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It was about 4 pm on a Friday at the small Shedder City Bank, right before closing time. I had worked here as the security guard for about 10 years with no incident. I guess that's why they got the best of me. I mean, who robs banks these days? Well, I'll never let my guard down again. I was staying clear of two teller desks since the guys working there were new. As you can imagine, it's pretty boring in a small bank for a security guard so I was content to watch Jenny Jones on a little ten inch TV in the guard stand about 15 feet from the row of teller desks. It happened so fast. Five men came rushing through the front doors brandashing firearms. I didn't have time to even think to reach for my sidearm as two of them had already descended on me pulling me backwards off my stool and disarming me. Then the larger of the two that had me, using the scruff of my neck, pushed me facedown onto the floor while yelling at me to put my hands behind my head. Meanwhile the other three had been herding the customers and other bank employees into a corner of the lobby. They were all ordered to get on their knees and put their hands behind their heads. There were 10 of them including the young bank owner and two loan officers who were also new. The thugs ordered the bank owner Sam, who had recently inherited the bank from his grandfather, to get up and take two of them into the vault so they could loot. It all played out like a movie of the week. They were gone about two minutes when the sounds of sirens could be heard in the backgroud. Apparently, one of the tellers had hit the alarm when the robbery began. "Aw Shit!", one of the thugs yelled to the bigger guy standing over me "one of these fuckers must've tripped an alarm, Hank!" "Don't sweat it, Russ, we got the cards in our pocket. Look at all these hostages. I told you that I had a plan if this happened and it's gonna all play out. But first, we need to take care of the fucker that set the fuckin' alarm off!" the obvious leader of the gang blurted back to Russ. He then turned to the shaken group in the corner, "Which one of you motherfuckers tripped the alarm?" Ofcourse no one responded. "I figgered as much. Well, we'll just get the guard and that teller to pay the fiddler for making this little business venture a little more difficult than it should have been. Alright cop, on your feet....slowly...don't try and be a hero. Wouldn't want to blow your head off in front of all these nice might make them think I'm a bad person." I slowly got up to my feet as he asked. I figured that they were going to beat the hell out of me and was naturally scared as hell. I only wished now that was what they had in mind for me. Hank definitely had alterior motives. Hank looked me right in the eyes and sounded almost clinical "Remove your uniform." He read my unspoken 'what?' and repeated just as calmly "I said remove your uniform". I nervously began unbuttoning my shirt wondering what this psycho was up to. I pulled the tails out as the phone on the guard stand rang. "Like clockwork," said Hank motioning to Russ. "Probably the police commisioner. Tell him that no one is hurt and tell him to have us an armored truck parked out back in 60 minutes and to call us back when the truck is delivered. Tell him these folks will get out of here unharmed if he does as we've asked." "Sure thing, Hank." Looking back at me Hank said, a little more sternly than before "I didn't tell you to stop." I pulled the shirt off leaving me with just a white T-Shirt and my pants. I kicked off the shoes as I dropped my shirt beside me and unbuckled my belt and looked pleadingly at Hank. "That's right. Keep going," he instructed. As I undid the button and began to unzip my trousers I noticed that the other hostages were being coerced to keep their eyes on me by one of the other gunmen. Every time one of them would try to turn away, he'd nudge their face in my direction with the barrel of his M-16. I let out a breath that I didn't realize I was holding, and grabbed the waistband of my pants and pushed them down. Exposing my white jockey shorts, then my moderately hairy thighs, calves and the tops of my socks as the pants bunched around my ankles. I stepped out of the pants and kicked them to the side by my shirt. Feeling a little awkward standing in front of a bunch of coworkers and strangers clad in only my underwear, T-Shirt and socks. "The socks, too." I balanced on one foot and pulled off one sock, switched my stance and pulled off the other and dropped them onto my other clothes. The linoleum was cold on my bare feet. "Now the T-Shirt." I hesitated and then resigned myself to my fate and pulled the T-Shirt off exposing my hairy torso. I am a little self-conscious about my build. I work out a lot and have a decent chest and big arms, but my stomach hangs an inch or so over my belt line. Definitely not the enviable "washboard abs". I was also self-conscious about