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I have always found it very sexually arousing to be an exhibitionist, not always the safest thing to do when you are a young teenager, especially if you are a young blue eyed, blonde haired guy with a bit of a baby-face complexion. My name is Andy and this is my account of an exciting and very scary episode in my life when I was a young teenager.
I don't know why I am excited so much by being an exhibitionist. I have tried many times to convince myself to stop it because it is dangerous, but the thrill of it gives me great sexual pleasure. It started when I was just entering puberty, and I noticed that both men and women took more than a casual notice of me. As a young boy I was forever being hugged and patted on the head, but I expected it to stop when I became a teenager, but the interest didn't. It wasn't long before I found that I was getting as much pleasure out of being looked at as those who were taking notice.
The first time I was really aware that I was giving sexual pleasure to a man was when I was 13. I was out for a ride on my bike, and needed to use a toilet. I stopped at a public toilet in a park and went in for a crap. There were two cubicles, one of which was totally a filthy mess and the other had the door completely ripped from its hinges. I opted for the cubicle with the broken door and managed to prop the door up so that it gave some privacy. I dropped my shorts and underpants to my ankles and sat down to relax and have my crap. As usual with public toilets, it had been well illustrated in graffiti. After my crap, I continued to sit and read the walls and door. There were various offers from guys who wanted casual sex and some very explicit illustrations. I felt myself beginning to become aroused, and almost without a thought began to caress my penis and rub the inside of my thighs.
It must have been about three or four minutes before I realised that another person was in the toilet block. There was a guy standing at the urinal just staring at me through the 3 inch gap between the broken door and the wall. At first I was both shocked and scared at being sprung, but he didn't seem to be doing anything but watching. I tried as best I could to see him out the corner of my eye, but the most I could tell he was in his 30's and dressed like a business man.
To my surprise, and a bit of shame, I found myself becoming more aroused that I was being watched. I had often had urges to expose myself to someone, but this was the first time it have ever occurred and it was by accident, or more correctly stupidity. To this day, I don't know why, but instead of covering myself up and trying to get out of the situation, I decided to let the guy watch me. I had seen girly magazines showing sexy poses, and decided I would try some of those. I must have looked a bit silly, but I layed my head back and half closed my eyes so I could see the guy watching me by looking through my eyelashes. I continued to slowly caress my hardening penis with my right hand and run my hand from my inside thighs all the way over my hairless chest.
I could see the guy edging closer to the gap in the door to get a better view of me, and felt my heart jump a bit. I was only two feet from a pair eyes that were taking much more than a casual interest in my play. I had seen girls in magazines squeeze and pull their nipples and decided to do the same. I slipped both my feet out of the legs of my downed running shorts and underpants so I could spread my legs wider. I ran both my hands down the inside of my almost hairless thighs, slowly bringing them back and lifting my balls, involuntarily taking a small sudden breath as I did. My circumcised penis was now erect with its head glowing a warm pink. I tried to catch control of my breathing, and could hear the gentle short pants of my audience outside the door. I continued to run my hands around the base of my penis, through my small crop of pubic hair, and up my belly toward my nipples. I cupped my creamy white boyish breasts, pushed them up and took each nipple between my extended fore-finger and thumb. Slowly I squeezed and pulled my nipples as I pumped my thighs against my full balls. I was becoming quite aroused.
Suddenly I heard the shuffling of someone else entering the toilet, and the sudden movement of my male audience from my cubicle door. I grabbed for my shorts and underpants, and though managing to get my shorts, managed to knock my underpants beneath the divider to the next cubicle. I heard the water running at the wash basin as the new visitor made his way into the cubicle beside me. I looked down in time to see my underpants being picked up. I managed to quickly pull my running shorts over my still firm penis and quickly make my way out of the toilet. I don't know what that guy would have made of a pair of fairly new boys size underpants in the toilet.
As I left the toilet block I noticed that there were two businessmen and a woman standing twenty feet away, right by my bike. My penis was still in a fairly firm state, and I could feel it bobbing about as I walked straight toward my bike. I could feel that I was red in the face, and anyone with half a clue would have realised what I had been doing. I still don't know if one of them was my admirer, but they all were smiling at me as I collected my bike and rode off, probably due to my obviously dishevelled appearance and unrestrained aroused genitals. As got on my bike to ride off, I decided I might as well finish the performance well, so I gave them all a really open and cute smile to let them know I was really enjoying myself.
When I finally rode home I found the house empty and was able to go to my bedroom and finish my masturbation while reliving my adventure. By the time my sister and parents arrived home I was exhausted but had had regained most of my composure. The only comment ever made about the whole episode was my mother complaining that she didn't know how or where I could lose one of my pairs of underpants.

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