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I am eighteen and very shy. I certainly am not athletic, and I am very passive. I am gay. When I see a stiff cock, I become mesmerized and and drawn towards it, not being satisfied until it is in my mouth. I just can't help myself. Perhaps I need help. I don't know.
In high school, whenever a group of boys asked me to join them to see a movie or hang out somewhere, I knew what they were after, and before the night was over, I was taken to someones house or to an isolated area where hard cocks sprung out for me to suck. I loved to feel their stiffness as I pushed them back into my throat and I would swoon as the warmth and taste of cum filled my mouth. Sometimes I was stripped completely naked with each boy taking his turn on whatever he wanted to do, or what he wanted me to do. Once, a couple of naked guys made me sit on a cock that was at least ten inches long and real thick. I remember protesting, "No! I can't take THAT! It won't fit." This turned these guys on even more. They forced me down on it, then bounced me up and down until warm cum shot up my ass. I was sore for a week.
High school passed and I entered college. This is where I met my roommate, Biff. I was infactuated with him. About six feet tall, brown hair and a smooth, slim body that went straight down, a large bulge in his crotch, and a tight butt that pushed so tight against the seat of his pants that I could almost make out his vaccination scar.
Biff had my number probably from day one. In fact, before our first week was over, we were lying in our respective beds, studying with our bed lamps when, without warning, Biff threw back his covers. He was completely nude and very hard. "Come over and suck it."
This was not a request. It was an order. Biff didn't need to make it an order. One look at his prick and I was in my cocksucking trance.
I gave him the best sensuous blow job that I knew how. I guessed he liked it from all the cum I swallowed and how he moaned when he came. He examined all of my body, doing a thorough job. Bent me in every direction, inspected, probed, examined and prodded. I got down doggy fashion and took him up my butt. It felt real good. Then I was turned on my back and I got sucked. Afterwards, we stroked, snuggled, hugged and kissed. It was a night I will never forget.
Naturally, sex took place every night after, and I was becoming more infactuated. Biff had so much confidence. He had the best of clothes, carried himself tall when he walked, and his voice was authoritative. I just melted whenever I saw him, nude, or dressed. Sometimes he would come up behind me, put a strong arm around me, fondle my crotch and goose me through my clothes. I loved it.
Biff wasn't hurting financially. I was struggling to pay my tuition. About mid-term, Biff decided to rent an off campus apartment. I wanted to be with him always, but I told him I could afford to share the rent. He offered me the chance to live with him, provided I did the housework, cooking, and obeyed him. I would do anything to please Biff. I had no problem in making an immediate decision.
The rental furniture arrived and we moved our things from the dorm and immediately settled in. Biff gave me shopping money and I stocked the cupboards and the refrigerator with things that I felt he would like to eat.
I guess it was about three nights later, after sex, we started pillow talk. Earlier,I had cleaned the apartment, cooked a good dinner and had brought Biff his slippers. It was such a pleasure to serve him.
"Tomorrow night is Thursday," Biff said. "I'm going to make every Thursday punishment night.
"But what have I done wrong? How have I displeased you?"
"You haven't done anything wrong," Biff replied, "but I want you to know what it will be like, if you do....You'll know what to expect."
I didn't want to be punished, but if Biff felt it was necessary, I would let him. I fell asleep wondering what was in store for me.
The next night after dinner, and after the dishes were put away, Biff told me to take a shower and to come in the bedroom nude. When I appeared, Biff was standing naked. I dropped to my knees, sucked his balls then took his cock in my mouth, tickled it with my tongue, and sucked until I received his flow of warm cum. I licked his fingers, then put them in my mouth. They explored and worked about until I was drooling with saliva. I was in Biff's complete control. He tied my hands in front of me with soft yarn. I stood docile and naked.
Biff opened a dresser drawer and drew out a wide, wooden school ruler and had me kneel over the bed. His bare hand ran over my butt and up and down my crack. My cheeks were spread, my asshole inspected.
You can say "stop" any time you want," Biff said. But "stop" won't do you any good. The only time I will stop is when you say, 'Bananas.' Are you ready?" I apprehensively nodded.
