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Daniel hurried into the park toilets. The park was deserted as it was the off-season. He opened the door and walked into the cold toilets marked "MEN." He reached into his bag and pulled out an assortment of cosmetics, lingerie and womens clothes. Daniel had a date at the park, but not as a man.
Stripping out of his jeans, t-shirt, socks and underwear, Daniel fastened a silky black suspender belt round his waist then slowly pulled a pair of thigh high black stockings up his long, bare shaven legs and fastended them to his suspenders. He loved the feel of the tight smooth nylon against his skin. Then, he reached for the miniscule black thong he loved wearing and pulled it up around his thighs and to his waist as the silky material rode up tightly between his fleshy buttocks. Finally, Daniel pulled on a tight knit, black lycra dress the hem of which rested just above his knees.
Looking into the mirror, Daniel covered his face in powder concealer, then applied his foundation of Revlon creme powder, paying close attention to covering any traces of razor stubble. Daniel giggled as it struck him how sexy he now looked. Next, Daniel applied eye liner, brow pencil, eye shadow and Mascara. A touch of lipstick on the cheeks for blush and the crowning tough: bright red slut lipstick.
Finally, the crowning touch. Daniel carefully fitted his long brown wig onto his head. He turned and looked in the toilet mirror. Instead of Daniel, he was looking at Danielle. "Damn," thought Daniel, if only he'd had money to buy a tight basque to help his figure a bit.
Nevertheless, Danielle looked better than many of the "real" women walking the streets today.
5'11, slim, with long legs, good looks and an average waist, Danielle only lacked a more feminine shape. Otherwise, she was fairly close to "passable." Well, maybe a little wide in the shoulders but, some women are large too, thought Danielle.
Strolling out of the "MENS" room the exotic looking Danielle strode to her car. Looking around the deserted car park Danielle giggled as she threw an extra switch into her walk. Now to meet her date!
Danielle got into her small, non-descript metro and drove to the park's main picnic area. Here, she had arranged through the internet to meet Alan, a 46 year old computer programmer. Danielle parked her car in an inconspicuous spot and began to wait.
Shortly a car pulled up. It was Alan. Danielle eyed him up critically. He was not quite as handsome as he had indicated over the internet, but still pretty decent. He invited her into his car. Danielle climbed out of her car into Alan's vehicle. He was 46, of medium build and greying at the temples, just the type of older man that Dannielle felt so turned on by in their company.
Alan and Danielle began some small talk, both appearing slightly nervous and awkward. Suddenly, Alan leaned over and lightly kissed Danielle's perfumed neck. She in turn moaned and pushed herself closer to him. Alan flicked his tongue over her neck as he slowly pushed up her dress exposing her stocking tops, and began feeling her stockinged thighs and ran his hands over the fastenings of her suspenders. Danielle began to rub Alan's crotch which revealed an already stiff cock. Danielle rubbed his throbbing member through his Levis as Alan continued kissing her neck.
Danielle continued her sensual rubbing of his crotch crotch then slowly unzipped his trousers pulling out his impossibly hard, thick, seven inch cock. Seeing it free and stiff for her made Danielle so horny. "You're cock's so big and hard baby" she purred as she bent over his lap, opened her mouth and greedily began to suck Alan's dick. It tasted so good and he smelled wonderful - manly. Danielle moved her head up and down on Alan's shaft as he moaned in pleasure, she gently teased Alan by licking up and down the sensitive head of his cock before deeply sucking his tool till it touched the back of her throat. Alan began to move his body in an upwards motion to forcefully fuck her slutty mouth he then eased his arm round to play with Danielle's ass while she gave him head.
He pulled her tight dress up round her waist and started to rub the crack between her buttocks. After caressing her asshole through the thin material of her tight thong. He slid one finger under the thong and began playing with her hot asshole. He rubbed her ass and asshole, making her stop sucking him. "Oh baby that feels so good, please finger me" she breathed. As Dannielle went back to sucking his cock, Alan slowly inserted one, then two finger into Danielle's tight ass. She moaned between mouthfuls of his cock and Alan thought he might shoot his load then but he controlled himself and continued moving his fingers in and out of her gradually loosening asshole.
Alan asked Danielle to turn around till she had her back to him and her ass jutting out. He pulled down her thong exposing her pretty shaved ass. He moved down and began lightly kissing and biting her buttocks and buried his face between the cheeks. All of the sudden she felt his warm tongue probing her asshole as his hands spread her cheeks as wide as they could go. Alan was delirious as he ate Danielle's ass for what seemed like hours, he continually pushed his long tongue into the tight crack, grunting as he went, this girl sure tasted good. Danielle was in ecstasy, she reached behind with one hand and helped Alan pull one ass cheek back as he continued his feast, she had never been ravished like this before.
Then in one swift movement, Alan pulled a condom from his dashboard stuck it on his swollen dick. He applied a small amount of baby oil to her crack and with Danielle lying sideways on the seat next to him, he slowly pushed his rock hard cock into her begging asshole. Danielle moaned in heated passion as Alan slid his cock into the hilt, his balls slapping her thighs as he thrusted. Alan then began to fuck Danielle in earnest, grunting and moaning as he slid in and out. "Is my asshole tight enough for you baby?" Danielle barely whispered to her older lover as he continually drove his cock into her. He moaned in a deliriously agreeable manner, "you're so horny Danielle" he grunted, "I could fuck your ass all night". In and out Alan's dick pumped into Danielle's hot ass as she moaned breathlessly. Alan was fucking her so hard, the whole car was bouncing. "Oh Alan, your cock's so big and hard, I've never been fucked like this before", again Danielle reached round and held her ass cheek back so Alan could get his cock in deeper if it was at all possible.
Finally, Alan unloaded his cock spurting hot cum into the condom on his dick inside Danielle's spasming asshole. As Alan collapsed, Danielle's ass still tightly clamped round his dick, she gave her own cock a few strokes, spraying a load of hot cum into her other hand.
Exhausted, Alan and Danielle sat in silence a few minutes. Alan thanked Danielle for the fuck and Danielle sweetly replied, "my pleasure baby." Done with their sex, Danielle kissed Alan goodbye got back in her own car.

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