being so hairy. Wiry brown hair swirled down from my neckline, over my pecks and then spread out across my rounded gut. There were also a couple sparse patches on my shoulders and on my back. This minor embarrassment was multiplied by the fact that all these people were staring at me. It was the worst day of my life and this whole ordeal had only taken up about 10 minutes up to this time. "Alright cop. Drop your drawers," Hank ordered. This time I was a little defiant, "Look, you've had your fun, and you're getting your money. Please don't make me take off my shorts in front of all these people. I'm begging you." "Sorry, but one of your coworkers went and set off the fucking alarm, so you can hash it out with one of them later. Right now you need to be losing those shorts unless you want your nuts blown off. You're in no position to argue." He was right. I could feel my heart beating in my throat and my entire body start to blush as I hooked my thumbs in my the waistband of my briefs and began sliding them down slowly. First I felt my ass steadily exposed as pushed the shorts down. I bent over way forward to block my groin from the stares of the reluctant audience in front of me as I was pushing the briefs down. I slid the underwear all the way to my ankles and quickly cupped my hands over my exposed genitals before standing straight again. I have never been so embarrassed. "Spread your legs apart and put your hands on your head." I reluctantly did as was told and never felt more exposed and naked in my life. The cool breeze blowing through the bank from the air conditioning unit made it worse. Then he just let me stand there. My hairy, 6 foot, 220 pound frame on display for a terrified crowd, with my limp dick and hairy balls dangling out in front. After about five extremely long and grueling minutes, Sam came back out from the the back of the bank where the vault was carrying two large canvas bags which were probably stuffed with currency. He was being followed by the two gunmen. I could see the look of surprise on his face when he saw my predicament. Hank motioned for him to put the bags down and kicked my uniform away and told him to come stand next to me. Then Hank turned back to me, "Strip your boss, now." I turned and reached for the top button on his shirt and he pushed my hand away and started to step back. Hank raised the barrel of his gun up to Sam's face and said "Let him do it, or have your head blown off. Your choice, buddy." Sam dropped his hands, and Hank pulled the gun away from his face. I again reached for the buttons of his shirt and this time he didn't try to stop me. I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it open. Sam was pretty hairy also, but blonde, and although we were about the same height, he weighed only about 180 and was a lot more in shape than me. I pulled the shirt off him, then undid his belt and fly and yanked his pants down. He was wearing flannel boxer shorts. I had to squat down to help pull his shoes off so he could step out of his slacks. Then I pulled his socks off, then looked over at Hank, who seemed to hear my unspoken request to let me stop at his underwear. "Go ahead cop, pull 'em off." I grabbed the top of his underwear and pulled them down while staring at the curly blonde hair on Sam's knees, too uncomfortable to consciously glance at his groin from such a close range. He stepped out of his boxers and I stood up. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed he was repeating my feeble plan of covering his crotch with his hands. I also noticed that the people on the floor were no longer having to be coerced to watch our public humility. They now seemed morbidly intrigued by the show in front of them. "Now you boys are gonna put on a show for your friends. Security guard, plant a big wet kiss on your partner. And I want to see some tongue in it, and don't stop until I say so." I leaned forward and paused about an inch from his mouth. He was breathing real shallow and his eyes were closed, probably hoping this was all a nightmare and that he would soon wake up. The same thing I was hoping for. My stomach was doing flipflops. I went ahead and leaned the rest of the way in and planted a mild kiss on his lips. My mustache brushed his and I could feel his beard scrape my chin. Then I kissed a little more and closed my eyes. Maybe if I pretended Sam was a girl, I could avoid throwing up. After our smooch started to get a little more agressive, his jaw unhinged and I felt his tongue hesitantly reach out. Obviously Sam thought the same as me, that if we just played along we could get through this disaster alive. I too opened my mouth and started playing tonsil hockey with his tongue. I could taste the morning coffee on his breath. Much as I tried though, I still couldn't imagine that he was a girl, what with the hair on his face rubbing my upper lip and chin. Then I felt his hand come around and pull my head in tight to him. I did the same. After a couple