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"Cut! We'll print that."
The soft spoken but authoritative voice of George Lucas boomed over the Australian soundstage. His dedicated crew of craftsmen applauded. Hayden Christensen, dressed as a Jedi Padawan learner for his role of Anakin Skywalker, looked relieved. The sequence he just finished-part of the final battle with fallen Jedi Count Dooku, played by screen legend Christopher Lee-was the most challenging yet in this massive undertaking. He was glad it was over. Lee looked at Hayden and his other co-star, Ewan McGregor, and said "Well, I'm glad that's done". Ewan, dressed as Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi, nodded at Lee with a relieved smile. Lee, though 79 years old, was a fencing champion in his youth and was able to hold his own very well against his two young co-stars. He patted Ewan on the back and said "That was excellent work, my boy". Ewan didn't particularly like being called a "boy" but he accepted it from a man who had so much experience and talent. "Thank you" he said. He looked at Hayden. Hayden smiled a devilish grin and said "Nice work, boy". Ewan wrinkled his nose and said "I don't mind if Christopher calls me that, but I don't want to hear it from a child!" Hayden smiled and laughed, knowing Ewan was really only joking. Wasn't he?
George Lucas again spoke: "Ok, great work, everyone. I'll see you all Monday morning. Have a great weekend". Hayden moved slowly to the exit of the blue soundstage. He was exhausted after such a strenous week of shooting. And his anxieties began to wear at him again too. What if he was botching this role? Why did Christopher Lee compliment Ewan but say nothing to him? Why.why.why.
As he walked outside a voice called to him. "Hayden, what are you up to?" It was Ewan, already out of costume and in his car, a borrowed Bentley. Hayden looked down at himself and realized he was still in his Anakin Skywalker costume. "I guess what I'm up to is I have to go back to wardrobe and change out of this halloween costume." Ewan answered "Don't bother. They have a spare costume. Hell, they have fifty spare costumes! Just take it home and bring it back with you on Monday. No biggie". Hayden shrugged and started to walk to his car. Ewan said "Hey, what's wrong?" Hayden turned around and said, "I don't know. I just don't feel." Ewan interrupted "If you're down in the dumps, a few beers or some good whiskey will make you feel better. Come with me, I was going to a club". Hayden said "I don't think I'm going clubbing like this!", looking down at his Jedi uniform. Ewan said, "Relax, the place I'm going to , the people will dig that outfit. C'mon!"
Hayden thought to himself and decided to go for it. He needed a drink and some company. Besides, he had a black trench coat in his car and he could just put it on over his outfit. He told Ewan to hold on and went and grabbed his coat from his car. Then he sat down in Ewan's car and the two dashed off. Hayden got onto the main room from Fox Studios Australia and looked at Hayden's long face. "What's with the face, guy? It's the weekend. No standing in front of those fucking blue screens for another two days!" Hayden said, "Oh, I don't know, Ewan. I don't mind the blue screens as much as you do. I'm actually enjoying myself. I just." Ewan looked at Hayden quizzically. Hayden finished his sentence "I just don't have enough confidence in my performance." Ewan just smiled, let out a slight laugh and said "'re made!" Hayden said "Do you think so?" Ewan chuckled, "Your performance is fucking brilliant. It's full of anger and foreboding darkness but also shows tenderness and the good person Anakin Skywalker is deep down. You're going to be a big star. Trust me!"
Hayden breathed a sigh of relief. He knew that Ewan was known for being a straight shooter; if he didn't like his performance he would say so. With relief came relaxation. Hayden said to Ewan "So where are we going?" Ewan said "Well, I hope you won't mind." Hayden quizzically said "Why would I mind?" Ewan said, "Well, it's a.a gay bar". Hayden's face went red, partly out of embarrassment but also excitement. Hayden said "Ewan, are you.?"
Ewan cleared his throat. "I go both ways, Hayden. Always have, always will. But relax! Lot's of straight people go here too". Hayden thought to himself "But I'm not straight either. I love guys! How do I act while I'm with Ewan? Like a straight guy above it all, or the bi guy that I am?" Hayden spoke up "I don't mind, Ewan. Most of my friends tell me that gay bars are a blast". Ewan chuckled "They are that! And you're going to go over well with the crowd!" Hayden blushed. He wanted to make a good impression but he was still unsure whether he wanted to take advantage of this situation or if he simply wanted to ignore the possibilities in order to "save face".
Hayden was horny as hell. It had been months since he had sex, and that was with a girlfriend in Canada. He still fantasized about sex with guys and before he started filming EPISODE 2 he masturbated quite a bit, images of sleek and sexy boytoys dancing in his head. Ewan had played a part in more than one fantasy, and the fact that he too was sexually attracted to guys made for some intriguing possibilities. "I wonder if he thinks I'm cute?" Hayden thought to himself.
If only he could read Ewan's mind. Ewan had his eye on Hayden since he was announced for the role of Anakin. When he saw a photo of him and saw what a gorgeous little twink he was he was mesmerized. Ewan had plenty of jerkoff fantasies about Hayden, usually with Hayden as a willing bottom being plowed in his tight asshole by Ewan's large cock. He also imagined how Hayden's sensual red lips would look wrapped around his big penis. Ewan imagined this as he drove and his cock started to swell in his pants. Ewan wondered:was Hayden into guy to guy sex? If he could only read the x-rated thoughts running through Hayden's mind at that moment.
Well, guys, the rest of this story will be posted in a couple of days. There will be lots of sex and maybe even a little romance so I hope the wait will be worth it!

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