The ruler came down with a minor sting on one cheek then the other. The next strokes were harder. With each following smack, my butt stung and hurt. I tried to break my bonds to put my hands back there to stop him, but to no avail. SMACK! I started to cry. "Stop!" The word meant nothing. "Oh, please stop." The ruler slammed against my bottom again. The pain worsened. My butt was hurting and smarting real bad and I was struggling, but it did no good. The pain continued to worsen until I could stand no more. "BAN-ANAS" I cried out. My butt was burning with fire.
I was still crying real bad when my bonds were untied. I had the hardest erection ever. Biff laid me on the bed. My butt seemed to sting even more as it met the bed covers. My legs were spread and I felt his mouth on my dick. I came with a mind blower. My dick went limp and I sobbed some more.
Biff rolled me to my stomach then momentarily left the room. When he returned, I felt a cool, wet wash cloth running over my red burning cheeks, easing the stinging burn. It seemed forever before my butt cooled off. I sat up, embraced Biff and kissed him. "I will obey you forever." Biff put his strong arms around me and squeezed me to him. "I love you," he quietly whispered. This is all I needed to hear. I fell asleep.
* * *
I had become a love slave. I could never say no to Biff's advances, and still in my teens, my hormones were wild and I would get an erection for no reason at all, or always, when Biff made sexual suggestions or touch. I could be reading a book or watching T.V. and, Biff would distract me and turn me on with suggestions like these:
1. Come in the bedroom. I want to take care of your body. 2. Time for me to finger massage your asshole. 3. I going to make you give me your cum. 4. I'm going to tongue tickle that red nob of yours. 5. I'm going to put a drop of vaseline on my thumb and gently run it over your tip and pee hole. 6. I'm going to grease up your pucker and give you a real slow fuck. 7. You're not turned on? I'll come over and check out your crotch in a couple of minutes.
When he said he was going to check my crotch, my prick would always rise. I couldn't help it. He could come over, feel its hardness through my pants and say, "You're ready." I could never say no when he pulled me from the chair and led me to the bedroom.
I never knew what to expect for the weekends. Biff always seemed to dream up something new. One Friday morning, just before he left for work, he said, "After dinner, remind me to give you an enema." I thought about this all day, my pucker squeezing tight. He had never done this before. I didn't want him to do it, but to please him, I would not complain.
After dinner, when Biff had retired to the living room to read the paper, I knew I would have to remind him...not that he did not already know, but I didn't want the ruler stinging my ass for disobeying him. I approached him and groped for words. I was tongue tied. I didn't know how to say it. Finally I blurted, "Excuse me, Biff, but I was to remind you to give me an enema tonight." My butt tightened, my face flushed and I felt weak with embarrassment.
"Oh, Yes", replied Biff. Let's go to the bedroom. Biff sat in a chair and watched me undress. When I was completely nude, I walked to him, my hard-on jutting forth. I stood at parade rest as Biff gave me a feel then turned me around. He spread my ass cheeks, taking his time as he surveyed my pucker. "Looks like it is ready," Let's go to the bathroom.
I sat on the cold toilet seat and watched the water bag bulge as it filled. The large, long enema tip was liberally greased. As ordered, I got on the floor on all fours, dropped my head and shoulders to the cold tile and drew up my legs as far as I could. Biff spread my legs as wide as possible. I gave a start as the tip started to push into and stretch my pucker. It slipped up farther and farther before it came to rest. I waited to feel the water but it was yet to come. Biff was taking his time, inspecting me and his handiwork before he tripped the valve. Finally the flow came. Biff reach under me and massaged my gut so the water would flow deeper. When he saw signs that I was becoming uncomfortable he eased out long tip and watched as I sat and relieved myself. Biff said there was still some water left in the bag, to again get on all fours, and he would use the rest as a rinse. He shoved the tip up my ass a second time.