minutes of heavy duty tongue boxing, Hank said "Okay, that's enough. Cop, I want you to start kissing his neck." I pulled off Sam's mouth and started giving his neck little pecks. "Start kissing him down his chest." I didn't like where this was going. Surely he wasn't going to make me do what I was thinking. I bent over a little and kissed the fuzzy area between Sam's pecks. "Suck on his nipples." I moved over and licked Sam's right nipple and then clamped my mouth down over it. It got hard right away. Was he enjoying this? "You're a natural at this cop. Let's see what else you can do. Start kissing him down the happy trail to his dick." I slowly kissed him down the last few inches over his stomach and noticed that I was now in a kneeling position staring straight at his dick and blonde pubic bush. "Well, what are ya waiting for. Our getaway truck's gonna be here pretty soon. Give your friend the blow job of his life." I was nervous as hell. I had never gotten a blow job and never in a million years did I think that I would be giving somebody one. I opened my mouth slid it over his limp cock. I started sucking on it like I'd seen girls do a thousand times in those adult videos. Then a shock hit me. The dick in my mouth was growing. Sam was getting a hard-on! I just kept sucking though. Hopefully the phone would ring soon and they would let me stop before the unthinkable happened. Then I felt Sam's hands back on my head. He held it still and started thrusting his hips and tensed up. Oh shit! He was about to come in my mouth, and I had only been doing this about a minute. I tried to pull my head back but Sam slammed his hips into me and held my head fast. His dick spasmed a couple times and then I could feel hot liquid gush into my mouth. Then Sam grunted as his orgasm subsided. I could taste his jism. It was kind of sour. I swallowed it not wanting to piss off the gun man. Sam let go of my head and pulled out of my mouth. His dick was still hard. "Hey, cop," Hank said. "It looks like you're pretty talented in that department. But your boss don't look like he's done. Get down on all fours." I did as he said. Then to Sam he said, "Fuck the security guard up the ass." Sam got down behind me and grabbed me by the hips. I could immediately feel his dick pressing on my asshole. It was still wet from it's recent servicing. He pushed and my rectum gave a little. The head popped in. I felt a rush of pain like I was about to rip in two. Then, without waiting for me to adjust to his intrusion, he just slammed it all the way in. I yelled in pain and tried to pull away, but he held my waist to him. Tears were streaming down my face. Sam leaned over my back and whispered in my ear, "Don't worry, this will nightmare will all be over soon." I remember wondering why he sounded so confident and sure. Then he slowly started to pull out. When the head of his dick was all that was left in me he pushed back in. It didn't hurt as much this time. He then just kept sliding back out then in. Over and over, but fortunately the pain had faded away and now I just had this uncomfortable fullness and a weird sensation that felt like it was coming from behind my nuts every time he pushed in. Then a real surprise, his right hand had released my waist and was now stroking my dick. That wasn't as surprising as the fact that I had a raging hard-on. At this moment I became a true believer that my cock definitely had a mind of it's own. There was no conceivable way that I was turned on by the scene that had unfolded. Then he started thrusting faster and I heard him groan right before his cock erupted deep in my ass. The next few seconds were a blur as my own orgasm erupted onto the floor. I had never come so hard in my life. When it was over and Sam released my dick I just collapsed onto the cold floor that I had just coated with my sperm, slipping off of Sam's dick. He collapsed ontop of me. After a few seconds, I came back to reality as I felt Sam kiss me on the back of the neck. He sat up and I did too and he kissed me on the lips very softly as he looked in my eyes and smiled. I kissed him back and smiled. I had forgotten that we were surrounded by strangers for that brief moment. That is, until they started applauding, 'What the fuck?' I thought. Then Sam looked up at Hank and said, "Thanks a lot. You guys were brilliant! Very believable." I had been set up!!! By my boss!!! Now I realized why everyone but me had been replaced in the bank in the last couple weeks. As it turned out, Sam had used some of his inheritance to hire these amateur actors to pull off this fake heist. Sam later told me that it was the only way he could have my ass, and that once he had it, it would be his forever. He was right. We've been happily together ever since. I'm still trying to think of a way to get back at him for our first time together though, and for giving copies of the security camera video to his friends.

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