan and thrust his hips out, shing more of his hard cock down Jason's throat. He heard Jason choke a bit, but like a trooper, he kept sucking on Jake's joint. Jake smiled, looking over Dave's back at the end of the room and winked.
Dave meanwhile, stopped chomping on Jake's nipples. He bent down and grabbed Jason's hand and placed it on his own erection. Jason knew what to do, and he began stroking Dave's own massive member.
"That's it, you little cocksucker. It seems like you've done this before, haven't you boy?"
Jason couldn't reply, but kept stroking Dave's meat. He knew that before long, he'd be servicing Dave, just like he was servicing Jake. He was sucking like mad and wondered why Jake hadn't cum yet. Jason's jaw throbbed with a dull ache. He really didn't know how much more he could take. But he was spared when Jake pulled back suddenly. Jason opened his eyes, still stroking Dave's dick, and blinked up at Jake.
"Now, we'll see how you like it," Jake said simply.
With a gentle push, Jason was laid out on his back. Dave sat astride on Jason's chest and fed him his cock. before long, jason could feel something warm and we envelop his own cock. Jake had begun lapping expertly at Jason's dick. Despite himself, Jason let out a low moan. Slowly, Jake sucked at Jason's dick and then sucked at his balls. While gulping at Dave's dick, Jason's head swam with the incredible pleasure.
Jake slobbered all over Jason's dick and balls. Copious amounts of spit poured down Jason's cock and balls. Soon a small river of saliva poured between Jason's legs. Taking his fingers, Jake wet them with his own spit and began exploring Jason's tight anus. Jason squirmed in protest, but relaxed againi as Jake's mouth slid down and engulfed Jason's dick in its entirety. As Dave's dick slid in and outof his mouth, Jason was taken to a place where he was caring less and less what was happening to him, to a place where he didn't care, as long as it did not stop.
Jason felt Dave's dick head push against the back of his throat. It was hard not to gag, but he tried concentrating on breathing through his nose. Meanwhile, Jake's mouth on Jason's rod and Jake's fingers in Jason's ass moved Jason towards lustful thoughts. Jason found himself pushing back against Jake's fingers. By this time, three of Jake's fingers found the mark and they were in deep, massaging the inner reaches of Jason's rectum.
Dave's thrusts became more urgent. He pushed in and out of Jason's mouth with more fervor, but less regularity. Dave's instincts began to take over, thrusting hard and fast, then shorter and shorter. "More tongue, boy," Dave instructed.
With that, Jason slathered his tongue lasciviously over Dave's cock head whenver Dave pulled back far enough. Dave groaned a deep groan when Jason did that and he stopped focusing so much on the back of Jason's throat, opting instead for Jason's soft wet tongue. Jason's tongue felt especially good when it brushed against the little triangle of skin just below Dave's pisshole. In quick, short thrusts, Dave was bringing himself closer and closer.
Jason could sense that Dave was nearing the edge. His mind reeled, wondering how he could let some fag cum in his mouth. But at that moment, Jake deep-throated Jason's dick and all thoughts of protest left Jason's mind. He slowly became not only resigned, but almost eager for Dave to let loose. With that, he began tounging Dave in earnest. It wouldn't be long, he thought.
Dave neared the edge. He grunted like a wild animal. The veins on his neck stood out as he approached orgasm. He wanted to fill the little cocksuckers mouth so bad. He push and pulled, in and out of the frat boy's mouth as his cock became even more engorged. His scrotum contracted and soon felt the loss of control and intense muscular spasms that signalled the eruption of his semen.
Jason could feel Dave's cock expand in his mouth. By now, his mouth was fully extended and obsenely filled to capacity with the large man's dick. He felt Dave's balls slap against his chin and then a shudder as Dave began cumming. The first bit of cum splashed in Jason's mouth, followed by wave after wave of the salty/metallic tasting liquid. Jason supressed an urge to gag, but spitting it out was out of the question as Dave buried his massive cock to the hilt. The cum pured down Jason's throat. He could take the initial bursts, but then began to choke. "Get off of him, man. You're gonna kill him," Jake ordered.
With that, Dave pulled back and Jason coughed. Cum and saliva dripped out of the corners of his mouth. Jason's jaw ached and his face was wet and the cum dripped down the sides of his cheek into his hair. He lay back exhausted. "God, you're some kinda cocksucker, frat boy," he heard Dave mutter as the last bit of cum dribbled from Dave's now shrinking cock onto Jason's half-opened lips.

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