I showered, then walked in the bedroom, pulled back the bed covers and laid back with my legs drawn and spread which I had been trained to do. Biff put a bath towel under me then I heard a loud hum. Biff had plugged in his electric clippers. He was going to trim and shave me. I didn't want to lose my pubic hair. I wanted to protest. The ruler on the wall reminded me of my punishment if I didn't obey.
Biff played with the clippers, pressing them against my balls, prick and over my tip then pushed them in my ass crack. The vibrations made my prick so stiff, the tip was purple. Biff deftly ran the clippers over and around me,
taking time to sweep the cut hair to the waiting towel. I felt the tugging of a razor, as it removed the stubble, making my crotch completely smooth. I was turned over and both butt cheeks were shaved. Finishing, Biff ran his hand over my bottom. It felt so smooth. In fact, it felt real good.
Since I'd also been enemed and had taken a shower, Biff licked my asshole a real long time before he fucked me. I then licked Biff's asshole and sucked his cock three time before we fell asleep.
In the morning I, as always, awoke first, bringing Biff's orange juice to his bedside. Biff sat on the edge of the bed and slowly sipped it. His other hand fondled my balls and dick and rubbed over my crotch where the hair had been removed.
"My goodness! This is certainly a babys prick and a smooth baby butt. I guess we start today with toilet training."
I was diapered and a pair of plastic panties was pulled over the diapers. I sat in these as we ate breakfast. Biff brought out a baby bottle. I had to drink my milk from its nipple. Biff said that he had read that a good kidney flushing was healthy and that I would drink a large glass of water every half hour.
It wasn't long before my bladder was full and I really needed to pee. I knew that I would have to go in the diaper. The pressure became so great I could no longer hold it. Warm pee spewed out and ran through my crotch. After the warm feeling left, I felt cold, damp and sticky. I needed a change.
Biff was watching television. I walked to him and pointed at my crotch. Words from me were unnecessary.
Biff looked at me and smiled. "Baby needs a change."
I was put on a table, my wet diaper removed. Biff took hot soapy water, washed my shaven crotch. then massaged my dick and balls with baby oil telling me what a cute pee-pee I had and how I'd squirted water from my hose. I was talcumed. My butt was lifted, new diapers applied, pulled over with the flaps being secured by one large pin. I felt real dry and comfortable again.
I didn't want to shit in my diapers, but nature was telling me it was going to do it for me. Again, I stood in front of Biff and pointed at my butt.
"You shit your pants?" remarked Biff. "Let me see." He ran his hand under the diaper and down my backside, his fingers running over my asshole. "What a good boy." You didn't do it in your diapers. Let's hurry to the bathroom for toilet training.
In the bathroom, my diapers were removed and Biff sat me on the toilet. He had a chair next to me. He held my hand and rubbed my back. "What a good boy. Now strain real hard.
I strained, eliminating a good long turd. While I strained, Biff squeezed my hand approvingly. Finally, I eliminated everything and stood up. Biff looked in the bowl and remarked what a good boy I was. He turned me around and wiped my ass, then flushed.
I was again led to the change table, put on my stomach, and felt the warm soapy water, baby oil and talcum applied to my butt. My butt was so smooth after shaving, I did feel like I was a baby.
Several days later we went shopping. Biff bought me several jump suits as well as several pair of Burmuda shorts, the ones with the flare in the legs. I was to wear these often, but without shorts underneath.
The jump suits had a top and a bottom zipper. The bottom zipper zipped upwards so I could take out my penis to urinate. Biff liked this, because all he needed to do was zip it upwards, reach in his hand for a feel whenever he desired. He also liked the jump suit because it was so easy to complete remove. If he pulled the top zipper all of the way down and pulled the suit away from my shoulders, it would drop to the floor leaving me naked. A fast way to completely undress me. The flared legged Burmuda shorts were very handy, as his hand could travel up the leg and he could play in my crotch.
I was getting and giving more sex than I had ever dreamed of. Sometimes almost too much. Biff was always trying to have me set a new record on the number of times he could make me cum in a twenty four hour period. My record was fourteen.
Biff was killed in a freak automobile accident. I am still in grief. None of my relationships have even come close to his love and companionship. Maybe someday I will meet you, and you can take his place.

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