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I started my summer job working at a clothing department store. I dont know why they hired me, I'm not good looking or anything, but maybe its because I have no life and can work any time. Well my reason to work was plan as day, I was in love with this guy who worked on storage. What made Tony different from every guy I dated was his eyes. I look for eyes and he had eyes that were clear as the ocean. You could stare into his eyes and know everything about him and be in a state of awe. My dream was to have a relationship with Tony, but he was as staright as a person can be.
I would come home every night from work, crying, hurt, knowing the one I love is the one I can't have. Laying on my bed I would hope I would have my one chance in life with the guy who meant the world with me and be proud to say he is my boyfriend. Being in a state of awe I didn't even hear the phone ring, maybe if the answering machine picks up people would think that maybe I have a life.
" Hey, home. It is me Tony, my car broke down and I was wondering if you can pick me up. Remember you owe me. I will wait 10 minutes. "
I did owe him for when he picked me up from work, but was I suppose to do. Being a 18 year old I didnt want to drive at night, but it was for a good reason. Tony needs me, but once I drop him off at his house he would want to leave, but I would want a kiss. I can't let myself be lead on. Well all this thinking gave me a stiffy.
" Hey Tony its me Jack. " " Jack I'm so happy I got a hold of you. I need a ride and I will do anything if you pick me up. "
I was bad. I presaude Tony that I would have to stay the night at his place because if I got caught driving by myself without an adult I would lose my license. He is 19. What was I thinking I'm leading myself to rejection.
After the ride home and got to Tony's house it was midnight. I was tried and so was he. We didn't talk much, actually not at all, but the first words he said I would never forget.
" I notice you look at me a lot at work, and I know your bi. " Right then I thought my friendship with Tony was going to end. I thought that he knew of my plans and he didn't want to be a part of them. I didn't even get to say one word to him, to say in my defense. After 2 secs he said that I was in total BLISS.
Tony, the man I was in love with, kissed me. He leaned over and kissed me, right on the check. I didn't know what to say. I looked in his eyes and then I knew, his crystal blue oceans eyes said it all. Even though he was 6'1'', blonde hair, blue eyes, and 215 lbs of Itailain blood, he was falling for me. Like I said my appearance wasn't great, I was only 5'11'', hazel eyes, brown hair, and 230 lbs of Polish blood, but he saw past that and found my heart.
It was happening so fast. We didn't exchange anywords. I kiss him, he kissed me, soon we were both kissing on the lips. It was now 1:23 and we manage to kiss for about an hour. Our bodies were in heaven and I could feel his 8 and 1/2 boner pushing on his tight pants. This was getting annoying and asked If I could take them off for him. With out a pause I got them off and there he was naked with a hard on about the size of a book.
I manage to get my wet lips on his cock and became kissing the red mushroom head. I heard moans from Tony knowing he was liking this, but then it hit me.
" Tony I can't do this. " I said. " You have a girlfriend, and who knows after this night we might never talk again. It doesn't feel right unless I know you mean it. " I got up and left before he could say anything, and drove home and cried.
2:30 in the morning I hear knocking on my window. It was Tony. I open the window and the first things he said was, " I dumped my girlfriend and told her I loved a man. I love you Jack, and I....." He didn't even finsh and I kiss his lips right then. This was true love I felt it. His salty tear got in my mouth and I knew he loved me. We both got hard ons and within 12 secs we were both nude. We were laying on my bed in a 69 postion.
His 8 1/2 cock was right in front of my mouth waiting to get sucked. I started were i finished and kissed his head, and began bobbing up and down, slowly. He was doing the same, but I can feel Tony's throat and that he was deep throating my cock. I was in bliss, and while I was sucking his cock I could taste his pre cum. I began to message his balls and went deeper and deeper down his cock. Tony then was showered with my cum, as I shot about 4 times down his throat. Then I could feel his hot liquid go slowly down my throat. It just kept cuming and cuming. It filled my mouth and I had to stop and he was still shooting. It was a pool right on his stomache. I took my tongue and gave him a tongue bath and cleaned him up.
I was so relaxed then. I could feel his fingers circling my ass hole as he slowly began to enter. It didnt hurt a bit, but once he got 4 in I was in pain, or in lust. I was loving it. He pulled out his fingers and re enter wit his cumed covered cock. He pushed it in inch by inch. I was laying on my back so he delievered sweet kisses while pushing it. It felt so good, I could feel it. He completely enter and began pumping. I told him to go slow, and he did. Each push was followed by a blissful kiss. Tony began pumping faster. It was now 4:27 in the morning and after he kept plunging his 8 1/2 cock in my for 40 minutes he went at a faster pace. His breaths got short. I told him I wanted it in my mouth. He said ok.
Each thrust got harder and heavier. I could sense his closeness. He pulled out really quick and placed his cock right on my lips and I felt his sweet salty juices shooting from his lovely cock into my eye. I opened my mouth and caught the rest of it. After shooting he fell right on top of me, and we layed their fast asleep. We kissed one last time and exchange the words I LOVE YOU.
We were both happy and in love, we called in sick for work the next day. We talked about our lives together, and where we were going in life. We both loved each other dearly, but we had to go seperate ways. I don't know what happen. I now lay here on my bed again, crying for Tony, and wonder why it didnt work out. I found out he moved 3 days later, and left a note.
Jack. You meant so much to me, and I didn't know how to tell you. A few nights ago I changed my life for you. I love you so, and I will be back. Please wait for me as I wait for you Tony. I waited for him, and he did return. Our lives were full of love.

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