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The Backstreet Boys were exiting the bus when Nick spotted another black guy. Nick sprung a hard on without any question. Nick knew after his encounter two weeks ago that he was going to get himself some no matter what it took. His new problem was how he is going to get cock and keep it from Kevin, Brian, Howie, and AJ. He wondered what would they do if they knew he was gay. And even more, he was turned on and hooked to black dick. "Hey man you okay," Howie asked walking behind Nick. "Yeah I'm cool," Nick said adjusting his baggy pants to make sure no one seen that he was sporting a hardon.
The guy that caught Nick's eye was named Trent Stevens. Most everyone called Trent by the nickname Trax. Now Trax was 240lbs and stood a clean 6'5. He had aspirations of being a basketball player but when he was 18 he was arrested on drug posession charges. That was a catalyst that changed his life. He soon found himself going in and out of jail. And that was mostly due to the fact of the boys he ran with. They were some rough guys who grew up in the same neighborhood with Trax. They were very much a part today but now Trax was 25 and ready to get his life started right. So his friend hooked him up with a job at The Venue moving and setting up equipment when performers came to perform. Trax barely even noticed that the Backstreet Boys were here performing because he didn't listen to their type of music. But he noticed that the blond guy was staring at him a lot. Trax tried to ignore it but something he saw in that stare. He saw 100 percent lust. A look he remember seeing in jail when guys had been hard up for sex for year. Trax said to himself I'm going to be a good guy. But his dick betrayed him with a hard he never thought. What a conquest it would be if he could fuck a member of a boy band.
Nick was sitting by himself trying to get himself together. When Kevin came over and sat down next to him. Kevin stared at Nick trying to read him. Nick thought Kevin had the deepest , darkest eye and they seemed to probe him. "Little man, you been changing I can tell," Kevin said to Nick. " What do you mean changing....I'm the same guy," Nick said getting defensive. "Look I'm not trying to fight; I just want you to know we can always talk about anything,"Kevin said resting his hand on Nick's shoulder. " I might take you up on that," Nick said joking wise. Nick started to think what would happen if he told Kevin about how he felt. Maybe Kevin look at him in disgust or he might have sympathy and give him a hug. What about the other guys? Kevin took it that Nick wasn't ready to talk about whatever was on his mind so he left. Nick sat there not noticing anyone when all of a suddenly TRax popped and sat next to him. " Whats wrong man," Trax hissed at Nick. " I don't know what you mean," Nick said softly. " You looking at me and I want to know why," Trax demanded with his voice. "I want to give myself to you," Nick mumbled surprised that he had the courage to say it. " Is that so little guy....what do you want me to give to you," Trax said leaning over near Nick. Trax had the most sinister smile on his face. "I want to suck your big black dick and then have you fuck me," Nick whisphered in his ear. "That so," Trax said taking his finger and licking it. Nick got scared thinking someone was going to see this going on. Then Trax's hand disappeared behind both his and Nick's back as his fingers squeezed into Nick's hole. " Not here man please," Nick huffed at Trax. Just then Howie came over and stood in front of the two. He wasn't really paying attention to them but he wondered how Nick had made good friends with this guy. Trax just kept fingering Nick. Nick was losing it. "I'll stop but you got to promise me you'll give me all of you," Trax said to Nick. "I will," Nick said on the edge from the fingering. "How long you going to be in Cali," Trax asked Nick. " We here for about 2 weeks," Nick purred. " Good just enough time to make you really want this," Trax said removing his fingers from Nick. "Meet me in the bathroom over by the concession stands in 10 minutes," Trax said walking away.
Howie saw the guy leave and came over to Nick. " Who was that," Howie asked with little interest. " Oh thats just a guy who I'm going to be playing basketbal with in a couple of days..hes cool," Nick said proud of himself. " Cool man--In a while we need to go do vocal warm ups," Howie said walking way. When Howie left Nick started making his way over to the concession stands. He stood outside the door for about 3 minutes when he finally got the courage to go in. He went into the bathroom. It was clean but it was also very empty. Nick decided to take a piss and then leave. Nick zipped up when the door popped open and there stood Trax. Trax walked in turned and locked the door from the inside. " Get naked," Trax commanded and Nick swiftly follwed. "Crawl over to me right now," Trax commanded. Nick got on his hands and knees completely naked and crawled over to Trax. Trax had taken out his dick and it was mouth level of Nick. Now this dick was fatter than the one had two weeksago but a little shorter.

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